Warpath 2005

| | April 25 2005

The lights in the massive Houston Astrodome dim, and the seventy-thousand plus begin to murmur. The MegaTron flickers to life, and the GCW logo slowly fades on screen. Finally, images from the first two editions of Warpath begin flashing across the screen, as the voice of James Bryan rises in from the background.

Bryan: Warpath. The first GCW Pay-Per-View event will always be special, as it was the birthplace of GCW Pay-Per-View. Tonight, Warpath returns to usher in a new era of Global Championship Wrestling.

Octavian appears on screen, holding up the GCW World Title belt at the first ever Warpath. Badger flashes on next, shaking hands with Steven Caldera with the championship strap over his shoulder.

Bryan: The greatest champions, the proudest warriors come to one of the biggest stages GCW has to offer. Tonight, Global Championship Wrestling returns to Pay-Per-View. Tonight, lives will change and careers will be altered forever. Tonight, we proudly present to you……… WARPATH!!!!!!

Fireworks explode from the turnbuckles and the lights rise up, and the crowd explodes! Pyrotechnics fly up the ramp to the stage, where the extravagant design explodes in an amazing display of color! As the smoke begins to clear, the cameras fly over the screaming crowd and the words "Houston, Texas" appear on screen.

Bryan: With over seventy thousand fans on their feet here in Houston, Texas, Global Championship Wrestling returns to the great United States of America and brings you WARPATH! Hello, everyone, I’m James Bryan here at ringside with GCW Hall of Famer Rich "The Renegade" Rollins, and we’re excited to be back on Pay-Per-View!

Rollins: This is my first Pay-Per-View as an announcer, JB, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s an absolute crime that I’m not wrestling on this show, JB, but the lights, the excitement, hell even the mindless fans have me so damn happy to be here that I can hardly sit still.

Bryan: Tonight we have every GCW title on the line, we have the biggest names in professional wrestling going at it, a never-before seen cage match in the main event, and so much more!

The camera pans upward to see the Coliseum Cage hanging high overhead in the rafters, hovering above the ring before it descends for the main event. The crowd explodes in cheers at the sight of the amazing structure, excited for the main event.

Rollins: Take a look at that thing, JB! It’s huge! I’ve never seen anything that intimidating before, JB, and this is coming from a man who’s stood between Pete and a buffet line.

Bryan: There has been much speculation about that match, and I can tell you now that it will be pinfall or submission only, and in such an unforgiving environment, you have to know that the career of Jason Dread is on the line along with his GCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Rollins: Dread has been hurt and he’s wrestling against doctor’s orders, JB, but you have to remember that this guy won an ACWF match just a few weeks ago! Jason Dread is tough, JB, although in the end I can’t see him leaving the Coliseum with the title.

Bryan: In addition to that, we’ve got the resolution of the longest-running feud in GCW today, as Twisted takes on Toxic in a match that is extremely personal.

Rollins: These guys have been waiting for two years to rip each other apart, and tonight they get their chance. I’ve known Toxic since he was in diapers, JB, and I think tonight is his night to destroy Twizzy once and for all and take his rightful place at the top of the food chain.

Bryan: In another extremely personal match, the fast-rising Mike Hardy goes head to head with Michael "Spitfire" Stevens. Rich, Stevens has become extremely jealous of the success of Mike Hardy, and hates Hardy for gaining the favor of President Steven Caldera.

Rollins: I have no clue what’s going through the head of Michael Stevens right now, but I can sympathize. Hardy is overrated, JB, he’s nothing more than an illusion. Steven Caldera can put whoever he wants in the spotlight, and Hardy is just the flavor of the week. Is Hardy can win he’ll just keep the fantasy going, but if Stevens gets the better of him, he’ll have finally proven to the world that Hickenbottom simply isn’t any good.

Bryan: What do you have against Hardy?

Rollins: Let’s move on, I hate talking about Hickenbottom.

Bryan: Well, the United States title is on the line once again, the tag titles will be decided, The Jhub goes against Luke Hanson, and the fast-rising Trey Tremendous goes one on one with Johnny Lexicon!

Rollins: Plus, I hear they will be unveiling the new Television Title belt, which will be back in the loop next week!

Bryan: The Television Title has a great history, Rich, and indeed it will be making its return before long! But for now, let’s head backstage to Kevin Jacobs!

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The show heads out to the parking area, where a sleek silver sports car rounds a bend, looking for a sports car. A figure suddenly darts from cover…

Rollins: What was that?

Bryan: Is that Trey Tremendous?

Trey climbs on top of the car with something long in one hand, he quickly plunges both arms down through the sunroof and struggles with something. Setting his stand he heaves and pulls a fighting Lexicon out of the driver seat, a length of garden hose wrapped tightly around his neck.

Bryan: Holy crap! The car is speeding up!

Rollins: Trey's getting an early start to kicking Lexicon's ass!

The careens out of control and slams into the rear end of an expensive looking blue Prelude, Trey somersaults forward with the impact, landing hard on the Prelude's back window and sinking in. Half in his car Johnny takes the impact in the gut, hanging out he gasps for breath and drags his legs out of the wreckage still stunned by the sudden assault. Johnny stumbles and falls off the roof to the pavement below as Trey slides onto his feet and reels.

Rollins: That was awesome...

Bryan: What a start to a hardcore title match!

Trey stumbles forward and swings a heavy hand, but Johnny blocks it and slams a jab into the kidneys, Trey switches it up and smacks him in the jaw with a south paw, keeping Lex on his knees. Trey seizes the advantage and slams him again before grabbing Johnny's head in both hands and driving his knee forward. Johnny ducks aside suddenly and grabs the leg with both hands before launching with leg and hitting a make shift corkscrew takedown on pavement. Trey clutches at his head as Johnny stumbles for his feet and blinks his eyes.

Bryan: You just don't expect that kind of technical agility from a guy Lexicon's size.

Rollins: Pfft. He's not that big.

Johnny’s cobwebs come loose with the shake of his head and he charges on Trey as he's trying to get up. Grabbing him from behind he slams the man's head into the passenger side window of his own car. Trey's legs buckle and Johnny clubs a fist over his back. Trey lands an elbow back and spins around with left hook. Johnny backpedals but not fast enough, Trey hits the gut kick and hooks his head for a verticle suplex. With a crash Lexicon falls onto the hood of his car and bends the hood over the engine.

Bryan: Oh geeze! Two minutes into the match and both men are bleeding!

Rollins: Now I'm gettin interested!

Trey moves to capitalize and Johnny hits him with a boot to the head and rolls over his shoulder and of the hood, landing perfectly he plants an elbow into Trey chest and sends him back, swinging a side kick Trey catches and heaves Johnny off balance, swinging him like a club into the opposing car..

Bryan: Ooooh!

Rollins: Haha!

Trey sends a kick and another into Lexicon's ribs, another one before leaning down and hauling Lexicon back up again. Throwing him back first into a car he rams his knee into Lexicon's side hard and drives their forehead's together. Trey regrets it a moment later as he stumbles back and grips his aching noggin, Lexicon does likewise with a grimace of pain. Trey recovers quick, pulls back and punches, Johnny stumbles out of the way and Trey's fist goes through the back passenger window with a crash.

Trey curses and grabs his fist as Johnny circle behind him expertly and hooks his arms, lifts with his knees and drives Trey down with a nelson slam!

Bryan: Trey's head connected solidly with the concrete, a belt could change hands right here!

Rollins: Now this is hardcore!

Johnny forces himself to get up and make a cover, Trey answers that with a quick jab to the eye and both men writhe in pain. Trey gets up and stumbles out of the camera as Johnny tries to pursue, but blinking through the tears he gives up. Lexicon staggers in the opposite direction, as officials rush to the scene to try to calm down the chaos. Tremendous is nowhere in sight as the cameras finally blink away from the scene and head back to the ring area.

Bryan: Wow! How about that?

Rollins: Trey Tremendous is probably the fastest rising star in GCW right now, JB, but Johnny Lexicon is hell bent on taking the Hardcore title from him here tonight. They tried to get an early start, but I guess we’ll go back to them when that action continues!

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He’d be wearing out the floor soon, maybe it was a stupid thought, but it came to him anyway. He’d been pacing for what seemed like hours. He’d gotten to the arena before anyone, done his warm ups, put on his wrestling gear. Physically he was ready, but he was having a hard time getting mentally prepared. It should’ve been just like any other show, ready to go, ready to wrestle, but it wasn’t coming together yet. He was worried, probably shouldn’t be.

They should be showing up soon, most of the other wrestlers already had, he wondered if any of them were going through the same thing he was right now. The butterflies in his stomach shouldn’t be there, he’d been doing this for years, but it’d just been too long since he’d done a PPV, it was the big time. Yeah, Kyle and Conner, they’d probably be coming in any time now.

He figured the kids would want some pointers, this was after all their latest shot to get gain the tag titles. They shouldn’t be worried, it should be an easy win, nothing but some chick and an unknown loser. Speak of the devil, knock on the door had to be them. They came in a moment after the knock, knowing he’d invite them in, or at least they assumed so.

Kyle Niker: Hey, Mike, we ready to do this?

Conner Pearce: YEAH! It’s our night bros, we’re getting those tag titles, and you’re taking out Hardy, right?

Michael Stevens: I suppose so. Listen guys, I’ve been thinking, do me a favor and don’t come out for my match.

Kyle Niker: What? Why not?

Michael Stevens: Just, trust me, I’m doing this one on my own, completely and totally.

Conner Pearce: Oh I’ve got it, you want him all to yourself right?

Michael Stevens: Something like that.

Kyle Niker: Ok, we can do that, but you’re going to be out there for the tag title match eh?

Michael Stevens: Maybe, we’ll have to see, Caldy’s probably going to bar me from ringside, he’s such a prick. But don’t worry you guys can do it. It’s just some skank, and her some putz she picked up off the street, don’t worry about a damn thing you’ve got it handled.

Conner Pearce: Hey, everything alright Mike, you seem kinda, I dunno, strange.

That brought a chuckle, strange, that was definitely one way to put it.

Michael Stevens: Yeah, I’m find, I’m just thinking, don’t worry guys, this will be our night. After tonight, they’re going to be calling the three of us the hottest thing in the wrestling world.

With that, the threesome heads out of the locker room and towards the ring for their match! The shot returns to ringside, where Joey Andrews waits in the center of the ring.

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Andrews: The following contest is for the GCW World Tag Team Titles!

"I Want to Conquer The World" blasts out over the arena, and is met with a huge round of boos. Quickly Allied Chaos appears on the ramp, and begins heading down to the ring, followed by Michael Stevens, with a big smug smile on his face. The AC boys look pumped and excited as they trot down to the ring, sliding in simultaneously, and popping up to slap five, which sets the crowd booing again, Stevens for his part simply claps his hands for his two young protégé’s.

Andrews: Coming to the ring, at a combined weight of however many pounds and ounces Conner Pearce, Kyle Niker, they are ALLIED CHAOS!

Bryan: These two guys in Allied Chaos have shown a lot of potential so far here in GCW, BUT what they’ve shown far more of is their ability to whine like babies when things don’t go there way.

Rollins: Well you got the first part right anyway, they’ve got potential, and now with Michael Stevens helping guide them, they’re sure to be a hot commodity to real soon. These two guys are going places.

Niker and Pearce, take a minute to pose for the crowd as their music continues to play, when suddenly "Out Comes The Evil" hits, and the crowd begins to cheer, as Eva, and Erik VanLorne begin heading towards the ring. Erik cracking his knuckles as he walks, while Eva takes her time to blow kisses to seemingly all of the male fans in attendance. Eva is clad in a leather suit with a massive slit in the front, held together by cross-laces of thread, prominently displaying her… assets.

Andrews: Coming to the ring next, at a combined weight of E squared plus V, they are EVL!

Rollins: Christ, that’s one hot woman. No wonder she was able to convince Caldera to give her and her brother a title shot. I’ve heard she’s good in and out of the ring if you know what I mean Bryan.

Bryan: Um, yes I’m sure I do. But in all seriousness, Eva has been impressive since debuting a few weeks ago, and she’s shown that she can easily stand toe to toe with the men here in GCW. From what we’ve seen Erik is probably no slouch either, this should be a great contest.

Rollins: The biggest X factor in this match has to be Stevens on the outside for Allied Chaos, he’s a wrestling mastermind and if anyone can seal the deal for a AC win, it’s Michael Stevens.

EVL make it down to the ring, and Erik slides in as Eva stands on the outside a moment longer still blowing kisses. Finally she slides into the ring herself, and stands next to Erik pops his neck, and stares across the ring at Pearce, and Niker. Niker, and Eva step outside the ropes onto the apron, as the bell sounds, and the match gets underway.

Bryan: Looks like Conner, and Erik are going to be starting out here.

Rollins: Wow, didn’t take a genius to figure that one out Bryan.

The two men circle for a moment, before locking up in the center of the ring, with Erik gaining the advantage, with a knee to the gut followed by a couple quick punches to Conner’s skull. Erik continues the advantage by whipping Pearce into the ropes, and catching him coming back with a clothesline. VanLorne goes to pull Conner up by the hair, but Pearce was playing possum and rolls up Erik in a tight small package.

Rollins: And that’s the teaching of Stevens kicking in right there. Go for the quick pin end the match quickly.

Bryan: That might’ve been the plan but it didn’t work out too well, as Erik just kicked out in one. It’s a little too early in the match to be trying something like that don’t you think Rollins.

Rollins: I’ll tell you a match can be won or lost at any point, it’s never to early to try for a pin.

Both men are now to their feet, and Conner boots Erik in the stomach doubling him over. Pearce continues by locking in an arm wringer. Pearce twists in the hold several times, before pulling Erik into the corner, and tagging in Niker. Niker heads up to the top, and comes off with a double ax handle into the shoulder of VanLorne. Niker grabs VanLorne’s arm and twists it into a hammerlock as Pearce releases his grip and steps to the outside. Niker then sweeps Erik’s legs out from under him, and lays all his weight on hold. Niker then pops up enough to drive his knee into VanLorne’s arm, once, twice and a third time, and Eva, in her corner, claps and yells for Erik to get out of the hold, while Stevens on the outside cheers for his boys. Niker pulls up Erik by the hammerlock and drives him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. The then tags in Pearce, before releasing the hold, while Conner grabs the arm, and drops to the floor, stretching Erik’s arm across the rope. He then slides back into the ring, while Erik clutches his arm in pain.

Rollins: Perfect wrestling right here by Allied Chaos, they’ve picked a body part, focused on it almost completely, and using quick tags to always keep a fresh man in there.

Bryan: It’s impressive indeed. Conner’s hoisting Erik up, OOOOH and down with a big shoulder breaker, and now the quick tag as he locks in an arm bar, as Niker comes off the middle rope with an elbow into Erik’s arm.

Kyle pulls Erik up to his feet by the hair and bulls him into the corner. Niker then lays in several quick chops. Erik tries to fight back, nailing Niker with a shot to the temple that drops him down to one knee, Pearce, attempts to grab VanLorne by the hair, but gets caught in the chin with a back elbow for his trouble. He starts heading towards Eva, but Niker explodes off the mat with a HUGE clothesline, sending Erik up and over the top rope.

Rollins: Haha, nice try, no such luck.

Bryan: Erik desperately needed to make a tag there, but got cut off by Kyle Niker, and now he’s in a bad place out there at Stevens’s feet. Stevens pulls Erik up to his feet, and whips him into the guardrail, following that up with a couple chops of his own, this is sickening, now Pearce is entering into it, laying in some punches of his own. Kyle’s distracting the ref so he can’t see what’s going on outside, and now Eva can’t take it any longer she’s coming into the ring, and now out of the ring! OH MY GOD WHAT A HUGE CROSS BODY!

All three men and one lady and on the floor outside, and Stevens and Eva are the first to their feet, he grabs the lady by the hair, raising a threatening fist. Eva does not retreat, but rather bats her eyelashes and stretches her arms behind her back, presenting Stevens with a close-up view down her suit. Stevens hesitates, and Eva promptly swings a boot right between Spitfire’s legs. The crowd explodes in laughter as Stevens curls up on the floor, his eyes crossed in pain.

Rollins: Well, that’s one way to do it…

Bryan: What a kick! I don’t care how much you hate Michael Stevens, you have to be sympathetic to that!

Erik and Niker roll back into the ring, and Eva returns to her corner to wait for a tag. Erik immediately reaches out, but Niker takes him by the ankle, holding him just out of reach. Erik pushes himself to his free foot, with Niker still holding on for dear life. Erik suddenly spins around and nails Niker with a huge enziguri, freeing him to leap out and tag in his sister! The crowd explodes in cheers as Eva leaps onto the turnbuckle, and Niker staggers to his feet. Pearce suddenly appears on the apron, charging Eva!

Bryan: Watch out!

Pearce is abruptly cut down by a huge clothesline from Erik, sending him down to the apron! Eva promptly takes off and takes Niker down with a huge somersault rana!

Bryan: THE LAST KISS! There it is!

