Meltdown 14

| | June 29 2001

The lights in Reunion Arena dim, and the Dallas crowd begins to murmur. Suddenly, fireworks explode on stage, as the GCW logo lights up on the MegaTron. The crowd goes crazy as the camera pans over the arena, and James Bryan begins the show.

Bryan- Five days ago, Dangerous Games changed GCW forever! It was an incredible night, just like tonight should prove to be! Hello, everyone, I’m James Bryan alongside David Yale, and we’re live here in Dallas, Texas!

Yale- You can go ahead and say it, JB, we have a new world champion! The Jhub has finally reached the top, and he’s here tonight with his belt! And you have to admit, his plan with Caldera was flawless!

Bryan- They did have us fooled! Mr. Danger showed his true loyalty to Rollins on Sunday, but it was too late! Caldera and the Jhub had turned Rollins against Danger, simply to help the Jhub capture the belt!

Yale- Genius! And to top that off, Shane Lane won that amazing battle royal, and he should be getting a title shot at some point, you’ve got to think!

The camera shows the stage, where Take a Look Around hits. The crowd cheers enthusiastically as Mr. Danger walks to the ring, mic in hand.

Andrews- Please welcome the Commissioner of Global Championship Wrestling, Mr. Danger!

Bryan- And the commissioner is making his way out here now, and you’ve got to wonder what’s on this man’s mind here tonight!

Danger steps into the ring, as his music fades out. The crowd continues cheering, finally quieting for him to speak.

Danger- President Caldera, Jhub. . .

The crowd boos their names.

Danger- You guys did have everyone fooled. You guys tricked the Renegade, and now he doesn’t have his belt.

Danger places the microphone under his arm, and begins clapping sarcastically. The crowd laughs and cheers. Danger resumes speaking.

Danger- Well that’s good for you. But you see, I’ve talked to Rich Rollins over the past few days, and though he may have a slight back injury, he’s still going to want his title back! So Jhub, in case you didn’t see it, I did say you would defend your title here tonight. . .

The crowd begins to cheer.

Danger- So tonight, in this ring, the Jhub will defend the world title against. . . none other than-

Danger is cut off by Freak on a Leash, which begins blaring over the speakers. The crowd erupts in a chorus of boos as Shane Lane walks to the ring, mic in hand as well.

Yale- All right! The number one contender is here!

Bryan- I guess he doesn’t like the thought of a Renegade rematch!

Lane steps into the ring, and gets right in Danger’s face.

Lane- Now you hold on just a damn minute! In case you didn’t realize, I went seventy four minutes in the battle royal at Dangerous Games, and I won the damn thing! That makes me the number one contender! And nobody’s going to get a shot at the world title before me!

The crowd boos.

Danger- First thing’s first. When dealing with the commissioner, it’s best not to get in his face. Because the commissioner will knock you on your ass just as quick as anyone!

The crowd cheers. Lane seems angry, but back up a few steps.

Danger- Now, you want a title shot? Well, I guess you’ve earned it. So I’ll tell you what. Rich will take the night off, and you can have your shot at the world title. . . Right here tonight!

The crowd cheers as Lane nods happily.

Danger- But I’ll warn you, Shane. Don’t try anything tonight. I’ve had enough of people’s screw jobs here in GCW, and I’m going to start doing something about it. So tonight, to be sure everything is fair. . . I will be the special enforcer on the outside!

The crowd cheers, as Lane looks worried.

Danger- So you just behave yourself, and there won’t be a problem. Oh, and Shane. . . Good luck.

Take A Look Around hits again, and the crowd cheers. Mr. Danger heads to the back, as Lane poses for the crowd.

Bryan- Shane Lane, the Jhub, world title, TONIGHT!

The show fades to commercial.

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The show returns, and More Pain hits. LeStatt Knight comes out to a slight reaction from the fans, as he steps through the ropes, hops onto the turnbuckle, and stares out at the fans.

Andrews- The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, from parts unknown, he weighs in at 247 pounds. . . LeStatt Knight!

Bryan- This newcomer made his debut last Sunday in the battle royal, and the man he’s facing tonight played some part in his elimination!

Paranoid hits, and the lights dim slightly. Red pyro blasts from the stage, and Andrew Hawk walks to the ring.

