WorldWide 155

KeyArena | Seattle, Washington | November 21 2011

Two debuting GCW wrestlers will go head to head in a match that will surely showcase the future of Global Championship Wrestling. While TyDezno made his presence known at Rampage, Xander Searle is looking to make his presence known in the ring. Put in a steel flashlight on a pole that is only legal to the person who retrieves it first, this one is sure to start someone's career with a bang. Which rookie will come out of their GCW debut with a win?

In the parking lot, it’s quiet. Nary a peep to be heard. That is, until a black limousine rolls down the underground parking structure rampway. When it comes to a stop, the driver hustles out and opens up the door.

Out from the limo steps Triumph Frost, the new GCW World Heavyweight champion, sunglasses covering his eyes. He gingerly makes his way into the building with his bag, and it seems like all eyes are on him. Everyone he passes, however, doesn’t offer congratulations or condolences. Their looks are of scorn. Of judgment.

Triumph pays them no attention, at least until a familiar voice rings out.

???: When you woke up this morning, did you feel different?

The voice comes from a man wearing a fashionable black suit, with a fashionable black tie, and eyes hidden behind fashionable designer sunglasses. Triumph Frost pauses for a minute, almost as if he care think about such a question as the Heir to New York studies his actions.

Zenith: Do you feel like a burden is lifted off of your shoulders? To finally hold that leather belt with that God-awful looking gold plate on the front of it... does it make you feel like more of a man? Now maybe all those elitist jack-offs in that stuffy boardroom will take you seriously.

Triumph shoots him a grin, and he maintains his flippant attitude.

Triumph Frost: Yeah.

He brushes off his shoulder, like some sort of pretentious rap star.

Triumph Frost: I’ve got nothing to do with those punk bitches anymore. They were all old and boring and bossy. Plus, that goddamned office smelled like Geritol, like, all the time. Besides…

He points down at his bag, which has the World Title belt peeking out of it.

Triumph Frost: I already got what I needed out of all that crap.

Zenith: See, that is where you and I see things differently. That championship isn't power, Triumph, but the illusion of power. You see it's the golden ring they want you to grasp, they want you to think it's the pinnacle in which everyone on the planet is judged. People look at the Kobe Bryants, the Sidney Crosbys, and the Tom Bradys of the world and want you to think that that is what success is... but they're wrong.

Christian pulls an envelope out of the pocket of his suit jacket and showcases it between two fingers, just a mere couple feet away from the face of the new World Champ.

Zenith: No, Triumph, real power is not from the "champions" but from the man who sits up in the box and signs the paychecks of champions. Kobe Bryant in all reality is just one really bad mistake away from being no different than any other fan out there waiting in line for a chili dog only to find out that inflation has taken the ability to enjoy a sporting event with a little comfort food out of their price range. That inflation comes from me. That power is inside of this envelope.

A smirk crosses his face as he slides the envelope back into his pocket.

Zenith: That's what I've been trying to tell you all along. Instead of chasing brass rings and personal triumphs, you should've focused on the thing that was staring you right in the face all along. Power. Real power.

Triumph rolls his eyes, and his voice becomes mocking.

Triumph Frost: Power, Crosby, chili dogs, blah blah blah.

He lets out a dissatisfied grunt, to Zenith’s chagrin.

Triumph Frost: You sure do talk a whole goddamned lot. But the one thing you don’t seem to know much about is power. I don’t care what’s in your fancy-pants envelope. You know what I know is not in there?

He taps Zenith twice in the breast of his suit.

Triumph Frost: All the shares of GCW stock I sold off.

Zenith: Doesn't need to be.

Christian took off his sunglasses, folding them before placing them inside of the same breast pocket Triumph just finished poking.

Zenith: In the absence of board chairman, the Global Championship Wrestling Executive Board has named me Commissioner of GCW and has put me in charge of WorldWide tonight and indefinitely for the future. It's just the first step in taking GCW, X:TV, and Caldera Enterprises beyond the "sports entertainment" business and into the fight with the likes of ABC, NBC, and CBS to be a national power in entertainment.

A shadow casts between the two of them as Zenith continues.

Zenith: Those stocks you sold off in the future will be worth billions of dollars. If you're willing to throw that away for 15 minutes of fame and a belt, that's showing a lot of loyalty to your craft Triumph, and trust me that's something I really respect. You keep the ratings up and I may be inclined to make sure that some really unfortunate mistake doesn't undo the promising career of a man who otherwise would be the face of a growing media empire.

As the shadow grows, the potato-sack masked giant that took out Karina Wolfenden forces its way into the picture. Towering over both individuals, the colossus has to be standing at least seven foot, four inches tall. Its actions were cold. Emotionless, like an unfinished canvas.