Eva holds onto Niker’s legs for the cover!



…3!!! The bell sounds and "Out Comes the Evil" cues up again! The crowd explodes in raucous cheers as Eva and Erik are handed the GCW Tag Team Titles! They hug in the center of the ring and their arms are raised, as Andrews enters the ring once again.

Andrews: Here are your winners, and the NEW GCW Tag Team Champions… Eva and Erik… EVL!!!

Bryan: They’ve done it! Erik and Eva VanLorne have come into Warpath and once again denied Allied Chaos the tag team titles!

Rollins: Allied Chaos is a world-class tag team, JB, they just seem to have the worst luck of any team on the planet. But don’t take anything away from these two, they wrestled a good match. But by far their greatest assets as a team are resting on Eva’s chest… and I’m not talking about the title belts!

Eva blows a kiss to the crowd as Michael Stevens slowly pulls himself up on the floor. Eva steps onto the apron, then down on Spitfire’s back on her way out. Stevens looks up at Eva, who giggles as she backs away from him. Stevens can’t help but shake his head as the new tag champions head out of the arena!

Bryan: Great opening bout here at Warpath, and Renegade, we’ve got a hell of a lot more where that came from!

Rollins: You’ve got that right, JB. This show is just getting started, and already we’ve crowned two new champions.

Bryan: Let’s go backstage.

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Camera pans in on a set of long extremely comely legs and slowly scrolls upwards to reveal the form of GCW's newest token diva idly leaning against the wall in the back halls. The sound of a door is heard opening as foot steps trail away. A slow smile appears on her face as she presses of the wall and heads towards that same door..... a door that reads * Johnny Lexicon*.

She slips inside and immediately heads for Johnny's locker and duffle bag. Quickly she searches through his stuff until she finally produces a small pill bottle. She looked like the cat that ate the canary.

Eva: Ah....there you are....

She reaches into her purse and produces another bottle of pills. Quickly the cap is removed from both bottles, the former emptied into her purse and the latter poured into the now empty bottle. Closing the lid she places it back in its original place and heads for the door only to look a bit surprised to find Johnny Lexicon about to open it.

His lip is busted open, his shirt torn and his chest heaving with exertion.

Eva: Oh! There you are Johnny. I was just going to look for you. You look like shit.

Johnny: Hey doll. What you need?

He moves past her into his room.

Eva: I just wanted to give you a kiss for luck.

Her voice trails off into a husky purr.

Johnny: Match started early, no time. I lost him but he'll find me, the bastard.

Eva watches him move right for the duffle bag with a grin.

Johnny: You better take off, don't wanna get caught in the crossfire.

Eva nods slowly.

Eva: Give him hell Johnny, hate seeing a man like you lose.

Eva was about to say something else when Johnny's cell rings. Her mouth clamps shut as he moves to pick it up.

Johnny: Yeah? Oh Jordan..

His eyes raise to her as he lowers the phone a sec.

Johnny: I got to take this doll. I will see you in the winner's circle

Then he closes the door in her face gently. Eva stands with her back to the camera for a moment before turning to reveal that devious smile on her face.

Eva: *whispers* Indeed you will see ME in the winner's circle. It is really too bad Johnny...I rather enjoyed screwing you...in more ways than one.

With that grin still in place she walks away the camera following her saucy little saunter until she rounds the corner. The show then returns to ringside, where an image of Luke Hanson staring down The Jhub appears on the MegaTron.

Rollins: I think I’m in love.

Bryan: Well, while my broadcast colleague cools his jets, we’re ready for the first of several incredibly personal matches here at Warpath! The Jhub and Luke Hanson are getting ready to do battle in the first ever dumpster match here in GCW!

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The scene fades to one of Luke Hanson in his locker room. He has just pulled on a faded System X shirt when Kevin Jacobs enters the room.

"Mr. Hanson, please, can I get a few words from you before your match with the Jhub."

Hanson looks peeved to say the least. He picks up a bag and walks past Jacobs towards the door. He stops and turns.

"Sure, Kev. Jhub needs to not come to the ring tonight. If he does, I will make him pay. I plan to show everyone why I should be feared tonight, and right now that means marring his scrawny carcass.

I don't make threats, I make promises. And I promise that if I get in the ring with him, one on one, I will break whatever desire he may possess to wrestle...ever.

Tell him that, Kev. Please."

With that, Hanson turns and exits the room, heading for the ring. The shot peers into the ring, where once again the clean-cut, suited Joey Andrews stands in the spotlight.

Andrews: The following contest is a dumpster match! The first man to throw his opponent into the dumpster and close the lid will be the winner!

"Fuel" hits overhead and the Astrodome explodes in boos. The massive Luke Hanson appears on screen, looking rather casual and confident as he saunters towards the ring and sporting his faded System-X shirt. He pauses occasionally to flip off a fan, stopping entirely as he spies one fan on the ramp holding a "Hanson Sucks" sign. Hanson angrily snatches it away from the fan and tosses the pieces into the crowd before continuing to the ring.

Andrews: Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at four hundred fifty pounds… Luke Hanson!!

Bryan: Well, here comes Luke Hanson, former best friend of The Jhub, and in Hanson you have a man at a crossroads. The biggest, most physical man in GCW, who for some reason has never quite taken his game to the next level. And Mr. Rollins, as a GCW legend, I might turn to you for some analysis on Hanson.

Rollins: I cannot emphasize enough how important this match is for Hanson. He’s taking on his former mentor, The Jhub, a two time world heavyweight champion and one of the biggest names in professional wrestling. Hanson is young, JB, only twenty-one years old, so he’s got a lot of learning to do. But it seems to me that he has always taken on the role of the victim, rather than the guy who piles victims up. Hanson needs to let that mean streak take over, to let his sheer mass do his talking. Hanson has the talent, JB, he has what it takes to be a superstar. But he has to start working harder, he has to WANT it more. And if he can defeat The Jhub tonight, he will be well on his way to taking that next step.

Hanson easily steps over the top rope and raises his arms in the air. An enormous explosion erupts from the turnbuckles, sending four plumes of smoke high in the air and startling the crowd. Hanson laughs, but snaps his head to the stage as "My Own Summer" cues up! The crowd explodes in cheers, going crazy as The Jhub appears on stage! Clad in his black chinos and a pair of three hundred dollar sunglasses, The Jhub looks confident and in good condition as he struts to the ring.

Andrews: And his opponent, from Stamford, Connecticut, weighing in at two-hundred eighty pounds, he is… The Jhub!!!!

Bryan: And here he comes! The former two time GCW World Champion, The Jhub is beloved by all, but at a crossroads in his career. You say this match is important to Hanson, Renegade, it’s certainly important to The Jhub as well!

Rollins: In watching The Jhub from home the past few months, he seems like he’s lost a step. This was the man who actually beat ME at ACWF III, a man who used to dominate in the ring. The crowd still loves him, but you have to produce once you get in that ring, JB! The Jhub needs a win here over his former friend to get back to that championship level he was at years ago.

The Jhub enters the ring and steps onto the turnbuckle, raising a single fist into the air. Cameras flash wildly over The Jhub’s body, as he nods in satisfaction while observing the sellout crowd. The Jhub finally hops into the ring and snaps off his sunglasses, eyeing the massive Hanson across the ring. He then turns back to the front of the ring, where a large brown dumpster sits, ready to seal the fate of one of these men.

Bryan: This dumpster match is the first of its kind in GCW, and one of these men will be thrown inside! Again, the first man to throw his opponent into the dumpster AND close the lid will win the match.

Rollins: This is a high stakes contest, JB, expect both of these men to give it their all.

The bell finally sounds, and The Jhub and Hanson circle the ring. Hanson begins talking trash, shouting obscenities across the ring, where The Jhub cheerfully returns them. Hanson stops in a corner and continues shouting angrily at The Jhub, who simply extends his middle finger and then casually drapes himself across the top ropes in the turnbuckle, waiting patiently for Hanson to begin the match. The crowd applauds wildly for The Jhub as he smiles, infuriating the monster.

Bryan: Vintage Jhub here, he’s trying to get inside Hanson’s head and get him off his game!

Rollins: And this is The Jhub’s veteran advantage here, JB. Hanson is at his best when he’s in control, when he has the advantage. When he gets upstaged and he starts to get angry, the moment he loses his cool, he begins to make the costly mistakes that have held him down all his career.

Hanson finally stomps towards The Jhub, who hops down and meets him mid-ring. The two stare each other down at point-blank range, with Hanson still grumbling angrily at The Jhub. The Jhub simply reaches up and slaps Hanson across the face, the sound of the impact echoing throughout the arena. The crowd chuckles and The Jhub quickly bails out of the ring, escaping the pursuit from the massive Hanson. Hanson stomps on the canvas angrily, pointing an accusing finger at The Jhub.

Rollins: See? The Jhub is already in Hanson’s head, and he’s got a huge advantage before he’s even thrown a punch.

Bryan: This crowd is solidly behind The Jhub here, and Hanson is rapidly losing his cool! Now he’s stepping over the ropes to chase after The Jhub, but this can’t be a good idea!

Hanson hits the ground and sprints after The Jhub, who circles the ring and quickly rolls back in. Hanson slides under and gets to his feet, only to receive a huge right hand from The Jhub! The crowd erupts again as The Jhub hammers Hanson with repeated rights, before Hanson finally breaks the momentum with a huge shove, sending The Jhub to the opposite side of the ring. The Jhub springs right back up and charges in again, going right back to the furious fists. Again Hanson shoves him, this time sending him straight down with a big impact on the canvas.

Bryan: Oh, huge display of overwhelming power there from Hanson, and The Jhub has to know he can’t go toe to toe with Hanson in this match.

Rollins: And Hanson has to know he needs to keep The Jhub within arms reach and keep hitting him with those high-impact moves!

The Jhub pulls himself back up, only to be whipped to the ropes by Hanson. The Jhub ducks a big boot from Hanson and hits the brakes, nailing a low dropkick to the back of Hanson’s knee! Hanson immediately drops, hitting the mat hard! The Jhub quickly goes for the kill, grabbing Hanson’s legs and trying to turn him into a Sharpshooter! The crowd cheers wildly, but Hanson suddenly wrenches to the side, launching The Jhub over the top rope and into the dumpster!!

Bryan: WOW! Incredible display of power from Hanson, and The Jhub is in that dumpster! If Hanson closes the lid, this thing’s over!

Hanson gets to his feet and heads for the dumpster, climbing over the top rope as The Jhub gets to his feet! Hanson pulls The Jhub out of the dumpster and onto the apron, where he nails him with a stiff forearm that sends him down to the canvas. The Jhub rolls back into the ring, putting some distance between himself and the dumpster. Hanson climbs back inside and tracks down The Jhub, shoving him back into the corner and nailing a hard open-hand chop to the chest!

Rollins: JB, if you’ve never wrestled you can never really appreciate just how bad that hurts! It sucks all the air right out of your lungs, especially if it’s coming from a man as big as Luke Hanson!

Hanson smiles and places a single hand on top of The Jhub’s head, holding tight and lifting The Jhub off his feet! The crowd gasps at the frightening display of size and strength, and The Jhub kicks his legs wildly in an effort to free himself.

Bryan: Are you kidding me?!

Rollins: Hanson is palming The Jhub’s skull like a basketball! I’ve never seen anything like that before!

The Jhub reaches up and rakes Hanson’s eyes, prompting Hanson to drop him back to the mat. The Jhub begins stomping away at Hanson’s left thigh, once again sending Hanson down to the mat. The Jhub slips behind Hanson and slaps on a rear chinlock, dropping to a knee to get better leverage on Hanson. Hanson struggles with the hold, but The Jhub has his weight positioned too well.

Rollins: Good strategy from The Jhub here, keeping the big man grounded! They’re both the same height when they’re on the mat.

Bryan: If The Jhub can wear down Hanson a bit, deprive Hanson’s massive body of oxygen, he might be able to put him out and roll him into that dumpster!

The Jhub wrenches back with the hold, but Hanson finally powers to his feet! The Jhub holds on, clinging to Hanson’s back as the big man stumbles back, driving The Jhub into the turnbuckle. The Jhub refuses to let go, holding on for dear life. Hanson steps forward and drives back again, sending The Jhub’s lower back into the top turnbuckle. Again The Jhub holds on tenaciously, until Hanson steps out and falls back, this time driving the back of The Jhub’s head into the turnbuckle. The Jhub instantly releases the hold and slumps to the mat as Hanson attempts to recover.

Bryan: Big impact there as Luke Hanson uses his weight to his advantage! The Jhub is hanging tough, but he’s got to keep moving!

Hanson pulls The Jhub back up and sends him into the ropes, throwing another big boot to the face! The Jhub manages to stop and catch Hanson’s leg, tossing the big man over with a huge leg drag! The Jhub instantly drives an elbow to the inside of Hanson’s leg, continuing to work on Hanson’s thigh. The Jhub gets back to his feet and slaps on a side leglock, pulling with all his might.

Rollins: And right back to the mat wrestling from the technical expert The Jhub! This man trained side by side with Steven Caldera in the Hart Family Dungeon, JB, and he’s spent all his life studying the technical aspect of this sport. This is where The Jhub excels!

Official Tim Vale checks Hanson, but the big man simply shoves him away with a long, muscular arm. The Jhub stands and attempts to turn Hanson into a single leg crab, but the big man resists. The Jhub finally shows impressive power of his own by twisting Hanson over, but Hanson instantly shrugs The Jhub off, extending his leg and tossing The Jhub through the ropes, where his momentum carries him right back into the dumpster!

Bryan: The Jhub is right back in the dumpster again! He’s in control of this match, but he HAS to stay away from the dumpster!

Rollins: The Jhub has never been in this type of match before, and he needs to be aware of where he is.

The Jhub quietly slips out of the dumpster as Hanson pulls himself up. Hanson steps over the top rope and eyes the dumpster, but The Jhub is nowhere to be found. From behind, The Jhub charges down the apron and nails a chop block, sending Hanson right back to the mat! The crowd continues cheering The Jhub on as he places Hanson’s leg inside the dumpster, and flips the heavy lid over. The Jhub repeatedly slams the lid down over Hanson’s leg, punishing the big man’s base even further!

Bryan: Brilliant offense here from The Jhub, and he’s got the big man screaming in pain!

Rollins: With all this talk about Luke Hanson’s ferocity, I forgot that The Jhub has a bit of a mean streak in him as well.

Hanson finally snatches his leg out of the dumpster and rolls away, but The Jhub reaches under the ropes and pulls him towards the corner. The Jhub drags Hanson spread-eagled around the steel post, and folds his leg up! The crowd stands, knowing what’s to come next… The Jhub places one leg on the apron, then the other as he rocks back and applies a figure four around the turnbuckle! Hanson screams out in pain as he writhes on the canvas, and the crowd cheers on!

Bryan: Figure four! The Jhub has come out with a gameplan, and this move might just rip Hanson’s leg apart!

Rollins: This is one of the most devastating moves on the lower body that there is, JB, and it hurts ten times as much when it’s around that damn turnbuckle!

The Jhub continues wrenching back, until Hanson sits up and glares at the crowd. His face stoic and focused, he rocks back, pulling his legs and The Jhub upward and into the turnbuckle! The Jhub, still clinging to the hold, is sent face first into the turnbuckle, where he immediately collapses to the floor below!

Bryan: OH MY GOD! That was the most uncanny display of power that I have ever seen!

Rollins: Luke Hanson just lifted all of The Jhub’s two hundred eighty pounds high off the ground and drove his face into the turnbuckle! That was incredible power from Luke Hanson.

The crowd sits in disbelief as Hanson staggers to his feet. Heavily favoring his left leg, Hanson stumbles out of the ring and heads for The Jhub. Hanson pulls The Jhub up and leads him around the ring, where he whips him hard into the side of the dumpster! The Jhub hits with a loud ‘clang’ and slumps to the floor. Hanson looks focused as he pulls The Jhub up and hoists him into a guerilla press, moving him towards the dumpster! The Jhub squirms free and drops behind Hanson, but Hanson spins around and nails The Jhub in the face with a vicious big boot!

Bryan: Stiff kick to the face, and that’s one of the most devastating maneuvers you will ever see!

Rollins: Nothing scientific about that, just straight forward brutality from the youngster.

Hanson smiles and rolls the dumpster away from the ring, pushing it up the entrance ramp. The crowd stands to watch as Hanson slides the dumpster away from the ring, where The Jhub remains recovering. The Jhub begins pulling himself up the apron, and Hanson finally reaches the top. He spies The Jhub getting to his feet, and changes direction, charging down the ramp with the dumpster careening towards The Jhub! The crowd gasps as Hanson drives the dumpster into the ring, but The Jhub narrowly manages to dive out of its path.

Bryan: My GOD! Luke Hanson just tried to drive that massive dumpster into The Jhub, and that might have broken every bone in his body!

Rollins: I like what Hanson’s doing! He’s going for the coup de gras here!