Andrews- And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, he weighs in at 275 pounds. . . ‘Ace’ Andrew Hawk!

Yale- Andrew Hawk did rather well for himself in that battle royal, JB, and this guy could be a big star! This should be an extraordinary match!

The bell rings, as Hawk and Knight circle the ring.

Bryan- Here we go! Two men looking to make names for themselves here in GCW! They tie up in the center of the ring, but Hawk stops Knight cold with a boot to the midsection!

Yale- Hawk snaps off a few quick rights to the jaw, and sends Knight into the ropes! Knight bounces back, and ducks a clothesline! Off the other side, and Knight takes Hawk down with a clothesline of his own!

Bryan- Hawk gets right back to his feet, and Knight moves him back into the corner! Knight hammers away at Hawk’s skull, and sends him to the opposite turnbuckle! He follows Hawk in, as Hawk hits the other side!

Yale- And Knight connects with a big clothesline! Hawk is in trouble, as Knight irish whips Hawk to the other side! No, Hawk reverses! Knight hits the other side, as Hawk charges in! But Knight gets a boot up!

Bryan- Hawk is staggered, and Knight explodes out of the corner with a clothesline! But Hawk sidesteps him, and shoves him out into the ropes! Knight bounces back, and gets a shoulder block from Hawk!

Yale- The Ace’s size advantage is really coming into play here! Hawk gets a head of steam off the ropes, as Knight recovers! Hawk tries to leapfrog over him, but Knight catches him in midair! Knight has Hawk trapped!

Bryan- Knight takes Hawk down with a sidewalk slam! Hawk’s head bounces off the mat, as Knight heads to the top turnbuckle! Knight stands up top, as Hawk slowly gets to his feet!

Yale- Hawk staggers around, and Knight takes off! Knight hits a cross body! But Hawk catches him! Andrew Hawk catches Knight in midair, turns around, and powerslams him to the mat! What a move!

Bryan- And Hawk covers! ONE! TWO!! No! LeStatt Knight gets the shoulder up! Hawk is arguing the count, as Knight slowly gets to his feet! Hawk shoves Knight into the corner, and begins unloading with rights and lefts to the gut!

Yale- Wait, Knight slips out of the corner, around Hawk and into a reverse waistlock! But Hawk reverses it, hooks Knight up, and hits a belly to back suplex into a bridge! ONE! TWO!! NO! Another kickout!

Bryan- Both these men want this match really bad! Hawk lifts Knight up, and sends him into the ropes! Knight bounces back, and Hawk takes him down with a monster lariat! Wow! Knight is down!

Yale- Hawk lifts him up again, and sends him into the turnbuckle! Hawk follows him in, but Knight hits and gets a boot into Hawk’s face! Hawk is staggered, and Knight charges out with a spinning heel kick!

Bryan- And he takes the big man down! Hawk is down, as Knight lifts him up! Knight hooks Hawk up, and lifts him! That’s impressive! There’s a brainbuster suplex! Knight rolls over for the cover! ONE! TWO!! TH- HAWK gets a shoulder up!

Yale- That was close! I thought Knight had him! Knight is getting a bit frustrated it appears, as Hawk slowly gets to his feet! Knight sends him into the ropes! Hawk bounces back, and Knight takes him over with a tilt-a-whirl slam!

Bryan- Wait, Hawk lands on his feet! Hawk takes Knight by the waist, flips him over, and plants a gutwrench powerbomb! What a move, that could be it! ONE! TWO!! THREE- NO! Kickout at two and twenty-seven twenty-eighths!

The crowd actually oohs at the count, now getting into the match.

Yale- Wow! Neither one of these men want to stay down! Hawk lifts Knight up, and hooks him up for a suplex! He takes him over, but Knight lands on his feet behind Hawk! Knight takes Hawk by the hair, hooks him up, and drops him into a mean reverse DDT!

Bryan- He calls that the last drop! Knight pulls himself back up, as Hawk lies motionless in the middle of the ring! Knight is trying to recover from that powerbomb, as Andrew Hawk slowly tries to get to his feet!

Yale- Hawk is up, and he staggers into Knight! Knight scoops Hawk up, and brings him down headfirst into the KnightFall! What a move! Hawk is out, and Knight covers! ONE! TWO!! THREE!!! That’s it!

