The Tattered Cape, The Third Thread
Featuring: Clyde Fox   Date: 11/17/10   Event: Dangerous Games 2010
This particular thread of cape is not one for the kind at heart. This is the thread that gets caught in the machine. This is the tiny little one thread that will drive you up the wall. It’s the thread that sweatshops all across third world countries fear because it will put them out of business. This thread will never say die. This thread could change a life... or lives.

"I need to make absolutely certain I get the right one," Our hero pronounces.

Clyde Fox sly-fully shuffles through a rack of capes at the local clothing value mart. He’s searching for just the right cape. He’ll know when he finds it too; it’s just a matter of time.

"Can I help you with anything?" A friendly store clerk asks.

Fox hides his chin behind his shoulder and hisses at the gentleman until he sort of awkwardly walks away. Back to the cape rack...

Purple... brown... white... white... purple... black, but in kids size... orange...


"AH HA! I FOUND YOU!" Fox screams, gathering half of the store’s attention, "I mean, whoopsie! Ell oh ell. Indoor voices, Clyde. I found it..."

Clyde pulls the lone dusty black cape from the circular rack and joyfully prances towards the check out. He pulls up behind a single mom and her child-- everything goes black.

"I’m coming for you, Clyde!" A strange voice challenges.

Clyde stands in the emptiness alone, wondering who could be calling him. Hey! Where the heck did his cape go!? Clyde becomes frantic, as his surroundings are a baron vacuum of darkness.

"H-heto?" Fox beckons.

"You sound scared! That will all soon change, Clyde! Welcome to your transformation!" The voice informs.

Clyde shakes his head, not exactly sure what to do or say.

"You’ve already taken a step in the right direction, Clyde. The funny part is that you haven’t even noticed it yet," The voice notes.

Clyde begins to spin around in circles. Who is that teasing him and why does the voice sound eerily familiar? Just then, as if the laws of physics didn’t exist, Clyde begins to float around as if he’s tied to no plane.

"Double you tee eff is happening to me!? Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!" Fox screams!

"You will see..." The stranger’s voice says calmly, "It will all make sense once your transformation is complete. I’ll be seeing you very soon." The voice echoes.

Fox covers his eyes and tries to tap his heels together.

"There’s no place like McDonald’s Play Place! There’s no place like McDonald’s Play Place! There’s no place like McDonald’s Play Place! HUH! WAIT A MINUTE!" Fox realizes, "I know that voice! I know who you are! You’re Skip--"


Pidder, patter, pidder, patter, pidder, patter, pidder, patter...

The sound of rain falling gracefully against the exterior of Clyde’s house gradually overtakes everything. It’s a soothing sound, especially after the nightmare he had assumingly had. Clyde turns over in his bed, still with his eyes shut. He runs his fingers up and down the sides of his mattress as if it was his ‘cousin’ Megan Fox.

"No... no... stop mister... don’t do it..." Fox lightly whimpers in his sleep.


"AHHHHH! OTAY, I’M UP!" Fox yells.

And just like that, he looks over and notices his bedroom window blowing in the wind, allowing a sizeable amount of rain to fly in. Clyde immediately jumps out of bed and notices the window latch has been busted.

"Holy plain pop tarts!" Fox mutters to himself as he tries to come up with an action plan.

He remembers about his secret stash of Playboy mags and super glue under his bed just in time. No, he doesn’t use those two things together. Anyways, with some rare quick wits, Clyde manages to glue his window shut.

Pidder, patter, pidder, patter, pidder, patter, pidder, patter...

The rain continues it’s normal routine of splashing up against the window. The Prince of The Playroom finally takes a deep breath.

"Hmph," Fox sighs, "That sure was one of the weirdest days I’ve ever had."

Clyde tosses the super glue tube on the ground and begins to crawl back into bed before noticing something on his computer chair.

The black cape from the store.

"Oh, so that’s where I put it! Chyeah, and to think I misplaced my new black cape..." Fox jokes internally.

Clyde nestles back into his comfy bed. He tosses and turns momentarily before fluffing up his pillow. His head depresses the cotton as his whole body gradually sinks into the mattress. Fox closes his eyes and tries to venture off to dreamland once more. However, it doesn’t seem to work.

"Argh! My sheets are all messed up!" Clyde complains as he scoots around again.

Clyde’s eyes can’t help but wander back over to his computer chair and the mysterious black cape that made it home with him somehow.

"Maybe I should try it on," Fox mumbles.


The sounds of Clyde’s anklebones popping fill the room as he slides out of bed once more. He pounds the carpet on his way over to his computer chair. The cape consumes the entire chair like darkness draped over one’s soul. Clyde drags the garment off the chair and quickly ties it on.

"I wish I could see how sick I look in this," Fox figures, "Oh wait! I’ll just go to Mommy’s washroom!"

Clyde drags his feet along the carpet en route to the powder room across the hall. Upon arrival, Clyde flicks the light switch on. The light struggles to reach full brightness as Clyde examines his new image.

"Hmmmm. Not bad. Not bad at all. Could use some more dark though," Fox plots.

The Prince of The Playroom begins to look around the powder room aimlessly before picking up one of his mother’s makeup sticks. He smears it just under his right eye.

"Whoooooooaaaaa..." Fox revels in amusement.

He leans in closer to the mirror and starts to go crazy with the makeup sticks. Before he realizes it, his whole face has been plastered with makeup. Without blinking, Clyde stares at himself in the mirror.

"You’re transformation begins!" That eerie dream voice resurfaces.

Clyde twitches at the sound of the mysterious voice. He backs away from the mirror and slowly comes back down to earth.

"Huh? What the heck is going on? Where am I?" Fox notices himself in the mirror once more, "What did I do to myself!? Why am I wearing icky makeup?"

Just then he notices his mother’s pink disposable leg shaver resting at the side of the powder room sink. Clyde’s eyes glaze over once again.

"Welcome to your new world..."

Without hesitation, Clyde immediately picks up the razor blade with his left hand. He holds it just above the sink for a brief moment before turning his right arm upward. He then mechanically moves his left arm just above his right.

The razor blade looms dangerously close to Clyde’s exposed underarm.

He closes his eyes.

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