Hanson looks frustrated that he missed killing The Jhub, and pulls him back up over his shoulder. Hanson tosses The Jhub halfway to the dumpster, dropping him face first over the metal edge! The Jhub again falls limp to the floor, but Hanson stays on him. Hanson pulls him right back up again and drapes him over his shoulder, walking up the ramp with his opponent helpless and at his mercy.

Bryan: This I don’t like! Hanson has The Jhub on his shoulder, and he’s taunting the fans at ringside! He cannot give The Jhub time to recover!

Hanson walks up the ramp, jeering at the crowd and mocking the helpless Jhub on his way towards the stage. Hanson reaches the top, heading for the metal supports of the MegaTron. Hanson charges, but The Jhub slides off from behind and gives Hanson a mighty shove! Hanson puts a boot up and halts his progress, spinning around with a massive clothesline that floors The Jhub!

Rollins: How do you define impact, JB?

Bryan: That?

Rollins: That.

Hanson pulls The Jhub back up and whips him hard towards the façade. But The Jhub holds on and comes right back, kicking Hanson in the gut and planting him with a huge DDT on the steel stage! The crowd explodes as The Jhub painfully gets to his feet and begins staggering back towards the ring, a small trickle of blood dripping from his eyebrow.

Bryan: DDT on the ramp, and that’s cut the big man right back down!

The Jhub reaches the ring and finds the dumpster, which he begins pushing back up the ramp! Hanson slowly begins pushing himself upward as The Jhub rolls the dumpster towards him. Hanson just gets to his feet as The Jhub reaches the top and charges with the dumpster! Hanson sets his feet and braces himself, stopping the dumpster with his bare hands! The Jhub continues pushing as Hanson pushes back, and the two battle for position with the dumpster. Hanson finally overpowers The Jhub and surges forward, sending the dumpster right into The Jhub’s face! The Jhub goes down as the dumpster rolls harmlessly over his lower body.

Rollins: Did you hear that, JB?! That was the sound of The Jhub’s skull bouncing off that dumpster!

Bryan: Big impact again from Hanson, and everything he’s done tonight has been devastating!

Hanson pulls the dumpster away from The Jhub and pulls him up. Hanson brings The Jhub towards the side of the stage, where a pair of tables rest below! Hanson pulls The Jhub into position for the Seventh Deadly Sin powerbomb, raising his arms into the air to signal the end!

Bryan: OH MY GOD! Hanson is going to powerbomb The Jhub right off the damn stage!

Before Hanson can get into position, The Jhub takes his legs out from under him and drops him to the stage! Hanson struggles, but The Jhub steps through and hooks him for the Sharpshooter!

Rollins: SHARPSHOOTER! There’s no way he can get the big man over!

Hanson continues to fight, as The Jhub pulls with all his strength to turn Hanson over. The Jhub suddenly switches directions and uses Hanson’s own momentum to turn him into the hold! The crowd explodes as The Jhub screams out intensely, rearing back with the Sharpshooter as hard as he can. Hanson attempts to break the hold, but The Jhub remains firm.

Bryan: He’s got it! The Jhub has it! The Sharpshooter is locked on!

Hanson begins crawling away from the edge of the stage, pulling himself towards the metal girders making up the MegaTron frame. Hanson grabs hold of the lowest bar in an attempt to gain extra leverage, but cannot break the hold! Hanson begins pulling himself up the side of the set, but The Jhub keeps backing up to keep the hold on!

Bryan: Hanson is pulling himself up the side of that stage, but The Jhub refuses to let go!

Rollins: The Jhub is tenacious, JB, he won’t release that Sharpshooter!

Hanson continues pulling himself higher and higher off the ground, and The Jhub finally backs right into the stage, completely off balance! The Jhub suddenly steps up and onto the girders, rearing back into a vertically applied Sharpshooter! Hanson, still clinging tightly to the MegaTron sides, screams as The Jhub refuses to let go. The Jhub’s upper body extends parallel to the stage floor as he remains hooked to Hanson, pulling back as best he can!

Bryan: This is amazing! The Jhub has followed Hanson up the side of the damn stage, still holding on to the Sharpshooter!

Hanson finally lets out a blood-curling scream and flips his legs out, flipping The Jhub over and driving his back onto the stage. The Jhub writhes in pain as Hanson drops in a heap next to his, clutching his back tightly.

Rollins: Hanson finally broke the hold, but the damage may have been done!

Bryan: But The Jhub can’t get Hanson into the dumpster if he’s on the ground! There’s no way he can lift Hanson off the floor and into the dumpster!

Hanson painfully gets to his feet, with The Jhub close behind! The Jhub quickly grabs hold of Hanson and backs to the edge of the stage, lining himself up with the tables below! The crowd leaps to its feet as The Jhub’s eyes glaze over, and he glances back at the floor!

Bryan: MY GOD, The Jhub is going to hit Hanson with a Downward Spiral off the stage!

Rollins: This is suicidal, JB!

The Jhub drops back, but Hanson does not budge. The Jhub pulls again, and again Hanson remains firm. Hanson finally reaches up and slaps his hand around The Jhub’s throat, picking him high off the ground! The crowd gasps as Hanson tosses The Jhub off the side of the stage with a huge chokeslam, and The Jhub falls hard through the tables below!

Bryan: OH MY GOD!

Rollins: Well, The Jhub’s dead. What’s the next match?

A huge "Holy Shit!" chant rises from the crowd, as The Jhub lies motionless in the wreckage. Hanson stares down in satisfaction of his handiwork, then turns back to the dumpster. He heads back for it and slowly begins rolling it towards the edge of the stage.

Bryan: Oh, no, what’s he thinking now?!

Rollins: This doesn’t look good for The Jhub!

Hanson looks down at the motionless Jhub, then moves behind the dumpster. With a sneer at the crowd, Hanson shoves the dumpster right off the edge, where it topples down right on top of The Jhub!!!!

Bryan: NO!!!! NO!!! Oh, my… GOD! The Jhub was just crushed by the dumpster!

Rollins: If he wasn’t dead before, he is now!

The dumpster lands on its side, but slowly rocks back to its upright position a few feet from the stage. But as Hanson looks down, he sees The Jhub is nowhere to be found!

Bryan: What the- where’s The Jhub?!

Hanson spins around quickly, searching for The Jhub. The crowd cheers wildly as Hanson examines the wreckage below, not finding a trace of his opponent. The Jhub suddenly appears behind Hanson, climbing up the back corner of the stage with a chair in hand! Hanson hears the reaction from the fans and spins around, only to catch a HUGE chair shot from The Jhub! Hanson staggers back a step towards the edge of the stage, hovering over the dumpster!

Rollins: DEAR GOD! That was the most vicious chair shot I’ve ever heard!

Bryan: The Jhub has Hanson staggered! This could be it!

The Jhub winds up and nails Hanson with another vile shot to the skull, further staggering the big man! The Jhub swings once more, sending a crack rippling through the Astrodome. The crowd oohs and ahhs after every shot, but Hanson refuses to fall! The Jhub swings twice more in rapid succession, nailing Hanson with a fourth a fifth headshot!

Bryan: My god, The Jhub is hitting Hanson with everything he’s got, but Hanson simply will not go down!

Rollins: I’ve never seen anyone take this kind of punishment, JB! His brain has got to be scrambled!

The Jhub rears back and nails Hanson with yet another shot, and this time he almost collapses over the edge of the stage! The Jhub nails him yet again, and Hanson flails his arms in an attempt to keep his balance.

Bryan: Hanson is teetering over the edge! This is it!

The Jhub sneers angrily and nails Hanson one more time, sending the headrest of the chair flying into the air and into the crowd! The eighth shot brings Hanson upright, and he suddenly grabs The Jhub around the neck, where he hoists him overhead with a guerilla press! The crowd gasps in shock as Hanson turns, holding The Jhub tight.

Rollins: You have GOT to be kidding me!

Bryan: This man just took eight chair shots to the head, and he’s not even fazed! How is this possible?!

Hanson, with uncanny power, tosses The Jhub into the air and catches him over his shoulder. He then hoists him up once more, and sends him straight down into the dumpster with a monstrous Seventh Deadly Sin! The dumpster rattles from the impact, as the crowd bellows out in terror.

Bryan: SEVENTH DEADLY SIN! Hanson nailed that huge powerbomb on The Jhub, and The Jhub is in the dumpster!

Rollins: The Jhub is done now! I’d bet your life on it, JB!

Hanson casually hops off the stage and lands on the floor, in no rush to get to the dumpster. With a knowing flip of the wrist, he pulls the lid over and slams it down over The Jhub, sealing him inside! Boos begin to rain down from the crowd as the bell sounds, and Hanson raises his arms once again in victory.

Bryan: That’s it! It’s over!

Andrews: Here is your winner… LUKE HANSON!!!

Rollins: He did it, JB! Luke Hanson has defeated The Jhub in a rather impressive fashion, and this was a huge statement from Luke Hanson here at Warpath!

Bryan: Hanson took eight… that’s right, EIGHT chair shots to the skull from The Jhub, and simply shrugged them off and powerbombed The Jhub like a rag doll! That’s eight chair shots from a huge athlete, and then he tossed a nearly three hundred pound man around with ease.

Hanson climbs up on top of the dumpster, staring down at the lid covering The Jhub. He smiles and glares out at the crowd, bathing in their boos.

Rollins: This man has terrifying power, JB, and it was on display here tonight in Houston. I’ve got to say that Luke Hanson was very impressive in this match, and nothing The Jhub did, no amount of technical expertise was enough to bring down Luke Hanson.

Bryan: The Jhub put forth a valiant effort, but Hanson was fighting with a purpose here tonight. Hanson simply would not be denied, and he simply denied his pain and manhandled The Jhub for a stunning victory.

Rollins: And Hanson might have just placed another nail in The Jhub’s coffin! To whoever leaves as World Champion here tonight, look out, this man Hanson might be knocking at your door before long!

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Johnny sits cowboy in the GCW tech van, wedged between a camera-man and an overweight man with a neckbeard that probably reeks of Cheetos and sweat. Johnny's got a phone tight to his ear, nodding grimly.

Lexicon: He says take the left at Dunlavy.

Troll Beard: Where the hell is he?

Lexicon: I don't know. He's insane. Right when on Peden, then another right on Woodhead. It's a dead end, says we can't miss his car.

Bryan: What's all this?

Rollins: Looks like Lexicon and Trey are taking this match for a road trip.

They ride along, both of the tech losers jamming out to "Stairway to Heaven" as Lexicon looks around uncomfortably. They finally catch up, Jordan's Impala parked across the road about a hundred feet from the end. The van comes to a stop and Johnny looks around, hanging up his phone. He walks towards the house and pushes the door open to see a group of teenagers crowded around watching the PPV on television. Jordan stands in the background, smiling and drinking a beer.

Jordan: Hey, Lexi.


Bryan: That was dirty!

Trey comes down hard across Johnny's neck with an elbow as the kids keep their eyes glued to the screen. Jordan rushes over, yelling at them to get out of the house. Trey hits a stiff knee to Johnny's groin and drags him along the floor, breaking through the crowd of kids who suddenly feel the urge to follow the action through the house and out back--where a shoddily made backyard wrestling ring happens to be set up! Johnny fights back at Trey, who answers with a stomp to the face before pulling Johnny up and slamming his back against the apron. Lexicon tries to shake it off, but drops down to a knee as Trey slings a chair out from under the ring. He sets it up by Lexicon and backs up, runs across the grass and a kid's hat gets in the way of the camera. There's a crashing noise and the cameraman shoves the kid aside, revealing Trey and Johnny laying in heaps beside a broken set of steel steps. Poor craftsmanship.

Bryan: Oh geeze!

Rollins: Damnit! That would have been awesome!

Trey staggers up, holding his palm to his head to stop a stream of blood that means something cool apparently happened. Johnny's up after him, surprising Trey with an elbow to the ribs before slamming his face into the chair. Trey snaps back up, spraying blood and staggering blindly while Johnny straightens the chair out. The crowd of teens cheer him on, patting him on the back. Johnny cringes in reaction, struck in the depths of addiction and cringing at just about everything. He evens his junkie out quick enough and comes back to in time to pull the chair away from Trey's hands and nearly decapitate the poor hardcore champion with it. Referee Vale finally makes his way out of the house, beer in hand and clearly ready to watch a brutal beat-down while Johnny's thinking about a pin. After another few seconds for Tim to find a place to sit his beer, he drops for a one count. The kids, amazed with Trey's tenacity, cheer as he gets the chair brought down across his chest a few times. Jordan finally steps in, putting his good hand up to Johnny's chest.

Jordan: Come on, man. That's not right. That's not right at all.

Lexicon goes to grab Jordan, but Trey takes Johnny down by the knee, sending the challenger's chin crashing awkwardly into the chair with an impressively disgusting noise. Trey crawls to the apron, reaching around until he pulls out a table. He uses it to help him stand, and then it uses him to help it stand--little does the table know what fate awaits it! Johnny's still on the ground, holding a bloody jaw, when Trey pulls him up and lays him along the table before sliding into the ring and doing the run-back-and-forth-between-the-ropes act that people love doing to build up for a cart-wheeling senton to the outside of the ring. The hang-time is awe-inspiring, Trey spiraling through the air with the bloodlust of a Clay Aiken fan. He crashes down hard on Johnny, splintering the table and leaving them both in a twisted pile. There's a second before either breathes, after which they breathe in deep gasps that gurgle slightly. Trey blinks first, rolling over and trying to remember what an arm is so he can throw one over for the pin--Johnny just stares up at the constellations.

Rollins: What a spectacle! This Trey kid is something else!

Tim Vale and Jordan stand by, drinking and discussing the match as it goes, and fans somewhere wonder how long it'll be until they get to scream again. Both Johnny and Trey are half-way up, seemingly happy to not fight the other in return for a chance to count the ribs that don't poke into their lungs. After that count's made, Johnny throws himself over and grabs Trey's ankle, going for the ankle lock. Trey tries kicking him off, spinning out of it, but Johnny grabs and fights just as hard until he's got a quick and dirty version on. He yanks and twists, Trey screaming out and trying to push Johnny's legs off. Jordan comes in with the cheap shot, stomping Johnny until he breaks the hold and jerks to his feet.


Johnny barely steps to the side in time, sending Jordan straight into Trey. Jordan seems to understand what comes next, so he lights a cigarette and takes a few hits off of it before turning around into a hard clothesline from Lexicon that sends his Newport flying. Johnny capitalizes on the break, pulling Trey up and hooking him in the pedigree. Trey slumps down, his knees dragging against the ground before Johnny jumps up, pulling Trey almost to his feet before crashing down on his head. Johnny rolls him over and Vale drops for the obvious count--1, 2, 3. Vale hands him the belt and Johnny staggers towards the house, cameras behind him as he makes it back to the tech van. The camera man trails behind, catching Jordan dragging Trey out of the house in a fireman's carry and loading him into the Impala.

Camera Genie: Can I catch a ride?

Jordan cranks the car and guns off after the van, leaving the cameraman behind to watch the PPV with the kids. The show returns to ringside, where the lights come up in the Astrodome. The crowd boos heavily, angry that Tremendous has just lost his match!

Bryan: Wow! I don’t believe this! Johnny Lexicon has pinned Trey Tremendous to win the Hardcore title!

Rollins: But that doesn’t look like it’s over yet, JB! Lexicon made a getaway, but Tremendous and White are giving chase! We’ve got a Hardcore Title match that’s out on the freeways of Houston right now!

Bryan: That’s definitely a dangerous predicament, ladies and gentlemen, and we’ll keep you posted on the progress of that situation as the night goes on. But for now, the red carpet is out and the podium is set up, it’s time for the TV title unveiling!

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As the lights come on, the camera catches sight of the ring. The canvas has been covered with a plush red carpet, and a wooden podium sits center ring. Covered with a red cloth, the podium presumably holds the TV title. "Established" cues up, and the crowd explodes! Steven Caldera struts out on stage, clad in his best black Armani suit and a pair of impressive sunglasses. He walks smoothly to the ring, slapping hands with the crowd as they cheer him on.

Andrews: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the President of Global Championship Wrestling, Steven Caldera!

Rollins: Have I ever told you how much I hate this guy, JB?

Bryan: Oh, come on, he’s changed his ways. Just look what he’s done with Mike Har-

Rollins: Don’t even say that name! Do not get me started. Let’s just get this over with.

Caldera steps into the ring and politely accepts the microphone from Joey Andrews. Andrews steps out of the ring and Caldera looks out at the crowd. He begins to speak, but is drowned out by the cheers of the crowd. Caldera smiles and waits for the cheers to subside before finally beginning.

Caldera: Fans, tonight I would like to reintroduce you to one of the most coveted titles in professional wrestling. The GCW Television title was a stepping stone for some of the greatest GCW Champions of all time. The Television Champion was considered one of the toughest, most talented wrestlers in the company. This title will be defended on every televised GCW event, so the holder of this title faces perhaps the greatest challenge of any champion.