The crowd cheers an excellent match as More Pain plays again. The referee raises Knight’s hand as he rolls out of the ring.

Andrews- Here is your winner, LeStatt Knight!

Bryan- Great match by these two! That one could have gone either way! But LeStatt Knight has really impressed us here with a victory over the equally impressive Andrew Hawk! These two both have bright futures in GCW!

Hawk finally recovers and heads out of the ring, as the show fades to commercial.

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The show returns to backstage, where Kevin Jacobs stands with Toad. The crowd goes crazy as they see him on the MegaTron.

Jacobs- Toad, last Sunday at Dangerous Games, you lost your coveted Hard*core title to your unlikely opponent, Chris Jordan.

Toad- You know what, jackass, that’s all I’ve heard for days now. ‘How did you lose the Hard*core title to someone like Chris Jordan?’ Well, quite frankly, if it wasn’t for Dimensioner, Chris Jordan would be nothing more than a stain on his Canadian flag by now! So Dimensioner, I want you in the ring, next week on Meltdown, in a Hard*core match! And to make it more interesting, what do you say the winner of our little match gets a shot at Jordan? Bring your chicken ass to Meltdown next week, Dimensioner, and we’ll settle this the way it should be.

Toad blows past Jordan, as the crowd cheers. The camera returns to ringside, where Linchpin hits. Dan Taylor walks out among flashing red and black lights, Becki Cooper behind him. They stop to embrace, then continue.

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Andrews- The following contest is set for one fall, and the loser must relinquish his nickname! Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Becki Cooper, from Nashville, Tennessee, he weighs in at 230 pounds. . . Dan ‘The Man’ Taylor!

Taylor steps through the ropes, Becki waiting on the outside. Bawitiba hits next, and the crowd explodes with cheers. Dan Rivero walks to the ring, tag title slung over his shoulder.

Andrews- And his opponent, from Brooklyn, New York, he weighs in at 279 pounds. . . Dan ‘The Man’ Rivero!

Bryan- This should be an interesting match! Both men with the title of ‘The Man,’ and only one can have it! Taylor, of course, debuted last Sunday at Dangerous Games, when he helped in eliminating Rivero from the battle royal!

Yale- And this guy had it coming, anyway! There’s the bell, and we’re underway! Taylor charges in, but Rivero rolls him up! One! Two! THREE?! What?! Rivero got him right off the bat!

The bell rings, and the crowd cheers. Rivero slides out of the ring, as Bawitiba plays again. Taylor throws a fit in the ring as Rivero backs up the ramp.

Andrews- Here is your winner, Dan ‘The Man’ Rivero!

Bryan- Rivero got Taylor right off the bat! Rivero is walking away victorious, but. . . Hey, wait, Assassin One and Mikado are running down the ramp! Assassin One takes Rivero down from behind, and the former tag champs are mugging Rivero!

Yale- Here comes Taylor! Dan Taylor joins in on the beating, and there’s a three on one mugging going on here!

The crowd boos, until Chris Van Burren runs to the ramp. Mikado sees him coming, and the former tag champs proceed to double team him as well.

Bryan- There’s an absolute mugging going on here! The tag team champions are down!

Linchpin plays again, and the crowd boos in disgust. Taylor and the former tag champs head to the back, as officials run down to help the tag team champions to the back.

Bryan- What the hell was that?! Assassin One and Mikado helped Dan Taylor assault Rivero! But Rivero did win the match! And Taylor can no longer refer to himself as The Man!

Yale- But he’s still Mr. Armageddon! And he still left Rivero lying! That’s all that matters!

Bryan- Well, I suppose we’re going right in to our next matchup!

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I Disappear hits, and the crowd goes crazy. Mike Hardy heads to the ring, and sits at the announce table.

Yale- Oh, no. . .

Bryan- We’re being joined here by Mike Hardy, presumably for our next matchup!

La Grange hits, and Jake Jennings walks to the ring to a mixed reaction. Larry Jennings is behind him, though Jake seems to want no part of him. Jake steps into the ring, and spots Hardy.

Andrews- The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, from Atlantic City, New Jersey, he weighs in at 350 pounds. . . Jake Jennings!