Caldera pulls the velvet cloth off the podium, revealing the new GCW Television Title belt. Unfortunately for Caldera, the belt is nowhere to be seen! An empty golden stand sits on top of the podium, but there is no title belt to be seen. Caldera appears as furious as he is confused, as he glares out at the ring crew.

Bryan: Hey, wait a minute, there’s no belt!

Rollins: How the hell do you lose a championship belt, JB? This is embarrassing.

At that moment, Remedy by Cold hits overhead, and all the attention of the crowd turns to the stage. From the back saunters a well-dressed figure, sporting an impressive pair of shades.

Bryan: Hey! Look at this!

Rollins: Capo?!

Bryan: The self-proclaimed greatest Television Champion of all time is back in GCW, and he’s apparently got something to say about the TV title here at Warpath! This is a shocker!

Capo unbuttons his suit jacket, revealing a bright gold title belt around his waist! Caldera turns to the stage and eyes Capo angrily, as the camera zooms in on the strap. A bit smaller than the other GCW titles but nonetheless impressive, the belt prominently reads "GCW TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP" across the faceplate. Capo smirks as his music fades, and the crowd reacts wildly for the returning Capo!

Capo: I was content with staying away from the business. The first minute I was notified that GCW risen from the grave I was given an invitation to rejoin this company. I thought about it, but my answer was, "your offer sounds good. I'll give it some consideration." In reality, wrestling was over for me. Who would have thought something as farcical as a pair of shades could alter ones career decisions. But once the words GCW......Television....... Championship were uttered from your lips, I had no other alternative than to make my trek back GCW. You see, there have been many wrestlers who have held that title. But none, and I mean NONE hold the distinction of being the FIRST GCW Television Champion. Just like people remember Adam as being the first human being to have ever lived. Just like Pat Patterson is remembered as being the first ever Intercontinental champion. And just like people remember their first time........

Capo pauses for a second then becomes slowly pacing around as he talks.

Capo: The fact of the matter is this Caldera. I'll be damned if I sit at home and watch my belt become tarnished. I'll be damned if I see one of these insolent urchins so much as TOUCH the title that I made famous. I will not let that happen. When I was the Television Champion I brought prestige to this belt Steve. I made it into a belt worth fighting for. When you mention the Television Champion, who is the first wrestler that enters to your mind? Be honest with yourself when you answer that question. The only thing Steve that I despise more than Zippy and Orange soda is anybody whose name is not Capo holding onto my belt. There have been many of Television Champions. I doubt these fans could name one other man who held that belt besides me. But as is true with just about everything else in life, the first time is always the best time. Just like the first Television was and will always be the best GCW Television Champion. That my friend is no statement. THAT WAS A BONIFIED FACT!!

Caldera smiles, nodding gamely. He raises an eyebrow and leans against the ropes, having cooled himself down to address Capo.

Caldera: Well, well, welcome back. I didn’t think we’d see you so soon, but it seems you couldn’t keep your mits off MY title belt, could you? Well, you know what? That’s fine with me. You go ahead and hold onto that belt, Capo. But just so we’re clear, I’ll say this in no uncertain terms… YOU ARE NOT TELEVISION CHAMPION.

The crowd cheers wildly as Capo scowls, rubbing the belt fondly.

Caldera: This isn’t the old GCW any more, buddy. This is a new company. And in this version of GCW, people don’t get handouts. I don’t give freebies. But if it’ll help you sleep better tonight, you go ahead and take that belt back to your hotel with you. Just be sure to bring it with you to WorldWide this Thursday!

Capo cocks his head to the side, unsure of what to expect next.

Caldera: Because we will be crowning the new Television Champion in a little preview of the upcoming Dangerous Games… BATTLE ROYAL!

Capo snaps off his shades, shouting angrily at Caldera. The crowd explodes in cheers at the announcement, excited for the bout!

Bryan: How about that! A battle royal at WorldWide this week!

Rollins: Oh, good, those are always fun. Nothing like seeing people getting indiscriminately hurled through the air left and right.

Capo looks down at the title, suddenly smiling.

Capo: Well, in case you’ve forgotten, I won this title in a battle royal the first time! And I can… no, I WILL do it again!

Caldera: That’s good that you feel that way. Because if you don’t win it on Thursday, Capo… It’s going to be a looooooong time before you get another shot.

The crowd cheers as Capo stares angrily at the President.

Caldera: Best of luck to you… champ.

Established hits again, and the fans applaud wildly. Capo turns on his heel and heads to the back, still carrying the TV title with him. Caldera waves to the crowd and begins walking to the back.

Bryan: Well, Capo has made a surprise return here tonight, and he’s got a shot to recapture his TV title this Thursday on WorldWide!

Rollins: The TV Title? Hooray. I could win that title with both arms tied behind my back.

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The MegaTron comes to life with a shaky scene of a hallway, but it settles quickly. Johnny leads Trey down the hall, the former champ stumbling along as if half conscious.

Rollins: A camera has located this ongoing hardcore match, and it looks like this fight may never end!

Bryan: Both men have got to exhausted and physically destroyed. How either of them are still going is amazing.

Trey suddenly surges and throws his weight to the side, slamming Johnny against the wall hard. Johnny clubs him one and throws him against the opposite wall. They collide hard and trade blows, Johnny catches Treys arm and throws him down the hallway, he stumbles but keeps his balance. Johnny charges and Trey side steps at the last possible second, Lexicon goes flying past and crashes into a free swinging door and into the room beyond.

Rollins: Oh, good, this match is going right into the crapper.

Trey uses the wall to get his bearings and then turns to stalk after his opponent. He opens the door and the camera follows them inside the men’s bathroom. A fan darts past and out of the scene as Trey charges Johnny bulldog style towards the sinks. Johnny reverses and slings Trey back first into the counter. Trey groans and holds an agonized position for a moment. Johnny hammers him with a right and grabs his arm, turning and throwing Trey into the door of a toilet stall. The door flies open and Trey crashes into the toilet.

Rollins: Where the hell are these guys getting the energy to keep up this kind of intensity?

Johnny charges the stall and promptly stumbles back as a boot catches his chest hard. He falls but half catches himself on a garbage can. Trey recovers and springs from the stall, Johnny launches the can bottom first and it slams into Trey's already bloody face. Johnny's own crimson mask twists with the effort to get up, Trey barely catches himself from falling back into the toilet stall and recovers, but Lex is already on his feet.

They lock up briefly but Johnny breaks it, hammers a shot to the gut, hooks the head and DDT's Trey's skull right onto the trash can. The aluminum waste bin crumples under the weight. Johnny rolls to the side and reaches for the counter top, Trey doesn't move at all, his face firmly molded into the metal.

Rollins: That was insane!

Bryan: This whole match is insane!

Johnny holds himself up on the counter as Trey finally starts to move, Lex turns around and get his feet firmly underneath him. He advances on Trey and grabs for him, Trey launches a desperate elbow to the gut. Johnny retaliates with a knee to the head and Trey sprawls backwards. Lexicon collects the trash can with both hands, bits of paper towel fluttering about as he lifts it overhead and brings it down on Trey's gut, it dents further and Trey's head lolls to the side. Johnny takes his time wearily lifting himself on top of the sink counter and turns in a crouched position.

Rollins: Holy crap!

Johnny launches and splashes on top of the trash can on top of Trey. The crowd thunders as Johnny writhes in agony holding his gut.

Bryan: There's a time when you have to start thinking of these men's safety, this was serious from the start and it's just gotten worse as it goes.

Rollins: It's a brilliant match, two men are beating the living piss out of each other, this is what they're paid to do.

Bryan: There has to be a line between hardcore and suicidal!

Rollins: There's a line?

Bryan: Forget the line, do you even see the title anymore?

Johnny starts getting to his feet reluctantly, pulling the trash can off he takes Trey by the arm and starts wearily dragging him out of the bathroom. They get out into the hallway before Trey starts to struggle, Johnny turns to boot him and Trey catches it. Losing his balance Lexicon falls back and connects with a hapless camera man, the screen goes wild and then static.

Bryan: We've lost our feed.

Rollins: Thank you, captain obvious.

Bryan: This hardcore match will have to continue later, I suppose. But how much more could these men possibly have left?!

Rollins: We can only begin to understand how personal that feud is, JB. I guess we’ll just have to wait to see how it plays out!

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Knight stares down Blaq, a sinister smile on his face. Blaq remains confident if a little guarded as Knight remains still in his corner. Blaq finally charges, nailing Knight in the skull with a forearm. The bell sounds as Blaq shoves Knight into the corner and begins pounding away with massive rights to the skull.

Bryan: Well, this thing is underway, and Blaq is coming out aggressively in the early moments!

Rollins: That’s good! Blaq can’t show any intimidation, no fear! Alex Blaq is a world-class athlete, JB, and this is a huge opportunity for him tonight!

Blaq whips Knight hard into the opposite turnbuckle, and Knight bounces out into a running lariat from Blaq! The crowd oohs at the sound of the tremendous impact, and Blaq immediately drops to hook a leg! Knight kicks out before referee David Fellows can make a one count. Both men spring back to their feet and Blaq immediately slips a full nelson on Knight.

Bryan: Full nelson from Blaq!

Rollins: MY GOD! THE MATCH IS OVER! Oh, no wait, sorry, wrong show.

Blaq lifts Knight off the mat with ease and slams him down to the canvas, immediately slapping his hand over Knight’s throat. Fellows shouts at Blaq to release the choke, but does not threaten to end the match. Knight finally shrugs Blaq off and gets to a knee, trying desperately to catch his breath. Blaq stays right on him, sending him into the ropes. Knight bounces back to catch a back elbow from Blaq. Knight stays upright back staggers back into the ropes, where Blaq clotheslines him right over the top to the floor!

Bryan: Wow! Alex Blaq just sent Knight for a ride, and he’s standing tall over the United States champion right now!

Rollins: This is a good sign for Blaq. He needs to stay aggressive and keep his confidence up.

Blaq mounts the turnbuckle and raises his arms to the crowd, eliciting a huge chorus of boos from the partisan Houston crowd. Blaq steps through the ropes and finds Knight pulling himself up on the guardrail. Blaq hoists him up and drops him sternum-first over the guardrail, and Knight lands in a heap on the floor. Blaq pulls him right back up and rolls him back into the ring, where Knight immediately springs to his feet.

Bryan: Knight seems to have found his second wind now!

Blaq rolls back into the ring, only to be met with a boot to the back of the head. The crowd begins to rally behind Knight as he pulls Blaq up and whips him into the ropes. Knight misses a clothesline, and Blaq slips behind him, taking him over into a massive German suplex! Blaq bridges for a cover!



Quick kickout from Knight, who clutches the back of his head in agony. Blaq pulls him back up and delivers a perfect snap suplex, floating over into another cover! Knight kicks out immediately, but Blaq snaps him right back down into a lateral press. Again Knight gets his shoulder right up, escaping at one. Blaq now applies a rear chinlock, placing all his weight on Knight’s back.

Bryan: Not much is known about this Alex Blaq, other than he’s got an issue with Knight and is intent on leaving the United States Champion!

Rollins: He’s a thinking man, JB, always plotting and weaving circumstances to his favor. He’s also a very talented, strong wrestler who can do a little bit of everything in the ring. And right now he’s dominating the most dominant man in GCW!

The crowd begins rumbling their feet in an attempt to energize Knight, and Knight responds by pushing himself to his feet! He twists to the side and nails Blaq with three sharp elbows to the gut, breaking the hold. Knight bolts for the ropes, but Blaq grabs a handful of hair and yanks Knight right back down to the mat! The crowd boos mightily as Blaq smiles, tossing a clump of black hair out of the ring.

Bryan: Oh man, Blaq used the hair and Knight paid for it! He’s willing to do whatever it takes, take any shortcut to win!

Blaq pulls Knight back to his feet and applies a rear waistlock, pulling Knight up for a German suplex, but then pushing him forward into a face-first powerbomb! The crowd gasps as Blaq flips Knight over and covers!



Knight kicks out with authority, but remains wounded on the mat. Blaq pulls him right back up again and sends him into the ropes, missing a clothesline! Knight bounces back again, and Blaq whiffs with another lariat. Knight charges in a third time, and throws a clothesline of his own. Blaq swings behind him and tosses him back with a half-nelson suplex! Knight lands on his head and Blaq immediately hooks a leg!



…Knight barely kicks out before three, and the fans let out a sigh of relief. Blaq slaps the mat a few times in frustration, glaring at the official.

Bryan: Wow! Two near falls for Alex Blaq, and he is in firm control of this matchup! What the hell is wrong with LeStatt tonight?

Rollins: Sometimes you just have an off night, JB. And it looks like Blaq is going to leave with the US title tonight!

Blaq angrily pulls Knight upright again and lowers his shoulder, driving Knight ferociously into the turnbuckle. Blaq nails two quick European uppercuts before hoisting Knight onto the top turnbuckle! Blaq climbs in front and signals to the crowd, earning another angry cry from the crowd. He hooks Knight up and grabs his leg, bringing him off the top with a massive Fisherman’s brainbuster!! The crowd explodes in fury as Blaq gets to his feet, staring down at the broken champion.

Bryan: WOW!

Rollins: What a move from Alex Blaq! He’s manhandling LeStatt Knight! This is the most impressive performance of the night, JB!

Bryan: Blaq is in firm control of this match, and Knight hasn’t even managed a single punch! I never expected this in a million years!

Blaq drops to a knee, and Fellows readies for the count. Instead, Blaq begins to choke Knight once again, screaming in his face to "Stay down!" Knight struggles and finally rolls free, trying to pull himself to his feet. Blaq waits as Knight staggers around, boots him in the gut, and sets him up for the piledriver!

Bryan: Piledriver! Blaq is going for the win!

Blaq attempts to pull Knight up, but Knight catches the bottom rope with his foot! Knight suddenly rears back and tosses Blaq right over the top rope, where he goes flying to the floor! Blaq lands with a thud as the crowd explodes, and Knight drops back to the mat.

Rollins: Great counter from LeStatt there, and just like that he’s evened the playing field!

Blaq painfully pulls himself onto the apron as Knight struggles to his feet in the corner. Knight finally shakes the cobwebs out and turns, only to find Blaq charging down the apron! Blaq reaches in and nails Knight with a hard clothesline, sending the US champ onto his back. Blaq then tugs on the top rope and slingshots himself over, lands with a rolling senton on Knight! The crowd wows the impressive move as Blaq makes another cover!



…Knight manages to place a boot on the bottom rope, and the count is broken. Blaq sneers in frustration and grabs the official by the collar, shaking him angrily. Fellows begs off as Knight drags himself up the turnbuckle. Blaq finally releases Fellows and turns back to Knight, who nails him with a straight right to the face! Blaq is staggered as Knight begins laying in rights and lefts, hammering away at the challenger!

Bryan: Yes! LeStatt is fighting back, and we’ve got a match!

Knight whips Blaq into the ropes, and lowers his head. Blaq takes off and soars into a sunset flip over Knight, but Knight rises up mid-move and grabs Blaq’s legs, holding him upside down over his back! Blaq screams out in the face of this predicament, but suddenly Blaq slides over Knight’s head, twisting him into the air in the process! Blaq instantly sits down, driving Knight’s head into the mat with a huge piledriver!

Bryan: MY GOD!

Rollins: What a counter from Alex Blaq! Knight caught him in midair, but he countered into the piledriver in one swift movement!

The crowd screams out in fear for Knight’s title reign, as Blaq flips him over for the cover!




Bryan: No, wait, Knight kicked out!

The crowd sits in silence, waiting for the decision. Fellows waves the three count off, indicating Knight kicked out at the last possible moment! Blaq jumps to his feet in anger, kicking the turnbuckle while screaming profanity at the top of his lungs. He turns to see Knight pushing himself to his knees, and backs up in shock. The crowd explodes in cheers as Knight rises to his feet, staring down Blaq defiantly!

Rollins: You’ve got to be kidding me!

Bryan: How the hell is he standing?

Blaq charges Knight, but Knight cuts him off with a hard right to the skull! Knight lays into Blaq and backs him into the ropes, whipping him to the other side. Blaq bounces back and finds himself caught for the Knight Fall! The crowd explodes, but Blaq trips his legs out from under him, drops to the mat, and locks on a full body guillotine!

Bryan: BLAQ DEATH! This is Alex Blaq’s specialty submission move, and Knight is caught in the center of the ring!

Rollins: Wow! Impressive counter by Alex Blaq! Knight has nowhere to go!

Knight struggles, but Blaq has the hold perfectly applied. Knight reaches out for the ropes, but finds himself a long way from any side. Blaq cinches in further and Knight screams out in pain, while the crowd chants Knight’s name in hopes of rallying him from the hold!

Rollins: There’s nowhere to go, JB, this thing’s over.

Knight suddenly rolls back onto his chest and manages to get his free leg under him. With a sudden jolt, Knight pushes himself to his feet with Blaq on his back! Blaq keeps the hold applied, wrenching back on Knight’s neck and arm. Knight staggers on one leg, desperate to keep his balance. Knight suddenly spins Blaq around with his free arm, dropping him face first into the Knight Fall out of nowhere!!!!!