Bryan- Jake lasted over an hour in the battle royal last Sunday, and I think this guy has turned a few heads! But Mike, I’ve got to ask you, what interest do you have in this match?

Hardy- Well, Branson did me a favor on Sunday, so I’m here to return it.

For the Love of the Money hits, and the crowd gives King a mixed reaction. He walks to the ring, as loud golden pyro explodes behind him.

Andrews- And his opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada, he weighs in at 251 pounds. . . Branson King!

Yale- Well, King did make his rather unexpected return last Sunday on Pay-Per-View, but Hardy, I still don’t understand why you would be down here!

Hardy- I just want to make sure Branson’s singles return match is kept fair and square, that’s all.

Bryan- Well, there’s the bell, but Jennings is staring out here at Hardy! Mike, I don’t think he likes the idea of you being out here at ringside!

Yale- But Branson jumps Jennings from behind, and hammers away! Jake is staggered, as King sends him into the ropes! Jake bounces back, and King takes him over with a back body drop!

Bryan- King lifts Jennings right back up, as Larry looks on! Branson King sends Jake into the ropes, but Jake hooks the top rope and stops in his tracks! But King charges in with a clothesline, and takes Jake over to the floor!

Yale- Jennings spills out here in front of us, as the referee orders King back! Jake slowly gets to his feet, and it looks like he’s caught Mike Hardy’s attention again! Wait, Jake is coming over here!

Hardy- Hey, man, get back in the ring. . .

Bryan- Jennings is really shouting at Hardy here! What on earth is Jennings so livid about?! But the referee is counting Jake out all this time!

Suddenly, the bell rings. Jake turns in fury as he realizes he has been counted out.

Andrews- Here is your winner, as a result of a countout. . . Branson King!!

Bryan- Oh, no, Jake has been counted out! Wait a minute! Jake turns around, and hits Hardy right in the face! Hardy throws off his headphones, and goes after Jake! But Jake is overpowering Hardy!

Yale- What the hell? Jake and Hardy are going at it, and here comes Larry! Larry tries to pull Jake off, but Jake simply turns and shoves Larry to the floor! Now Hardy comes back with some offense on Jake!

Bryan- Jake and Hardy are tearing into each other here! What the hell is wrong with Jake Jennings? He got himself counted out, and I think he blames Hardy! Here come some officials to try to break these two up!

The referees run to ringside, and pull Jennings and Hardy apart. Jennings breaks free and lands a few more blows to Hardy’s face, before they are finally separated and lead to the back. The show cuts to commercial as Hardy and Jennings continue to shout at each other as they are restrained.

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The show returns to ringside, where Chamoflauge hits. The crowd boos, as Chameleon and Katanya walk to the ring.

Andrews- The following contest, set for one fall, is for the GCW Television Championship! Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Katanya, from parts unknown, he weighs in at 209 pounds. . . Chameleon!

Bryan- Well, fans, Zippy managed to capture the Television title from Capo on Sunday, and now he must defend it against this sick human being, Chameleon!

Yale- You mean Demented.

Bryan- No, I mean. . . Well, I don’t know who the hell this guy is!

Real American hits next, and the crowd explodes with surprising support for Zippy. Zippy walks to the ring with Stone, a bit startled by all the noise.

Andrews- And his opponent, accompanied to the ring by Stone, from Mianus, Connecticut, he weighs in at 224 pounds, and he is GCW Television Champion. . . Zippy!

Yale-There's the bell, and the two men circle each other in the ring.

Bryan-Zippy charges in with a shoulder block that takes Chameleon down. Now Zippy on the offensive, and he hits a front layout suplex.

Yale-I believe he may have just knocked all of the breath out of Chameleon's body!

Bryan-Zippy now heads up top and dives off with a missile dropkick, but Chameleon dodges the attack and Zippy hits the mat hard.

Yale-Chameleon now laying the boots in to Zippy's ribs, and I don't believe we've ever seen Chameleon this, well, demented before.

Bryan-Chameleon picks up Zippy and delivers a European Uppercut square to Zippy's jaw.

Yale-Chameleon pulls Zippy's head between his legs, locks his arms around his waste, and drops Zippy onto the mat face-first with a big piledriver.

Bryan- Chameleon now climbs up top and dives off with guillotine legdrop, crushing Zippy's neck and throat.