Bryan: KNIGHT FALL! What a move!

Rollins: That was the damnedest counter I’ve ever seen!

The crowd explodes in cheers as both men lie in pain on the mat. Neither man moves as Fellows begins the mandatory count. Blaq twitches his arms, but finds himself unable to move. Finally, after a five count, Knight sits up abruptly and glances over at Blaq. With a sadistic grimace he pushes himself to his feet, staring down at Blaq.

Bryan: Uh-oh!

Rollins: I can’t believe this man! Alex Blaq has hit him with everything he’s got, and Knight is still coming!

Knight assertively pulls Blaq back up and backs into the turnbuckle. Knight climbs up the turnbuckle, pulling Blaq up in front of him! The crowd stands in unison as Knight stands on the top rope, doubling Blaq under him! Cameras illuminate the arena as Knight pulls Blaq overhead and dives off the turnbuckle, nailing Blaq with a devastating top-rope powerbomb!

Bryan: OH MY GOD! LeStatt Knight just powerbombed Alex Blaq off the top rope! Blaq’s head bounced off the canvas, and he’s got to be out cold!

Rollins: That’s just terrifying power on display by LeStatt Knight!

Knight drops and hooks Blaq’s leg…



…Knight pulls Blaq off the mat, shaking his head with an evil smile on his face. The crowd explodes in cheers as Knight shoves Blaq down to the canvas and heads back to the turnbuckle!

Bryan: Oh, this might be a mistake from Knight!

Rollins: I don’t care what you’re trying to prove, when you have a man beat, you beat him!

Knight climbs to the top rope and stares down Blaq, who is lying nearly three-quarters of the way across the ring. Knight suddenly springs upward and takes off, nailing Blaq with a HUGE Knight-Tyme!!!! The crowd explodes, chanting "Holy Shit! Holy Shit!" as Knight hooks a leg!



…3!!! The bell sounds and "O’Fortuna" cues up once more.

Bryan: THAT’S IT! Knight hit the big frog splash and that’s it for Alex Blaq!

Rollins: I have to hand it to the man, he took a hell of a beating and came right back for a decisive victory!

Knight is handed the US title, which he seems to ignore as he stares down blankly at Blaq. The crowd cheers wildly as Knight slowly walks towards the ropes, exiting the ring in quiet contrast to the flurry he just unleashed.

Andrews: Here is your winner, and STILL GCW United States Champion… LeStatt Knight!!

Bryan: He’s done it again! LeStatt Knight is shattering all the records, and it seems like he might just hold the United States Championship forever!

Rollins: At this rate, I don’t think anyone will ever top LeStatt Knight. Alex Blaq came out strong in that match, JB, he threw everything at Knight, and he dominated that match! But Knight came right back and only needed a few quick, brutal moves to finish off Blaq and retain his title!

Knight, his face oddly blank as he walks up the ramp, ignores the camera and the crowd as he exits the arena. Officials come to the ring to help Blaq up, as the cameras return to the announce table.

Bryan: Renegade, we just saw another dominating performance from LeStatt Knight there, but we have to pause to give credit to Alex Blaq.

Rollins: Absolutely, JB. This man has been seemingly hidden behind the high profiles of the Praetorian Guard, and we really didn’t know much about him coming into this match. But I think this was a big coming out for Alex Blaq tonight. He proved he can wrestle the best in this company, and though he didn’t leave with a win, he’s built some big momentum to build on here at Warpath.

Bryan: Alex Blaq certain seems to have a bright future, but he’s going to have a hell of a chip on his shoulder after that decisive ending. LeStatt Knight is still rolling, and this man’s incredible streak continues at Warpath!

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The crowd pops as Trey and Johnny stagger out of the backstage area and onto the stage, trading blows like expert fighters. Blaq stumbles by with the held of several officials, but Trey and Johnny never see him walk past as they battle into the arena.

Bryan: And the hardcore match finally finds it's way before the crowd! These two men have been fighting all night, all across town!

Rollins: I feel something electric in the air!

Bryan: Things are finally gonna be decided in this bloody battle.

Johnny goes for a leg sweep, but Trey blocks it with his shin and crashes forwards with a knee that sends them both sliding down the ramp towards the ring. They roll to their feet, Johnny kicking Trey in the gut and flipping him with a snap suplex. He follows with an elbow drop that slams against Trey's ribs, rattling the camera. He goes for another but Trey dodges, pushing up and slamming knees into Johnny's head, pushing forwards to the ring. He tosses Johnny against the stairs, sending the top set crashing before throwing the veteran into the ring.

Rollins: It all inevitably leads to the squared circle...

Bryan: It’s better than a damn freeway!

Johnny takes advantage with a series of forearms to Trey's back, before dragging him into the center of the ring and pulling him to his feet. Trey tries to fight, but Johnny sucker punches him and quickly locks on the vertical suplex. He lifts Trey high and holds it, pacing around the ring to taunt before dropping hard. Lexicon sits up with a grin on his face and nods as he looks around, focusing in on the turnbuckle as he stands up. Trey lifts his forearms, taking shallow breathes and not paying much attention to Lexicon's ascent or subsequent ring-shaking elbow drop. He pulls Trey back up, having no need to pin him, and sets him up for another pedigree. Trey hangs limp again and Johnny jumps again, but this time Johnny gets flipped over Trey's back and into the corner of the ring as Jordan makes his way out with a nice pop--mainly for the hardcore title that hangs on his shoulder.

Bryan: Trey's manager makes an appearance toting the much fought over hardcore title. This feud may be personal, but you’d better believe both men want to walk out with that title around their waist!

Rollins: Maybe the sight of it will inspire more bloodshed…

In the ring, Trey drops a leg on Lexicon's neck and picks him up to slam him back first into the turnbuckle. Johnny reels out of it and Trey hops to the second rope, leaping off with a bulldog that slams Johnny hard into the mat. He goes for the count and comes up short, which I hope you expected. Trey nods to Jordan in the corner before going back to Johnny, sending him into the ropes. Trey leaps over him on the rebound and runs towards the opposite ropes, catching Johnny on the way back with a lionsault across the chest. He pops back up and backs into the corner, trembling with anxiety. Johnny turns and looks at Trey, which gives him the bright idea to kick his way across the ring before standing up--completely ruining Trey's plans. They lock up in the center of the ring, battling for power until slips behind Trey and lifts him with a high back suplex that plants him near Jordan, who's quick to drag Trey towards the edge of the ring for a quick talk.

Bryan: Johnny Lexicon is in control of Trey Tremendous here, and he’s consulting his manager for advice on what to do next! Pinning the man again doesn’t do any good, what could they be planning?

Rollins: I think Lexicon wants to end this once and for all!

Johnny lifts Trey to his feet and whips him into the ropes, but Trey latches on. Johnny charges in with a clothesline that Trey ducks--sending Johnny half-way over the top until Trey helps him back into the ring with a bridged German suplex that gets a two count. Johnny, drawing into the primordial force known only as "pissed off," springs to his feet, ready to finish things. Trey's up and the pacing begins, slowly sizing the other up.

Bryan: Oh, man, it’s on now!

Rollins: Whoa, cliché police….

Johnny goes in for a lock-up and Trey powers him down, dropping Lexicon down to one knee and bearing harder until Johnny seemingly fights back, straight into a monkey flip from Trey. Trey rolls through, straddling Lexicon's ribcage and smiling as he drives blow after blow into the new champion's face. After an acceptable beating, Lexicon throws his foot on the ropes and Vale forces Trey off. Tremendous waits, circling as Johnny pulls himself up. Lexicon wipes a stream of blood from his nose and looks at Trey's constant smile.

Bryan: This Hardcore Title match is about the most intense thing I’ve ever seen, Rich Rollins! These two men just won’t stop!

Rollins: And now it’s Trey Tremendous in control! And this crowd has come unglued!

He charges and Trey sidesteps, slipping around to Lexicon's back with a sleeper hold. He locks it tight for a second, then pushes Johnny face-first into the mat and backs away. Frustrated, Johnny stands up and turns, catching a kick from Trey. The champion laughs, thinking of the matches earlier history of reversed kicks, then catches an enziguri to the temple that sends him staggering into the ropes and launched back into an overhead belly-to-belly from Trey. Johnny lands hard and bounces before sliding to a corner and turning around to right himself. He pulls up in time for Trey to connect with a high body splash. Lexicon staggers from the corner, Trey twitching as he waits for the moment to hit the ropes.

Bryan: Trey Tremendous is on fire here!

Lexicon stops and raises his head. Blood streams down his face as he turns around to stare Trey down. A second goes by, and the champion laughs. Trey nods, smiling, and Lexicon charges in with a guillotine-esque lariat. Trey ducks at the last second, rolling under Lexicon's arm and forcing him to the mat with a fujiwara armbar that jerks at Lexicon's shoulder. They're all tangled up in the ropes, though, so it's completely useless and Trey's forced to break the hold. He backs away to the corner, waiting for Johnny to stand and catching him with a headscissors takedown that leaves Lexicon sprawled in the center of the ring. Trey holds himself up by the second rope, winded and thinking of the best quick hurt he's got as Johnny slowly gets to his feet. Trey casually walks over, slamming a boot into Lexicon's ribs and walking behind him and locking in the reverse headlock. Lexicon reverses, spinning so he's standing up straight, and jerks Trey into the air for a northern lights suplex that Trey masterfully swings away from. The cameras cut to Jordan and the belt, then quickly to Eva and Erik Van Lorne coming out of the back.

Rollins: Hey, wait a minute, what’s going on here?

Bryan: The GCW Tag Team Champions are on their way to the ring… What’s this about?

Trey grabs Lexicon by the neck and launches him into the corner, following him in with a shoulder block to the ribs before lifting Lexicon to the top rope. He turns his back to Johnny and steps to the bottom rope, locking his hands under Johnny's arms before flipping the champion over his head and to the mat in an Iconoclasm that leaves them towards the center of the ring. Trey hops up and backs to the corner, casting a quick glance to the EVL twins as Johnny staggers up.

Left foot.

Right foot.


Absolute Power.


Rollins: That’s gotta be it!

Johnny crashes to the mat, flipping over his neck and ending up on his face before Trey scrambles over and flips him onto his back. Vale drops for the count--1, 2, 3! Trey pulls away and leans back on his knees, breathing heavily and shining under the fluorescent lights of the Astrodome as the crowd explodes. Jordan slides into the ring, slapping Trey on the back and handing him the title. Trey drapes it on his shoulder and scales the turnbuckle that hangs over the fallen Lexicon. Eva looks at her employer with a casual glance and blows him a kiss as she exits.

Andrews: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCW Hardcore Champion, Trey Tremendous!

Bryan: Wow! What a showing from Trey Tremendous here as he regains the Hardcore Title! This man is something special, ladies and gentlemen, and I think we’ve seen the birth of a new star here at Warpath!

Rollins: Undoubtedly! But don’t take anything away from Johnny Lexicon. He had the numbers against him in this match, but he took the title away from Tremendous! He just couldn’t hold on.

Bryan: This was one of the biggest, most brutal Hardcore Title matches in memory, fans, and it raged from all corners of Houston and ended up right here in this ring! And this crowd is going wild for Trey Tremendous! This man seems to be destined for big things, fans, and here at Warpath he just took a huge step up the food chain!

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The camera cuts backstage as the ring is prepared for the next match. We see Kevin Jacobs wandering the hallways looking for Octavian. Suddenly, he sees papers flying everywhere as the three time World Champion knocked over a very scared intern and sent papers flying everywhere. Jacobs attempts to approach him but lacks the courage to make it all the way. As Octavian continues walking in full ring attire he comes face to face with Mr. Danger right behind the curtain. A cold look is on Octavian's face as Danger attempts to pump him up.

Danger: Welcome Champ!

Octavian: Save the ass kissing Danger. Remember what I told you!

Half sarcastically, Danger responds.

Danger: Oh, of course!

Octavian looks down at him.

Octavian: I mean it Danger. No one is interfering in this match! If you, Alex, or Luke so much as peek out this curtain, it will be your ass! Dread is my kill!

Danger is shocked that Octavian is actually serious about this, now that he is preparing to go out for the main event. He looks for a hint of sarcasm. After finding none, Danger at first looks beaten but then gets a confident look on his face and smiles.

Danger: Ok, Octavian, I know how much you Romans love your blood feuds. Kick his ass and the next time I see you, you'll be a four time Champion. See you afterwards and try not to get too much blood on the cage.

Octavian just looks at him sternly and walks away, leaving to prepare alone. Danger simply sighs and shakes his head, turning to leave as the cameras head back to the ring!

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Andrews: The following contest is set for one fall!

"I Want to Rule the World" cues up, and the Astrodome plunges into boos. Michael "Spitfire" Stevens emerges on stage with an uncharacteristically uncertain look about him. He ignores the jeers from the fans, walking straight to the ring without a word.

Andrews: Introducing first, from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in at two hundred forty-nine pounds… Michael "Spitfire" Stevens!

Bryan: Stevens looks a bit off his game right here, folks, and I can only attribute that to the strange nature of this match. Stevens, usually confident and boisterous, is looking a little somber and unsure of himself right now.

Rollins: I have no clue what’s been going on inside this man’s head lately, JB, but we do know that he harbors a deep hatred for Hickenbottom. It seems like this stems from Steven’s feeling of betrayal from President Caldera. He feels like Hardy took his place as Caldera’s chosen one, and he can’t help but want to hurt Hickenbottom here at Warpath. Stevens desperately wants to end Hickenbottom’s career here tonight, and prove to President Caldera once and for all that he does deserve the President’s attention.

Stevens steps through the ropes and paces about nervously, waiting in the relative quiet of the arena. Finally the lights dim, strobes begin flashing wildly over the stage, and "The Hand That Feeds" cues up! The crowd jumps up in a frenzy and explodes into easily the biggest reaction of the night. A muscular silhouette appears on stage, staring down through the flashing lights at the ring. Mike Hardy finally bounds down the ramp, looking impressively fit and stylish. Clad in Steven Caldera-style black pants and his hands and wrists wrapped in white tape, Hardy sports an impressive pair of sunglasses and a Michael Stevens-style smirk. Stevens scowls at Hardy as he leaps up to the top turnbuckle and raises his arms to the crowd, basking in the roof-rattling reception.

Andrews: And his opponent, from Boston, Mass, weighing in at two-hundred forty two pounds… Mike HARDY!!!!!!

Bryan: The chosen one has arrived, and Mike Hardy, the fastest rising and most popular star in GCW today is here at Warpath! I know you don’t particularly care for this man, Renegade, but even you cannot deny that Mike Hardy is on a roll!

Rollins: Hickenbottom is all hype, JB, and we’re going to see that first hand here tonight! Michael Stevens is the real deal, a talented former United States champion, and apparently Steven Caldera’s hand-picked choice to be the next World Champion. But the company closed, and when he returned he found that Caldera had picked someone new. Michael Stevens is going to take out every bit of that frustration and anger on Hickenbottom here tonight.

Bryan: Hardy is coming in with all the momentum and confidence in the world, Renegade, and these people believe he can make a statement here in this match!

Rollins: JB, I GUARANTEE you Hickenbottom will not win this match.

Hardy steps down into the ring and eyes Stevens confidently. He slips off his sunglasses and hands them to a crew member, never taking his gaze off Stevens. Referee Hal Jenkins calls for the bell, and the match begins!

Bryan: Regardless of what my broadcast colleague believes, these are two of the most talented all-around wrestlers in GCW today. Stevens is a technical expert who can just about do it all, and Hardy has integrated some of Caldera’s leverage-based offense with his high-flying style, and he’s bulked up to the heavyweight division to create a style that’s taken him a long way!

Rollins: Whatever.

Stevens sneers and bolts towards Hardy, but Hardy steps out of the corner and slides away. Stevens spins around and charges again, where Hardy again ducks away, this time waiting for Stevens to turn to stick him with a stiff jab to the face. Hardy backs up, bobbing up and down with his fists raised in a Muhammad Ali stance. The crowd applauds Hardy as Stevens moves in more cautiously this time, motioning for a tie-up. The two lock up, but Stevens immediately goes downstairs with a kick to the midsection, followed by an arm-ringer.

Bryan: Stevens was frustrated early, and he’s going to find that he doesn’t have the quickness advantage he usually enjoys here. Hardy is probably the fastest man in the business, and Stevens would be best served to keep him grounded and wear Hardy down with his mat technique.

Stevens wrenches Hardy’s arm, but Hardy drops to the mat, flips over, and counters the arm twist. Stevens counters with a hard forearm to the face, followed by a double leg takedown. Stevens immediately mounts Hardy and begins pounding away, hammering at Hardy’s face with unrelenting rights and lefts!

Rollins: Good Lord, Michael Stevens has snapped! He’s pounding away at Hardy here with everything he’s got!

Bryan: This is so personal for Michael Stevens, there’s no telling what he’s capable of!