Yale-Chameleon with the first cover of the match. One, two, thre-no, Zippy BARELY kicks out.

Bryan-I don't see how Zippy kicked out, and Chameleon appears to be a bit aggrivated now.

Yale-Chameleon picks Zippy up and whips him into the ropes. Zippy ducks a clothesline, Chameleon ducks a clothesline, and OH! Zippy connects with a flying forearm to the face of Chameleon. Both men down, and the ref begins the count.

Bryan-...1....2....Zippy beginning to stir, and he's making his way to the ropes.

Yale-...3.No signs of movement from Chameleon.

Bryan-...4....5....Zippy has now pulled himself up, and he makes his way over to Chameleon, who's being checked on by the ref.

Yale-Zippy now at Chameleon's side, but wait! Chameleon shoves the ref into Zippy, and the man in stripes is out. Chameleon was playing possum all along!

Bryan-Zippy slowly gets up, only to be met with a low blow by Chameleon. And now, coming down the entrance ramp, is Katanya.

Yale-Kat hits the ring and gives Zippy another brutal shot to the groin.

Bryan-Chameleon lifts Zippy onto his shoulders, and Kat dives off of the turnbuckle and connects with a huge cross body block on Zippy.

The crowd erupts.


Bryan-Hardy hits the ring. Kat is still getting up after the high risk move she delivered to Zippy, and Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Chameleon!

Yale-Hardy DDTs Kat back to the mat, climbs to the top and...SWANTON BOMB ON KATANYA.

Bryan-Hardy pulls Kat out of the ring. Meanwhile, Zippy has slowly made his way up the turnbuckle. He sights Chameleon, and...ZIP FLIP ON CHAMELEON.

Yale-The ref slowly revives himself and makes the slow count. 1...2...3.

Bryan-No, that's not fair, Chameleon was cheated, and you know it, David

Yale-Oh, shut up, James, turnabout is fair play, and the man who deserved the win got it.

Ring Announcer-Your winner, and STILL GCW Television Champion, ZIPPY!

Hardy, a huge smirk on his face, hurries back up the ramp and into the back,getting a huge ovation from the crowd.

The ref raises Zippy's hand and hands him the belt, and Zippy slowly exits the ring to celebrate with the ZIP Crew in the back, getting an enormous pop from the crowd..

In the ring, Katanya is checking on Chameleon. He slowly stands, and begins shouting at Katanya. He's waving his arms in a series of gestures, as is Kat. Chameleon exits the ring and walks up the ramp, followed by a sulking Katanya. The show fades to commercial.

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When it returns, we are back at ringside.

Yale- Andrews is heading to the ring.

Andrews- The following contest, set for one fall, and is a standard match. Introducing first, from New York City, New York he weighs in at 264 pounds… TRASH!

Welcome to the Jungle hits, Trash comes out with a chorus of cheers. Trash walks down to the ring.

Andrews- And his opponent, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at 257 pounds… CAPO!

Demons surround me hits, Capo comes out with a chorus of boo’s. Capo walks down to the ring. Andrews climbs out of the ring as the bell sounds.

Bryan- Well let’s get this match started.

Yale- Did you see Capo’s brother, Big Snails, he’s hilarious!

Bryan- Big Skails. Let’s start the match.

Yale- It’s still funny. Wow, Capo and Trash lock up. Capo sends Trash to the corner and kicks him in the mid-section and DDT. Capo quickly hooks the leg and ONE, TWO, KICKOUT!

Bryan- Capo quickly gets up and stomps away on Trash’s left shoulder. Looks like he wants to injure his shoulder. Capo picks up Trash and pushes him back first to the corner.

Yale- I still can’t believe Capo lost to Zippy. What’s he doing here? Capo’s wrapping a rope around the arms of Trash. He’s chest is wide open for punching.

Bryan- Capo’s kicking away on the ribs of Trash. Capo then walks back to the other corner and runs to at Trash and SPLASH in the corner!

Yale- One of Trash’s arms is free after that splash. Trash is trying to take his other arm out but Capo rakes his eyes! Capo then stomps a mudhole in the gut of Trash!

Bryan- Capo then taunts to the crowd as Trash gets his second arm free! Capo’s ego is bigger than his mouth sometimes.