Hardy manages to shove Stevens off and get to his feet, but Stevens immediately takes him back down with a side headlock takeover. Hardy attempts to counter into a headscissors, but Stevens tucks his head in and cinches in on the hold. Hardy slaps the mat in frustration, but quickly rolls over and pushes himself back to his feet. Hardy backs into the ropes and shoves Stevens away, but Stevens clamps down and drives Hardy right back to the mat.

Bryan: The tenacious Michael Stevens is going to work on those ground moves now, and Hardy is having trouble solving it!

Rollins: Hardy’s mentor Steven Caldera is known all over the world for his technical abilities, he’s one of the greatest ever. But Hickenbottom is no Steven Caldera, JB. Let’s see if Hickenbottom was able to pick up on anything from Caldera.

Again Hardy pushes himself back up, this time hoisting Stevens up for a back suplex! But Stevens flips over and lands on his feet, immediately snapping Hardy back down into the side headlock! The crowd sighs as Hardy again finds himself trapped, and Stevens wrenches in on Hardy’s head.

Bryan: Explain what this feels like, Renegade.

Rollins: It just saps the energy right out of you. Stevens is placing all of his weight on Hardy, and Hardy has to push back to be able to breath under there. There isn’t much oxygen, and it stiffens you up real quick. Moves like these will make it very hard for Hickenbottom to perform those aerial moves here in the early goings.

Hardy suddenly snaps back, rolling Stevens onto his shoulders! Jenkins makes a one count before Stevens rolls back into position. Again Hardy counters into the pin, but Stevens slides back at one. Hardy slowly begins powering his way back to his feet, and he charges the ropes! Hardy twists out of the way at the last moment, propelling Stevens through the ropes to the floor below! The crowd explodes in cheers as Hardy gets to his feet, quickly trying to get his wind back.

Bryan: Great counter move from Hardy, and Stevens is upset with himself after that!

Rollins: Well, Michael Stevens should not be getting outsmarted by Hickenbottom right now. But that’s OK, he needs to stick to the gameplan and keep Hardy grounded!

Stevens staggers to his feet and angrily stomps his foot, turning to see Hardy charging! Hardy flips over the top rope for a somersault plancha, but Stevens drops to a knee. Hardy somehow senses the movement and hangs onto the top rope, landing perfectly on the apron! Stevens immediately tosses Hardy off the apron with a powerful leg drag, snapping him down to the floor! Stevens quickly slides back into the ring and snarls at Hardy as he tries to recover on the outside.

Bryan: Hardy went for a high-risk maneuver there, and changed direction in midair to avoid disaster! But Stevens was right there to take advantage, and he’s still in control here!

Hardy now slaps the mats in anger and he rolls back into the ring. Stevens smiles, his confidence returning, as the two meet in the center of the ring. They tie up and Hardy immediately goes behind with a waistlock. Stevens executes a standing switch and hoists Hardy into the air, but Hardy ducks through Spitfire’s legs and counters into a roll up!



Kickout! The crowd gasps as Stevens narrowly escapes, and both men scramble to their feet. Stevens immediately drives Hardy to the mat with a perfect clothesline, which he follows up with a rear chinlock, applying it beautifully.

Rollins: Stevens is going right back to these leverage moves, the most basic of all moves in wrestling but some of the most effective!

Bryan: Hardy is out of his element down on the mat, and he really needs to get back to a vertical base and pick up the pace of this match!

Hardy bridges back and suddenly flips Spitfire right over his head, applying a rear chinlock of his own! The crowd applauds in surprise, but Stevens quickly pushes himself back up. Stevens charges forward and hooks the top rope, but Hardy leaps high into the air and drags Spitfire’s head with him, draping his neck over the rope! Stevens bounces back and lands hard on the mat, and Hardy instantly springboards off the top rope and nails a hard elbow to the chest!

Bryan: Wow! Great counter wrestling from Mike Hardy there, and then he hits the high-flying elbow!

Hardy covers, but Stevens shrugs him off and rolls to his feet. Hardy sends him right back down with a beautiful standing dropkick to the face, followed by another cover! The count gets to one before Stevens kicks out, and now Hardy slaps on a front facelock!

Rollins: Hickenbottom is inexplicably turning this back into a mat game, JB! He had the match moving at his pace, and now he’s slowed it down. If Stevens can escape from this, he’ll be sitting pretty!

Bryan: Hardy obviously has confidence in his versatility, let’s see where this leads us!

Stevens attempts to push himself back up, but Hardy has his weight perfectly placed. Stevens finally rolls onto his back, turning Hardy with him, and begins to bridge up! The crowd gasps at the astonishing power as he rises to his feet, powering Hardy up with him. Stevens gets a boot on the middle rope and springs back, flipping all the way over Hardy’s head and flowing through, nailing Hardy with a DDT in one fluid motion! The fans explode as Stevens hooks a leg!



Kickout! Hardy sneaks a shoulder up at the last moment, and Stevens goes right back to work.

Bryan: Wow, we’ve seen some amazing counter wrestling in this match, and that DDT out of the front facelock was something I’ve never seen before!

Rollins: Stevens is a great ring general, he’s always aware of where he is and how he can use his positioning to his advantage. That’s a rare quality that really can’t be taught, and Stevens certainly has the instinct edge over Hickenbottom.

Stevens whips Hardy back into the turnbuckle, and charges in with a head of steam. Stevens lowers his head and rams his shoulder directly into Hardy’s midsection, doubling him over. Stevens springboards off the middle rope and drops his leg over the back of Hardy’s head, driving him face first into the canvas! The crowd groans as Stevens drags Hardy back to the middle of the ring and applies a lateral press…



…Kickout! Hardy sits up with his fists clinched, trying to will himself into a second wind. Stevens quickly hooks on a dragon sleeper, and Hardy instantly bridges to his feet to relieve the pressure. Stevens maintains the hold for a moment, before finally pulling Hardy over into a reverse suplex! Stevens drops back and drapes Hardy over the top rope, driving the air from his lungs!

Bryan: Big move from Stevens, who just hung Mike Hardy out to dry on the top rope.

Rollins: I think Hardy’s about done, JB. Stevens is on cruise control now, he’s in the zone and wrestling his kind of match!

Stevens steps into the corner and then charges, kicking Hardy right in the face with enough force to flip him over the ropes and out to the floor. Hardy lands with a dull thud on the protective mats as Stevens slowly and methodically follows him out and waits for him to stand.

Rollins: Michael Stevens just does all the little things right, JB. He’s waiting for Hardy to get up on his own, expending that much more energy just to get to his feet!

Hardy stumbles to his feet, and Stevens lowers his shoulder to drive Hardy into the announce table! Stevens measures Hardy and nails a European uppercut, launching him onto the table.

Bryan: Uh-oh, time to go!

Rollins: Hey! The Mexicans are over there!

Stevens climbs onto the table in pursuit and pulls Hardy up. Stevens sets Hardy up for a piledriver on the table, but Hardy immediately back drops Stevens off the announce table! Stevens turns in mid-air and lands nimbly on his feet on the floor, then reaches in and nails Hardy with a low-blow! The crowd explodes in boos as Hardy drops onto the table, and Stevens hops onto the apron.

Bryan: Cheap shot there from Stevens, and I don’t like this one bit!

Rollins: Oh, come on, JB, live a little!

Stevens begins climbing the turnbuckle, and reaches the top! He measures Hardy, as the crowd rises to its feet in anticipation! Stevens finally takes off with a huge splash, but Hardy rolls out of the way! Stevens lands hard and the announce table promptly explodes into a million pieces! "Holy Shit! Holy Shit!" comes the chant from the crowd as Stevens lies in the wreckage.

Bryan: OH MY GOD! Michael Stevens just missed a splash on Hardy, and Spitfire is out!

Hardy gets to his feet and looks out at the crowd. He raises his arms into the air, beckoning the crowd to rise to his aid. The fans respond with a huge roar as he pulls Stevens up and rolls him onto the Spanish announce table! The crowd begins chanting Hardy’s name as he hops onto the apron and begins scaling the turnbuckle!

Rollins: Oh, here we go again!

Bryan: You’ve got to be kidding me!

Hardy measures Stevens, and promptly takes off! Hardy soars through the air with a scintillating shooting star press, nailing Stevens perfectly and destroying the Spanish table in the process! Both men lie motionless in the chaos as the crowd begins again with "Holy Shit! Holy Shit!"

Bryan: MY GOD! Mike Hardy and Michael Stevens have just destroyed the entire ringside area! They’re leaving this place in ruins!

Jenkins checks on both men, but grows wide-eyed as Hardy suddenly begins to stand! Hardy staggers back into the ring apron, eyes glazed over, but a confident smile slowly crawls across his face. The crowd begins chanting his name in unison as Stevens painfully pulls himself to his knees. Hardy snatches him up and rolls him back into the ring, then heads back up to the top rope!

Rollins: What is Hickenbottom thinking here? He’s going back up again?

Hardy measures Stevens as he slowly and painfully tries to pull himself back to a vertical base. Stevens staggers around to face Hardy, who immediately takes off! Hardy flies in with a missile dropkick, but Stevens catches him out of the air and drives him down to the mat with a vicious powerbomb! The fans wince as Stevens holds on for the cover!



…Hardy gets his shoulder up at the last moment, and the crowd releases a sigh of relief.

Bryan: Big-time counter there from Michael Stevens, and Hardy is in trouble now!

Rollins: He went to the well one too many times, and Stevens had it well scouted! Hickenbottom had him down, he needed to go more conservative with his offense.

Both men lie in a heap as Jenkins begins the mandatory ten count!

Bryan: Why the hell are you being so hard on Hardy?! What do you have against the kid? He’s wrestling a great match!

Rollins: Because he’s a pawn! He’s a goddamn tool, nothing more than Steven Caldera’s puppet! Every move he makes in that ring he makes because he’s got Steven Caldera’s hand up his skirt!

The count gets to five before Stevens begins to stir. He turns over and pushes himself up as Hardy drags himself into the corner and begins pulling himself up the turnbuckle. Stevens charges but Hardy ducks out of the way and Stevens hits hard. Hardy delivers a sharp boot to the gut and then sets Stevens on the top turnbuckle, climbing in front! Hardy nails two more hard shots, but Stevens fires back with a vicious uppercut to the jaw! Stevens shoves Hardy off the turnbuckle, takes him by the arm and takes off! Stevens twists in the air and falls on his back, driving Hardy into the mat with a perfect top-rope single-arm DDT!

Bryan: OH NO! That move might have just popped Hardy’s arm right out of its socket!

Rollins: That’s a devastating move, JB, but it only works if you know how to use it! And Michael Stevens apparently does!

Hardy screams out in pain as he clutches his arm, kicking his feet against the canvas to distance himself from Stevens. Stevens stands with an evil gleam in his eye as he stalks Hardy, meeting him at the ropes. Hardy struggles as Stevens pulls him back up and drapes his arm over the top rope. Stevens pulls his forearm back under the rope, pulling on Hardy’s wounded arm. Hardy continues to scream out in pain until Jenkins orders Stevens to break the hold.

Bryan: Michael Stevens sees blood now, and he may be setting Hardy up for that Fujiwara Armbar!

Stevens pulls Hardy back up and whips him to the other side, but holds on to Hardy’s arm and snaps him right back to the mat! Stevens immediately drops an elbow on Hardy’s shoulder, before pulling him up again. Stevens takes Hardy by the belt and drives him forward, throwing him shoulder first through the turnbuckle into the steel post! An audible ‘pop’ emanates from Hardy’s shoulder as he rolls back into the ring, howling in pain.

Rollins: This thing is just about over now, JB.

Stevens pulls Hardy back to his feet and whips him back into the ropes. Hardy bounces back and Stevens steps to the side, snapping him down into the Reverse Fujiwara Armbar! But Hardy stops himself on a knee, pops back up, and slips behind Stevens, planting him with a huge Waterfall!!! The crowd explodes as Hardy nails the move, leaving Stevens motionless in the center of the ring!

Bryan: Waterfall! Hardy nails the big reverse snapmare facebuster, and he’s right back in it!

Rollins: Just a momentary problem for Stevens!

Both men lie in pain as Jenkins begins the ten count. The crowd claps loudly and in perfect unison, trying to rally Hardy to his feet. The count reaches five, and Stevens turns over to push himself up. Stevens gets to a knee, but Hardy suddenly nips up! The crowd explodes as Hardy pulls Stevens up and whips him into the ropes! Stevens bounces back and gets caught with a huge high-leg clothesline from Hardy!

Bryan: Yes! Hardy is up, and he’s taking over!

Rollins: Shut the hell up, JB!

Stevens staggers back up to his feet, only to catch a beautiful standing enziguri from Hardy! The eruption continues as Hardy nips back to his feet, then heads for the turnbuckle! Stevens slowly staggers to his feet as Hardy lies in wait on the top turnbuckle. Hardy catches a glimpse of Rollins on the outside, and promptly offers him a middle finger! Rollins springs to his feet in anger as Hardy takes off, nailing Stevens with a huge cross body into a cover!



…Kickout! Stevens narrowly escapes, and half the crowd cheers wildly thinking the match has ended. Jenkins signals a two count, and Hardy promptly scoops Stevens back up.

Rollins: I really hate that son of a bitch…

Bryan: That son of a bitch is about to win this match!

Hardy whips Stevens into the ropes, leaping onto his shoulder and right into a hurricanrana! But Stevens maintains his base and steps forward, locking Hardy into a Boston Crab! The fans go crazy in boos as Hardy wails in pain, reaching desperately for the ropes. Stevens holds Hardy’s back twisted in a sickening position, screaming out as he pulls with all his might!

Bryan: OH NO! Amazing counter by Michael Stevens, and Hardy’s in serious trouble!

Rollins: Stevens had that move perfectly scouted! Give it up, Hickenbottom!

Hard manages to crawl to the ropes, and grabs on. Jenkins shouts at Stevens to break the hold, but Stevens refuses! Hardy pulls himself up to the second rope, trying to reduce Spitfire’s leverage, but Stevens holds on. Hardy reaches up and grabs hold of the top rope, holding himself high off the mat, but Stevens refuses to let go! Hardy suddenly pulls himself forward and flips over the top rope, dragging Stevens with him! Stevens flies backwards over the ropes and lands all the way on the floor, right on the back of his head! He flips over and lands on his stomach, as the fans with a view of the impact chant "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!"

Bryan: OH MY GOD! Mike Hardy just sent Stevens over the top rope, and he landed right on his damn head! He’s got to be out cold!


Hardy lies in pain on the apron, slowly rolling back into the ring. Jenkins makes the count on Stevens, who lies completely motionless on the floor. The crowd rises to its feet as the count reaches five, and Stevens still hasn’t moved an inch.

Bryan: This could be it! Hardy looks like he’s going to win this match by countout!

Rollins: What a cheap way to win! This isn’t good at all!

The count reaches eight, and Stevens slowly begins to move. At nine, Stevens is on his knees, but moving slowly! Just before Jenkins bellows "Ten", Hardy cuts him off from behind and backs him away from the ropes! Hardy shakes his head furiously, begging Jenkins to allow the match to continue.

Bryan: Well, there you go, damnit! Hardy wants to pin Stevens to end this match!

Stevens manages to roll back into the ring, and Hardy pulls him back to his feet. Hardy whips him across the ring and nails him with a vicious clothesline! The crowd explodes at the display of power from Hardy, who points to the turnbuckle! Hardy scoops Stevens up once again and sets him on the top turnbuckle, stepping out and climbing up behind him!

Bryan: And here we go! Hardy is going up! He’s going for a Frankensteiner!!!

Rollins: There’s no way!

Hardy looks out at the crowd from his high perch, standing behind Stevens on the top rope. He finally mounts Spitfire’s shoulders and twists around, but Stevens suddenly shoves him forward off his seat! Hardy flies high into the air and comes careening headfirst towards the ring, and Stevens takes off, catching him out of the air and planting him with an Inferno DDT!!

Bryan: OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!!!


Bryan: Michael Stevens just flipped Hardy off the top rope and turned that frankensteiner into a DDT! Hardy is a goner!

Both men lie in a heap on the mat as the crowd chants "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" Hardy lies motionless on the canvas while Stevens wearily tries to pull himself off the mat. Jenkins simply stands with his jaw hanging open, unsure of what to do.

Bryan: These two men are so evenly matches, so familiar with each other that they keep countering each other’s moves!

Rollins: We’re watching the former and current protégés of Steven Caldera go at it here, JB! These two men are like the same person, polar opposites of each other! Neither man can get a clear advantage!

Bryan: This is incredible!

Stevens finally manages to stagger upright, his eyes glazed from his spill to the floor. Stevens wearily reaches down and struggles to pull Hardy to his feet. Stevens backs Hardy into the ropes and sends him off to the other side, then backs into the ropes himself! Both men take off mid-ring with flying forearms, each hitting their mark! Both men hit the mat side by side, neither able to move.

Bryan: And they both had the same idea there, each hitting that flying forearm!

Rollins: That’s my move, JB.

Both men slowly pulls themselves up in opposite corners, propping themselves up against the turnbuckles. The crowd begins to cheer wildly as Stevens and Hardy stare each other down from across the ring, snarling intensely! They both slowly stalk to the center of the ring, and tie up once more! Stevens immediately cuts Hardy down with a knee to the gut, then shoves him back into the turnbuckle. Stevens whips Hardy hard to the opposite corner, and Hardy staggers out to a charging Stevens!

Bryan: Here he comes!

Stevens swings a clothesline, but Hardy sneaks behind him and hooks him for another Waterfall! But Stevens counters and wrenches Hardy’s arm, snapping him to the mat for a Fujiwara Armbar! Hardy stands firm, hops off the second rope and leaps over Spitfire’s head! Hardy hits the mat but is immediately kicked in the gut by Stevens, who hooks him for a DDT! Stevens pulls Hardy high off the mat, but Hardy flips forward over Spitfire once again! Hardy steps forward and comes back with a huge superkick! But Stevens catches Hardy’s leg, and Hardy instantly turns over into an enziguri! Stevens ducks but Hardy lands on his foot, bounces off the bottom rope and lands forward on Stevens’ shoulders! Hardy somehow springs upward so that he is standing on Spitfire’s shoulders, towering over the mat! Hardy instantly leaps off his shoulders and flies down behind Stevens, catching his head on the way down and turning him into a massive reverse neckbreaker!

Bryan: CALDERA DROP! Hardy hits the Caldera drop! OH MY GOD, what a series of counters!

Rollins: I... I…

The crowd explodes, rioting in the stands at the sight of such incredible counter wrestling. Both men lie on the mat, gasping for breath, and Hardy slowly rolls over to cover Stevens…



…….Stevens kicks out! The crowd explodes in boos, leaping up and down in the stands in anxiety.

Bryan: NO! I don’t believe it! How the hell did Stevens kick out?!

Rollins: SEE? Hickenbottom is NO Steven Caldera!

Hardy sits up with a pained, shocked look on his face. He slowly gets to his feet, pulling Stevens up with him. His energy failing, Hardy whips Stevens hard into the ropes. Stevens leaves his feet and leaps directly to the top rope, then leaps backwards and nails Hardy with a high-arcing reverse cross body! Stevens rolls off in pain as both men lie on the mat, and the crowd resumes its "HOLY SHIT!" chant!

Bryan: What a move by Stevens! Neither of these men can get an advantage!!

Rollins: I’m getting sick and tired of this!

Bryan: Where are you going?!

With that, Rollins stands from the announce table and heads for the ring! Jenkins has his back to Rollins as he makes the ten count, and Rollins climbs onto the apron undetected. The crowd erupts in confusion, then explodes in boos as Rollins reaches in and punches Jenkins right in the back of the head! Jenkins falls to the mat as Rollins quickly begins scaling the turnbuckle!

Bryan: What the hell?! GET OFF OF THERE!

Rollins sneers and takes off, nailing a perfect Anarchist Elbow to Hardy’s chest! The arena comes unglued as Rollins stares down at Hardy, who appears to be gasping for breath. Jenkins begins to stir and Rollins immediately bails out of the ring and heads back to the announce table.

Bryan: What the hell was that all about?! What the hell are you thinking?!

Rollins: You want something done right, you’ve gotta do it yourself.

Jenkins gets to his knees to see Stevens drape an arm over Hardy….



…3!!! The crowd boos wildly as "I Want to Rule the World" hits again. Stevens painfully gets to his feet, unsure of what just transpired. Jenkins rises and raises Spitfire’s hand, and the boos continue.

Bryan: You just cost Mike Hardy the damn match! What the hell has gotten into you?!

Rollins: I’m sick and tired of all this Hickenbottom-worshipping going on! This man is not deserving of where he is, he is not deserving of this attention, and I intend to show the world that Michael Hardy is a FRAUD!

Stevens looks down at Hardy as he lies hurting on the mat. Stevens immediately drops, flips Hardy over, and applies the Reverse Fujiwara Armbar! Hardy screams out in pain as Stevens wrenches back, punishing Hardy’s wounded arm further! Jenkins calls for the bell and the timekeeper sounds it frantically, but Stevens refuses to let go.

Bryan: GET HIM OFF OF THERE! Someone get Stevens off of Hardy! He’s going to break his damn arm!

A group of security guards slide into the ring and surround Stevens, pulling at him from every direction. They finally manage to tear Stevens off of Hardy, but Stevens pushes back to get at him. The guards finally triple-team Stevens and hold him back, shoving him out of the ring. Stevens finally backs off and staggers away from the ring, his eyes burning with intensity. The boos continue, overwhelming the music still playing in the background.

Rollins: Oh, poor Hickenbottom…

Bryan: I hope you’re happy! What the hell were you trying to prove?! You cost Hardy the match, and Stevens might have just ripped the kid’s arm out of its socket!

Rollins: I told you there was no way Hickenbottom was winning this damn match, and that’s exactly what happened! This kid doesn’t deserve to be in the damn ring, and I simply had to put him in his place.

Bryan: Michael Stevens has won this match, and now suddenly he’s stolen all of Mike Hardy’s momentum! Hardy is going to need medical attention here, and it’s all thanks to Rich Rollins! These two were in the middle of a legendary match, going back and forth without any end in sight, and Rich Rollins ruined it all!

Rollins: Hey, you’re taking a lot of credit away from Stevens! He set ‘em up, I just knocked ‘em down.

Officials help Hardy to his feet, and he cradles his arm very gingerly. The crowd applauds Hardy wildly but Hardy appears to be in too much pain to acknowledge them. President Caldera appears in the crowd, looking concerned for his protégé. Caldera follows the group of officials helping Hardy as they head away from the ring, leaving the crowd in a sickened silence.

Rollins: Well, that’s that. Can we move on, please?

Bryan: Yes, please. But you’d better be damn sure there’s going to be consequences for this, Renegade!

Rollins: I’m shaking.

Back to Top

The lights in the Astrodome dim, and spotlights shine upwards, illuminating the eerie Coliseum Cage hanging high above the ring. Joey Andrews stands in the center of the ring for the last time, preparing for the final match.

Bryan: Well, folks, this is it. The main event. The Coliseum Cage Match for the GCW World Heavyweight Championship. Let’s go back to the ring where ring announcer Joey Andrews will get things started.

Andrews: It is now time for our Main Event of the evening! The following contest is the Coliseum Cage Match for the Global Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Championship of the World!

The arena rises to its feet in unison as Andrews smiles in anticipation.

Andrews: This contest will be decided by pinfall or submission only. Inside this cage, there are NO RULES.

The fans erupt again, but quickly explode in boos. "Might of Rome" begins to creep into the Astrodome, as the lights dim and a thin fog begins to collect on stage. A sinister drum beat begins pounding through the air, and a single golden spotlight shines down on the stage. Clad in elegant gold chain male and wearing his multi-million dollar Imperial Roman Championship belt around his waist, Octavian appears in the spotlight, is face stern and focused. He sneers at the crowd as he slowly begins his walk to the ring, fog swirling around his muscular form.

Andrews: Introducing the challenger. From Rome, Italy, weighing in at two-hundred eighty pounds, he is the Imperial Roman Champion. . . OCTAVIAN!!!!

The boos continue as Octavian slowly walks up the steel steps towards the apron. He steps through the ropes and nimbly leaps to the middle turnbuckle, raising his arms in the air. Gold and silver sparks begin raining down over the ring from the rafters, drifting over the cage still resting high above the ring. Octavian looks upward at his creation, inhaling a deep breath of smoke. Finally he glares directly at the camera and blows a thick stream of smoke from his nostrils, hopping down to prepare for the arrival of his opponent.

Bryan: This man is the greatest World Champion in GCW history, and that fact cannot be disputed. He is the only three time title holder, he has held the World Title longer than any other man at one time, and tonight he seeks to make history by winning it for an unprecedented fourth time.

Rollins: Those records mean so much to Octavian, JB, and he’s desperate to end Jason Dread’s title reign here tonight before he has a chance to threaten any of them. But for my money, the greatest GCW champion, other than myself, of course, will be the man that walks out of this cage with that belt around his waist.

"Just Got Wicked" explodes overhead, and the fans erupt in frantic cheers. The lights rise abruptly as the GCW Champion emerges on stage, walking quickly. Proudly displaying the GCW title over his shoulder, he immediately locks eyes with Octavian. He storms to the ring without much ado, completely focused on his opponent.

Andrews: And his opponent, from Southern Tracks, Arizona, weighing in at two-hundred nine pounds, he is the reigning and defending GCW World Heavyweight Champion. . . Jason DREAD!!!!!!

The fans explode as Dread leaps onto the apron and through the ropes in one fluid motion, raising the GCW title belt for all the see. Andrews excuses himself from the ring as head referee Josh Briggs enters and steps between the two competitors. Dread’s music fades and he drapes the belt over his shoulder once more, eyeing the challenger intensely.

Bryan: The GCW World Heavyweight Champion has a lot on the line here tonight at Warpath! Not only is he trying to retain his title, but save his career at the same time! After weeks of heinous attacks by Octavian and his thugs, Dread has suffered injuries that, if further hurt tonight, might threaten his career.

Rollins: If Dread takes one too many blows to the head in this match, JB, he might be in real trouble. Look for him to protect his skull at all costs! But he’s got everything working against him in this match.

Bryan: But you can’t count the champ out, Renegade! This man did beat five other men last month in an ACWF match, so Jason Dread has proven he can wrestle in the most extreme of environments!

The Astrodome explodes as the lights dim. Strobe lights flash frantically over the massive structure as it begins to lower, descending from the rafters towards the ring. Briggs accepts the title belt from Dread and hands it out to the timekeeper, who scrambles away from the cage as it lowers towards the floor. Stage hands rush to each corner of the cage, guiding it over the ring carefully, until it finally comes to rest, sealing the competitors inside.

Resembling the Roman Coliseum, the cage is circular and open at the top. Made of thick steel bars spaced three feet apart, the cage also offers a floor surrounding the ring at the same level of the canvas. The top of the cage is lined in barbed wire, and the thick walls have large windows at the top, open to the outside, wide enough to stand on but with no obvious route to them, halfway up the twenty foot cage.

Bryan: Look at the size of this thing! The ringside area had to be expanded for this match, so that this massive structure Octavian designed can fit down here. I have never seen anything like this before!

Rollins: This is something else, JB, I have to take my bandana off to Octavian, he’s done a hell of a job constructing this cage.

Octavian smiles, looking around at the massive structure. He raises a querying eyebrow to Dread, as if asking for his opinion. Dread glances around with confidence, but appears slightly surprised by the scale of the structure. Briggs nods to each man, before finally calling for the bell! The crowd explodes in cheers, and the main event is underway!

Bryan: There’s the bell, and this GCW World Title match has officially begun!

Octavian and Dread circle each other a few times, before finally meeting in the center of the ring with a collar-and-elbow tie up. Octavian immediately overpowers Dread, driving him back into the turnbuckle. Dread fights for leverage, but Octavian maintains control and brings a stiff forearm down over his nose. Dread attempts to slip away, but Octavian slings him back into the corner and nails a hard knife-edge chop to Dread’s bare chest.

Rollins: High impact moves here at the start, and I think Octavian wants to end this quick. Dread is the smaller man, and the longer this thing goes, the more it favors the champion.

Octavian whips Dread hard to the other side of the ring, and the champion hits the turnbuckle hard. Octavian follows him in with a hard clothesline, but Dread ducks out of the way! Dread begins hammering Octavian with stiff rights, and the crowd begins to rally behind him. Dread whips Octavian to the ropes, and misses a clothesline on the way back. Octavian hits the ropes again, this time leaping through the air with a huge flying lariat!

Bryan: Whoa! Big time move from Octavian, who does not normally leave his feet!

Rollins: I’ve wrestled this man before, JB, and he’s much more agile than he appears. Octavian is a world-class athlete, and Jason Dread cannot underestimate him here tonight.

Boos rain down from the crowd as Octavian hoists Dread up and carelessly tosses him over the top rope and onto the steel platform on the outside. Dread crawls to the cage wall and pulls himself up using the bars as Octavian follows him out. Octavian grabs hold of Dread’s neck and forces him face first into the cage wall! Dread staggers back and collapses into the ropes, but Octavian stays on him. Octavian bounces Dread off the ropes and whips him hard into the cage walls, and Dread hits hard!

Rollins: Look at this, JB, Octavian is immediately using the cage as an offensive weapon against the champion! This is Octavian’s match, and until tonight he’s the only one who has seen this cage.

Bryan: Dread is at a tremendous disadvantage here in this match, and he needs to put some distance between himself and the challenger, and quick!

Dread does just that, scrambling away from Octavian and rolling back into the ring. Octavian casually follows him back in, as Dread gets back to his feet in the corner. Dread charges Octavian as he steps back through the ropes, nailing him with a knee to the face! Dread stands the challenger up and nails three quick forearms to the skull. Dread whips Octavian into the ropes and follows a step behind, driving his knee into Octavian’s midsection and sending him head over heels to the mat!

Bryan: Signs of life from the champion here, and the crowd is solidly behind Dread!

Dread waits as Octavian pulls himself back up, and hooks him from behind. Dread takes Octavian to the mat with a huge dragon suplex, bridging for the cover! 1… 2… Octavian kicks out, and the crowd gasps at the surprisingly close near-fall. Dread hoists Octavian back to his feet and sends him face-first into the turnbuckle, but Octavian bounces right back with a devastating clothesline, driving Dread violently to the mat!

Rollins: Oh, man, there’s the power advantage right there, JB! Dread has to stick and move, he has to use his speed as his advantage, he can’t exchange high-impact moves with the challenger!

Octavian grasps his neck in pain, rising at the same time as Dread. Octavian takes Dread by the arm and whips him powerfully into the near corner, sending Dread over the top to the cage floor! Dread lands on the mesh with a metallic clang, and Octavian quickly steps out of the ring in pursuit. Octavian pulls Dread up and delivers a sharp snap suplex onto the steel floor!

Bryan: This Octavian is a vicious, unfeeling human being, fans, and his meanstreak is well documented! We’re going to see it up close and personal here tonight!

Octavian, a sneer across his lips, pulls Dread back up and pulls him up for another suplex. He stalls at the top, displaying his power and draining all the blood into Dread’s already damaged head. Octavian finally brings Dread down over the top rope, which springs him right back into the air! Octavian uses the momentum to fall back into the cage walls, driving Dread’s back into the steel! Octavian drops Dread back to the metal floor, and Dread curls up into a defensive position.

Rollins: Innovative offense from the challenger, JB, this thing might be over already!

Bryan: Dread is double tough, Rich, but Octavian has the home field advantage in this contest. I’m afraid you might be right…

Octavian grabs the bars and pulls himself up to one of the cross-beams, leaping from his four-foot perch to drop a perfectly executed elbow onto Dread’s skull! Dread lies motionless on the steel as Octavian snatches him up and whips him into the ropes. Dread bounces back and is cut down by another vile lariat from Octavian.

Rollins: Octavian is really taking it to Dread here tonight, and he’s got a great strategy! Lots of hard-hitting offense, early and often.

Octavian grabs Dread by the legs and drops back, launching Dread with a slingshot into the cage wall! But Dread catches himself on the bars and begins to climb, using the cross bars as support. Octavian turns to find Dread six feet overhead, and the champion promptly takes off with a twisting cross body, nailing Octavian and driving him to the floor! The crowd explodes as Dread gets to his knees and begins hammering Octavian in the skull with merciless right hands.

Bryan: Whoa!!! Where did that come from?! Jason Dread caught himself on the cage, and nailed Octavian with a quick aerial move!

Rollins: That’s what he’s got to do, JB! He’s got to fly, he’s got to move quick!

Dread gets to his feet and looks out to the crowd, still cheering wildly. Octavian staggers back to his feet, and Dread nails him with a standing dropkick, sending him over the top rope and back into the ring! Dread climbs the turnbuckle and waits for Octavian to rise, before taking off with a big missile dropkick that sends Octavian right back to the mat! Dread scrambles over for the cover… 1… 2… Kickout from Octavian.

Rollins: That’s two near-falls for Dread so far, but it’s going to take a lot more than this to keep Octavian down. This man is so motivated, he is so obsessed with winning the GCW title here tonight that Dread might just have to kill him in order to keep him down.

Bryan: Octavian believes his purpose in life is to lead this company, and he cannot stand seeing someone else with the belt he believes he created.

Dread pulls Octavian back to his feet and takes him over with a perfect German suplex! Dread springs back to his feet as he watches Octavian pull himself up the ropes. Dread takes off and springboards off the middle rope, bouncing back to take Octavian over with a flying headscissor! The crowd explodes as Octavian hits the mat, but springs back to his feet immediately. Dread simply charges, hitting Octavian with a perfect spinning heel kick that sends the challenger over the top rope and right back to the cage floor!

Bryan: And the champion is rolling now, he’s wrestling the match at the pace HE wants!