Yale- But you have to respect him.

Bryan- I don’t have to respect anyone, besides "The Renegade". Trash burst out of the corner and clotheslines Capo from the back!

Yale- Trash picks up Capo and connects with a Neckbreaker! Trash climbs to the second rope and Leg Drop! Trash covers Capo, ONE, TWO, TH--- NO!

Bryan- Leg Drop from Trash but a kickout from Capo. Trash gets up and picks up Capo.

Yale- Trash sends Capo to the ropes and clothesline. Trash then grabs Capo by the hair and pushes him to the corner.

Bryan- He’s working on the knee of Capo. Trash sits Capo on the turnbuckle and climbs up to the second rope.

Yale- Capo pushes Trash off the second rope and Trash hits the canvas! Capo climbs up to the top of the turnbuckle and goes for a Splash!

Bryan- Trash moved out of the way and Capo hit the mat, face first! Trash rolls over on Capo the referee counts, ONE, TWO, THRE--- KICK OUT!

Yale- Capo gets his shoulder up! The referee starts the ten count! ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE.


Bryan- Trash gets up slowly. Capo as well. Capo swings at Trash, Trash ducks and grabs his neck. TRASH COMPACTOR! Trash hooks the leg, ONE, TWO, THREE! It’s over!

Andrews- And your winner, Trash!

Bryan- Big win for Trash here tonight!

Yale- Damn it! Capo had him!

Trash walks to the back, victorious. The show fades to commercial.

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We return to ringside, where Take a Look Around hits, and the fans cheer. Mr. Danger walks to the ring, and stops in front of it.

Andrews- The following contest, set for one fall, is for the GCW World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, he is the special guest enforcer. . . Commissioner Mr. Danger!

The crowd continues to cheer until Freak on a Leash hits, and the crowd explodes with boos. Shane Lane and Hiroshima Genryu walk to the ring. Shane stops to pose, then continues.

Andrews- Introducing the competitors. First, from Beverly Hills, California, accompanied to the ring by Hiroshima Genryu, he weighs in at 223 pounds. . . Shane Lane!

Lane hops into the ring, but Danger cuts Genryu off. Danger begins to order Genryu to the back! The crowd cheers as Danger turns Genryu away. Lane shouts at Danger from in the ring, but Genryu has no choice but to leave.

Bryan- Hey, and it looks like Mr. Danger is not allowing Genryu to remain at ringside for this match!

Genryu walks to the back, as My Own Summer hits. The crowd continues to boo as the Jhub walks to the ring, world title over his shoulder.

Andrews- And his opponent, from Stamford, Connecticut, he weighs in at 270 pounds, and he is the GCW World Heavyweight Champion. . . The Jhub!

Bryan- President Caldera is not here tonight, folks, as we have word that he is in GCW Headquarters finalizing some sort of deal! What can that be?

Yale- Knowing President Caldera, it’s got to be huge! But let’s focus on this match that Mr. Danger has set up, simply to annoy the President himself! I mean, this simply isn’t fair!

Bryan- Fair or not, Lane and Jhub are staring each other down, and there’s the bell! Mr. Danger will be watching on from the outside, to ensure that things stay one on one!

Yale- Jhub and Lane tie up, and the Jhub takes Lane over with a deep arm drag into an armbar! The Jhub is going to have to keep Lane grounded, to avoid Lane’s speed! The Jhub holds that armbar on, but Lane finally rolls back and gets to his feet!

Bryan- Lane gets to his feet, and he shoves the Jhub off and into the ropes! The Jhub bounces back, and takes Lane down with a shoulder block! The Jhub gets moving again off the ropes, and he bounces back, leaping over Lane!

Yale- Lane rolls backwards, and the Jhub bounces back! Lane catches Jhub with his feet, and takes him over with a modified monkey toss! The Jhub gets right back up, though, but Lane takes Jhub down with an arm drag, into an armbar of his own!

Bryan- But the Jhub gets his foot into Lane’s face, and he kicks Lane away! Lane rolls to his feet, and bounces off the ropes! He charges in on Jhub, but the Jhub sets Lane up, and takes him over with a monstrous belly to belly!

Yale- Wow! The Jhub just about took lane apart there! The Jhub covers! ONE! TWO!! Kickout! The Jhub takes a moment to stare out at Danger, but Danger is playing it fair so far!

Bryan- The Jhub lifts Lane to his feet, and scoop slams him back down to the mat! The Jhub slaps on a rear chinlock! The Jhub is using his weight to his advantage here, as Danger looks on!

Yale- The Jhub is really wrenching his chinlock in there, but Lane is inching towards the ropes! Lane finally stretches out and gets a foot on the ropes! The referee orders the Jhub to break the hold!

Bryan- But the Jhub is holding Lane in this hold! The referee is trying to get the Jhub to let go, but he won’t! Wait, Mr. Danger gets up onto the apron! The Jhub sees him, and drops Lane! The Jhub heads to Danger, and begins shouting at him!

Yale- Wait, Lane rolls Jhub up from behind! ONE! TWO!! THREE- NO! The Jhub kicks out, as Mr. Danger laughs and hops back down to the floor! The Jhub and Lane both get back up, only to meet in the center of the ring with a double clothesline!

Bryan- Both men go down, but it looks like the Jhub is getting back up! The Jhub heads for Lane’s lower section, and takes him by the legs! The Jhub steps through. . . He’s going for the sharpshooter!

Yale- But Lane is fighting it! Wait, Lane reaches up, and rolls the Jhub into a small package! ONE! TWO!! Another kickout by the Jhub!

Bryan- The Jhub gets to his feet, and staggers back into the corner! Lane gets back up, and charges in with a big splash! But the Jhub pulls the referee in the way, and Lane splashes the official! The ref is down!

Yale- This is never good, JB! Lane goes back to the Jhub, and begins stomping away! But wait, Mr. Danger is stepping up into the ring! Mr. Danger is in the ring, and I guess he’s taking over as referee! He can’t do that!

Bryan- Like hell he can’t! Lane continues stomping away at the Jhub, but the Jhub is getting back to his feet! The Jhub fires off a right hand! Lane returns it! We’ve got a brawl, but the Jhub is getting the better of Lane!

Yale- The Jhub is unloading on Lane, and finally takes him down with a stiff lariat! Lane is down, as Danger looks on! Wait, the Jhub turns and takes Danger down with a clothesline!

The crowd boos as the Jhub begins stomping away at Danger.

Bryan- What the hell?! The Jhub has no business putting his hands on Mr. Danger! Wait, Shane Lane is back up! Lane moves in behind Jhub! But Lane moves in and simply starts stomping away at Danger as well! It’s a two on one!

The crowd suddenly begins to cheer, as John Reed rushes down the ramp. He steps into the ring, and heads for the Jhub.

Yale- JOHN REED?! What is he doing out here?! Reed runs for the Jhub, and spins him around! Reed scoops up the unsuspecting Jhub, and hits a CRADLE TOMBSTONE! Cradle Tombstone on the Jhub!

Bryan- The Jhub has been laid out cold! Shane Lane breaks off his attack on Danger, as Reed slips out the back door! Reed runs to the timekeeper, and grabs a steel chair! Reed slides it in next to Danger, and he jumps the guardrail!

Yale- Reed is making an escape through the crowd, as Lane watches on! But Danger is back up, and he has that chair! Danger swings for Lane, and cracks him in the back of the head! My God what a shot!

Bryan- And Lane falls right on top of the Jhub! What the hell? Danger shrugs, and begins to count! ONE! TWO!! THREE!!???!!!??? That’s it! NEW CHAMPION!

The bell rings, and the crowd gives the match a mixed reaction. Danger is handed the belt, which he simply drops on top of the unconscious Lane.

Andrews- Here is your winner, and the NEW GCW World Heavyweight Champion, SHANE LANE!!!

Bryan- Shane Lane has won the world title here tonight! I don’t believe it! Mr. Danger doesn’t give a damn which one of them wins it, but he did leave both of them lying!

Yale- Shane has won, but I don’t know if this is good or bad! I mean, what business did John Reed have down here?!

Bryan- Fans, we’re out of time! Join us next Wednesday for Meltdown!!! Goodnight!

The show ends with Lane slowly recovering, still not aware that he is the champ. Danger walks to the back, satisfied, as the show fades to black. . .

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