Rollins: Absolutely, JB, he can’t allow Octavian to slowly and methodically work this match, to use the cage as a weapon, he has to keep it fast paced so that Octavian can’t keep up!

Octavian struggles to get to his feet, and Dread climbs the turnbuckle once more. Octavian manages to pull himself up the ropes, and Dread takes off with another flying headscissor! But Octavian catches him on his shoulders and drives him down into the steel mesh with a scintillating powerbomb! The crowd explodes in boos as Dread lies motionless on the floor, and Octavian drops to a knee to regain his bearings.

Bryan: OH MY GOD! What a counter move from Octavian, and the champion is out!

Rollins: That’s got to be it, JB!

Octavian drops and drapes himself over Dread, as Briggs scrambles out to make the cover. 1… 2… Kickout from Dread! The crowd applauds as Dread rolls over, but is unable to get back to his feet. Octavian painfully pulls himself back up and drags Dread to his feet. Octavian whips Dread hard to the cage wall, and Dread hits hard. Dread lies tangled in the bars, unable to move, as Octavian follows him in. Octavian takes hold of Dread’s head and begins driving the champion’s skull mercilessly into the steel bars! Over and over he slams Dread face first into the steel, stopping only when a thick stream of blood begins flowing from Dread’s forehead.

Bryan: Goodness, Dread is busted wide open now, and Octavian promised Dread would bleed in this one!

Rollins: Octavian is showing no mercy, no compassion, no humanity whatsoever! If Dread keeps taking this punishment to the head, he might not be able to walk out of here tonight! I think at some point the official has to stop this thing, JB!

Bryan: I think Dread would rather die than lose the title to Octavian tonight, quite frankly.

Octavian flips Dread up the cage wall, folding his knee over one of the cross bars and hooking it around the cage, leaving Dread hanging upside down from the steel wall. Octavian backs up and observes his helpless opponent, smiling sadistically as the blood drips from Dread’s face. The crowd explodes in boos as Briggs begs Octavian to show mercy, but Octavian turns and simply shoves Briggs violently to the floor.

Bryan: This is NOT good, this is NOT good… Dread is helpless up there!

Rollins: This could be trouble, JB…

Octavian steps forward, eye level with the inverted Dread. He begins screaming at the champion, slapping him in the face. Octavian finally steps back and charges Dread, throwing a huge kick at Dread’s face! But Dread rocks up and out of the way, and Octavian’s leg flies through the steel, sending him balls-first into the bar! The crowd explodes in cheers as Dread painfully pulls himself up and untangles himself from the bars, climbing upwards towards an opening above. He finally pulls himself into the open platform, lying at a safe distance of ten feet from Octavian while he catches his breath.

Bryan: Jason Dread might have just avoided disaster right there, and he’s climbed into one of those coliseum openings at the top of the cage! Of course, in this match escaping the cage does not win the match for you, Dread is simply seeking a place to get his second wind!

Rollins: Still, it might not be that bad a strategy for Dread to get the hell out of there! That barbed wire is only a few feet above him now, and that’s not where he wants to be!

Pained, Octavian slowly begins to pull himself up the side of the cage. Dread, bleeding heavily, slowly gets to his knees, spotting the approaching challenger. Octavian pulls himself up the ten feet of cage and gets his head over the edge of the opening, but Dread is waiting with a hard right hand! The crowd begins to cheer as Dread hammers away at Octavian’s skull, staggering the Roman in a precarious position!

Bryan: Oh, no, don’t tell me…

Dread fires another shot, but Octavian blocks it and fires back. Octavian nails Dread in the face, giving him room to continue his climb. As he pokes his head through the opening, Dread suddenly leaps out of the window! Dread hooks Octavian at the waist on the way down, and drives Octavian ten feet down onto the mesh with a sunset flip into a powerbomb! The crowd explodes in a raucous eruption of cheers as both men lie in pain on the floor of the cage.

Bryan: OH MY GOD! Jason Dread nailed a sunset flip out of that opening, and hit Octavian with a ten foot powerbomb!

Rollins: I’ve never seen anything like that before! That was the highest of high-risk moves right there, JB, and Dread took a HUGE gamble!

Dread painfully rolls over and covers Octavian…



…Kickout! Octavian somehow wills his shoulder off the mesh, and the crowd is silenced by his resilience. Dread, his face hidden behind a solid mask of blood, slowly drags himself back towards the ring and rolls under the bottom rope. Octavian somehow begins to move, pulling himself back towards the ring. Dread hoists himself back up to the cheers of the crowd, as Octavian tosses himself through the middle and bottom ropes and begins climbing to his feet. Dread meets him with a stiff European uppercut, sending the challenger back into the turnbuckle. Dread climbs to the second rope and leaps onto Octavian’s shoulders, tossing him over with a perfect hurricanrana!

Bryan: Jason Dread and Octavian are going through hell tonight for a chance to leave as GCW World Heavyweight Champion! Neither of these men want to quit, but it’s the champion with the advantage once again!

Rollins: He’s got to think about putting this thing away now, JB, he’s losing blood fast, and if this goes on too much longer he’ll lose consciousness!

Dread waits for Octavian to rise, before hooking him with a cobra clutch! The crowd senses the next move and explodes, as Dread charges forward! He takes off for a big Tres Flores, but Octavian catches him in the air, bounces him off the top rope, and swings him around into a massive reverse neckbreaker!

Rollins: GREAT COUNTER! Octavian countered the Tres Flores into another big impact move to Dread’s skull, and the champion’s career might be coming to and end right here in front of us!

Octavian drags Dread to his feet and whips him into the ropes, catching him with a vicious spinebuster! Octavian immediately hooks the legs and turns Dread over, powering him right into the Roman Rapper! The crowd explodes as Dread begins screaming in pain, the blood still flowing heavily from his head.

Bryan: ROMAN RAPPER! This match is over! There’s no way Dread can escape!

Rollins: The ropes can’t save him in a no-DQ environment, and there can’t possibly be enough strength in Dread’s body to withstand this devastating hold! It’s all over now! Octavian is a four time champion!

Octavian rears back with all his might, and Dread’s screams finally fade as he begins to lose consciousness. Briggs begs with him to submit, but Dread ignores him as he attempts to stay alert. Octavian inexplicably breaks the hold, his gaze turned upwards. The crowd quiets, unsure of what to expect next. Dread lies motionless in the center of the ring, a large ring of blood pooling up by his face.

Rollins: What the- What the hell is he thinking, JB? He had the match won!

Bryan: But the sadistic son of a bitch wants to end Dread’s career! It’s not enough to just beat him, he wants to put him away for good! Damnit, just pin the man and end this!

Octavian steps out of the ring and walks to the cage wall, looking upwards towards the top. Without looking back he begins to climb, carefully ascending towards the top of the Coliseum…

Rollins: He’s going for the barbed wire, JB! He’s gotta be!

Bryan: Enough is enough! Dread has lost enough blood already! Just finish this damn thing!

Octavian climbs into another opening at the top and reaches to the crest of the cage. With an evil smile he grabs a strand of the barbed wire and pulls. Blood trickles out from his hand as he grasps the wire and frees a long piece from the cage. He drops the wire to the floor and slides back down the wall, dropping to the mesh with a thud. He steps back into the ring while wrapping the barbed wire around his hand, ignoring the pain and the blood as the wire tears at his flesh.

Bryan: My God, this is not good! The referee really needs to end this thing now!

Rollins: Thank you! There’s no way Dread can survive this! He’s losing too much blood!

Octavian watches as Dread slowly tries to hoist himself back up. He staggers to his feet, only to take a barbed wire punch to the forehead! Dread hits the mat hard, still losing massive amounts of blood. Octavian drops to a knee and wipes the blood from Dread’s face, smearing it over his chest with a sneer.

Bryan: Octavian has lost it, folks, he’s totally out of his mind!

Rollins: We knew he was willing to do anything to win this title, JB! ANYTHING!

Octavian pulls the wire off his hand and wraps it around Dread’s neck, choking the champion with the sharp barbs! The blood continues to flow down Dread’s chest as Octavian attempts to drive the air of his body. Briggs steps in and attempts to pull Octavian away, prompting the challenger to rise and shove him hard to the mat. Octavian begins screaming at Briggs, and he does not notice Dread abruptly nip up to his feet! The crowd explodes as Dread stares from behind his crimson mask at the man wearing his blood.

Bryan: Where the hell did that come from!?!

Rollins: There’s no way!

Octavian turns and Dread immediately hoists him onto his shoulder, driving Octavian down to the mat with a Roman Devastator! The crowd erupts in a chaotic display of support for the champion, who has destroyed the challenger with his own finishing move!

Bryan: Roman Devastator from Dread! What a move!

Rollins: Dread has turned the tables on Octavian here, and he might have a chance after all! But he might have just expended all the energy he had left on that move!

Both men lie motionless on the mat, as the crowd chants "DREAD! DREAD! DREAD!" Both men begin to move at the same time, crawling towards opposite ends of the ring. Octavian is the first to pull himself up, with Dread close behind. Both men stagger to the center of the ring, where Dread nails Octavian with a stiff forearm! Octavian fires back a right hand, but Dread returns it!

Bryan: These two men are hitting each other with everything they’ve got! This is a test of will right now! Who has the will to be champion?!

Octavian finally takes over on Dread, whose knees begin to shake from the heavy blood loss. Octavian whips Dread into the ropes, but Dread flies off his feet and nails Octavian with a flying forearm! Both men go down again, and Dread slowly tries to push himself to his feet, his body incredibly weak and fading fast.

Rollins: This is a race against time for Jason Dread right now, JB! He’s lost so much blood already, he has to end this match now! He can’t last much longer!

Dread wills himself up and pulls Octavian into a front facelock. He hoists Octavian into a vertical suplex, but drops him forward across his knee into the Deadshot! The crowd cheers wildly as Dread seems to be building some momentum, and he quickly hits the ropes. He dives forward into a forward roll, flipping over into a rolling senton on Octavian! Dread gets to his feet more quickly now, looking out to the crowd as they continue to chant his name!

Bryan: This crowd has come unglued, and Jason Dread has somehow managed to get himself back in this match! The end may be near for Octavian!

Rollins: But he’s running out of time! There’s no way he can last much longer!

Octavian painfully drags himself back to his feet, and Dread begins to climb the ropes. He perches on the top turnbuckle and waits for Octavian to stagger around, but Octavian abruptly shoves referee Briggs into the top rope, causing the weakened Dread to lose his balance and fall onto the turnbuckle! The crowd explodes in boos as Octavian slowly drags himself towards the corner, climbing in front of Dread.

Bryan: A cheap move from Octavian, but he’s back in control! This could be bad for Jason Dread!

The crowd boos but continues their wild support for Dread, screaming for him from the stands. Octavian takes a deep breath and pulls Dread over his shoulder, setting him up for a top-rope Roman Devastator!

Bryan: NO! Oh My God, if he does that he’ll kill him!

Octavian carefully steps up to the top rope, pointing to the steel mesh on the outside of the ring! But Dread slides off behind Octavian, hooks on the cobra clutch, and twists in the air! Dread spins himself and Octavian around and flies into the ring, planting Octavian with a huge Tres Flores right in the middle of the ring! The crowd blasts into a frenzy as both men lie in agony in the center of the bloody ring.


Rollins: A Tres Flores from the top rope, and Jason Dread has destroyed Octavian! Now’s your chance, kid, now’s the time to capitalize!

Bryan: Dread has lost so much blood, he can hardly move! All he has to do is put an arm over the challenger and this thing is over!

The chants of "DREAD!" rise again from the crowd, but neither man is able to move. Finally, Dread nips up again, and the crowd explodes in shock! Dread sneers at his fallen foe, circling him like a vulture.

Bryan: NO WAY! Can you believe Jason Dread?!

Dread moves in and grabs Octavian’s legs, looking out to the crowd in a signal for the No Moment! Dread reaches down for Octavian’s arms, but Octavian suddenly wrenches to the side, taking Dread over! Octavian instantly pulls back on Dread’s legs, hooking on the Roman Rapper again!!!!

Rollins: ROMAN RAPPER! It’s on again! What an amazing counter from Octavian!

Bryan: IT’S OVER! IT’S GOTTA BE OVER! There’s no way Dread can escape!

Dread’s arms flail in pain, but he cannot last. Briggs drops to a knee to wait for the submission, but Dread continues to shake his head furiously. Octavian screams out in fury as he wrenches back with every ounce of strength in his body, punishing Dread and attempting to squeeze the remaining blood from his body.

Rollins: It’s over, it’s only a matter of time!

The crowd screams out in terror, sensing the end for Jason Dread. Dread, motionless, is unable to respond to Briggs, who holds his arm in the air to check him. His arm falls lifelessly to the mat, and Briggs raises it again. Again it drops, and the crowd grows quiet in fear.

Bryan: One more time and he’s out!

Suddenly the crowd explodes in shock, as a large hole explodes in the corner of the ring! A steel chair emerges from beneath the canvas, followed by the massive form of LeStatt Knight! Briggs raises Dread’s arm one last time, just as Knight raises the chair. Knight swings with frightening power, bringing the chair down over Octavian’s skull! The fans go crazy as Octavian slumps down to the mat, writhing in pain from the incredible blow. Knight shakes Dread with his boot, trying to revive his friend as the fans continue to scream!

Rollins: WHAT?!

Bryan: LESTATT KNIGHT! The United States Champion is here to help his friend!

Rollins: This is NOT fair!

Knight steps through the ropes and excuses himself to a corner of the cage, as Dread pulls himself back up! With surprising energy, Dread hooks Octavian’s legs again, grabs his arms, and hoists him up into the No Moment! The fans continue to erupt as Knight watches on from behind his jet black hair, still holding the steel chair in his arms. Octavian screams out in pain, unable to escape the hold!


Octavian continues to scream out in pain as Briggs waits in anticipation. Finally Dread cinces in on the hold with every last ounce of energy he has, and Octavian begins nodding his head. Briggs instantly turns to the timekeeper and calls for the bell, and the Astrodome explodes. "Just Got Wicked" hits overhead once more, as Dread painfully drops Octavian to the mat.


Rollins: I don’t believe this!

The timekeeper slides the GCW title belt through the bars in the cage, and Knight picks up the belt as he steps back into the ring.

Andrews: Here is your winner… and STILL GCW World Heavyweight Champion. . . JASON DREAD!!!!!!

Bryan: What a gutsy, impressive win from the GCW Champion here tonight!

Rollins: Gutsy? He needed help from his FRIEND LeStatt Knight to win this thing! Octavian was cheated!

Dread gets to his knees, but finds himself too weak to stand. Briggs moves to check on him but is shoved aside by Knight. Knight pulls Dread to his feet and hands him the GCW Title belt, embracing him with a friendly hug. Camera flashes bathe the ring as the two stand united over the broken body of Octavian.

Bryan: Octavian has had the numbers advantage all along, Rich, he might have ended Dread’s career here tonight as a result! LeStatt Knight is only looking out for his friend, and he did the right thing!

Rollins: The right thing? He CHEATED! How the hell did he even get under there, anyway?!

Octavian lies motionless under the ropes as Dread and Knight raise each other’s hands in the ring. Dread clutches the GCW title belt and raises it high into the air, presenting it to the screaming crowd.

Bryan: You’re looking at the future of GCW right there, ladies and gentlemen! The World and United States Champions!

Without warning, Knight tugs on Dread’s arm, pulling him in close. Knight proceeds to hook Dread and drive him face first into the mat with a massive Knight Fall right onto the Title Belt!!!! The crowd explodes in shock as Dread lies face down on the mat, blood pouring onto his title belt as Knight stands above him, staring down at his friend with a blank expression from behind his jet black hair.


Rollins: Whoa! LeStatt Knight just laid out his friend!! What the HELL is going on here!?

A grim smile slowly begins to rise over Knight’s face as he stares down at the broken, lifeless body of his friend. With a slow motion he drops down and pulls the GCW World Heavyweight Championship from under Dread’s face and brings it up above his head. The crowd slowly begins to erupt in fury at Knight, who stares at the GCW title belt, red with the blood of Jason Dread, his eyes glazed over and longing.

Bryan: This is… I never thought I’d see this!

Rollins: That title does strange things to people, JB! When you have that title, you don’t have any friends! I think LeStatt Knight has shown his true colors right here!

The Astrodome sits in angry confusion as LeStatt Knight gives Dread a vile kick, turning him over. With one last thoughtful glance at the GCW title belt, Knight drapes it over Dread’s heaving chest. Knight stands over top of Dread, staring down with a sadistic, lustful look in his eyes, unable to break his stare on the GCW World Heavyweight Championship belt.

Bryan: This is awful! Ladies and gentlemen, we’re out of time! Jason Dread is still GCW World Champion… but for how long?!?!?!?!

The GCW logo appears at the bottom of the screen as the camera affords us one last shot of LeStatt Knight, peering through his messy black hair, his sights firmly fixed on the GCW World Heavyweight Championship Belt that rests innocently over the chest of Jason Dread…………

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