Triumph pays Zenith’s pet monster no mind, however, and seems incensed by Zenith’s diatribe towards him. He starts poking Zenith in the chest after each personal point made.

Triumph Frost: First off, whoever told you this company is worth billions, you should have him fuckin’ fired, ‘cause I assure you not a goddamned person on this fucked-up earth would offer a nickel and a handjob to see this collection of assholes.

He pokes Zenith in the chest again.

Triumph Frost: Secondly, I’ve got more money than you jerk off to wishing you had. I don’t need money. I sank money into this dump, and I’m walking away before I lose any more. You might be smart enough to do the same, but that inbred glimmer in your eye tells me otherwise.

Once again, he pokes Zenith in the chest.

Triumph Frost: Thirdly, I care fuck-all about this industry, this belt, this company, you, and anyone else that says I should. And finally…

Triumph turns to Zenith’s pet monster, probably the un-wisest move he’s ever made, and gets right up in its towering face.

Triumph Frost: Get this stank-breath fucktard out of my face already.

Adjusting his suit jacket, a chuckle crosses the lips of the new GCW Commissioner.

Zenith: You know, your apathy and reputation preceeds you. I was told you were the man who was impossible to rattle. Triumph Frost doesn't give "fuck all" about anything or anyone... but that look in your eyes Triumph, you look defensive. You look angry. Rasa here... Rasa smells fear.

The monster simply takes a step forward and stares down at the GCW Champion.

Zenith: The funny thing is... Rasa here I didn't even have to blackmail. As a matter of fact, Rasa came to me. It was more than happy to offer me its services under two conditions. First that I kept a steady income of cash flow, and second, that it gets to have some fun. You see, Rasa's idea of fun is watching you puff your chest out like an animal when you feel threatened and inferior. Rasa's idea of fun is listening to you cry as your bones break in its arms. Rasa is a living, breathing weapon.

Christian waves his fingers towards himself and the monster backs away.

Zenith: There is an old saying that says the best weapon a man can have is the one he never has to fire. Well "champ", tonight I'm deciding not to fire... but I'd certainly keep my eyes open. Good luck out there in your address. That crowd is going to eat you alive, that is if Rasa doesn't do it first.

Triumph rubs his nose. He smirks.

Triumph Frost: Yeah. I think I’ll do just fine.

He lets out a chuckle as he passes by.

Triumph Frost: Bitch.

And on that pass-by, he pushes by Zenith, pressing his shoulder into the Leader of Men’s shoulder. Rasa, though agitated by this act of defiance, lets Frost past without incident.

Instead, they just watch him walk down the hall…

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BOOM! BANG! KAPLOWIE! …and other such explosive utterances flood the airwaves and the insides of the KeyArena, as "Wake Up" by Rage Against The Machine screams out from the PA system.

Let’s do the sign thing, shall we?

The Red And Ted Xplosion Will Be Televised.

Triumph = Champ? God Help Us All!

The Christmas Show Will Be In February.


Bryan: Welcome, everyone, to another edition of WorldWide! I’m James Bryan, joined by my colleague David Yale. Coming off a night when all but one GCW title changed hands and we crowned a new Rampage tournament winner, it’s all in the rear-view as we begin our march towards Dangerous Games.

Yale: Geez. Finally!

Bryan: So get ready for a spoooooky time as we kick off Devil’s Night!

Yale: Only a whole month after Halloween!

Bryan: Tonight, we see some new faces squaring off, some old faces returning anew, and a five-star quality main event.

Yale: New faces is right. This TyDezno guy made his presence known at Rampage, but talking about being great is one thing. You better prepare to show it, too, and he’s got that chance against fellow newcomer Xander Searle in a Flashlight on a Pole Match!

Bryan: We also have some familiar faces, back from the grave. Theo Palmer shocked everyone when he appeared at Rampage and became the number one contender for the Television Title, but he’s up against someone who’s no stranger to GCW in Brad Jackson. This could be one to watch for, folks.

Yale: Well, at least they know who they’re facing. Shaman has the dubious distinction of facing off against someone, and even we don’t know who it is! It could be the Gobbledy Gooker or Donny Diamond back from his home planet, or maybe even the Jhub returning from retirement! But it’ll probably be someone lame like that one guy who was here, and now he’s…not.

Bryan: Ryuji Kamigawa?

Yale: That’s the one.

Bryan: Way to drum up enthusiasm, Dave. But all this pales in comparison to our main event of the evening. With the Ted in Red and Ted back, Palmer pulls a little double duty and teams with the new United States Champion Alexander Redding against "the Red Raver" herself, Aimz, and Desade.

Yale: And you gotta wonder what state Desade is in after her knee was practically ripped off her body like a chicken leg at Rosie O’Donnell’s house.

Bryan: We won’t know until tonight, but…

Suddenly, horns bleat out. They’re the familiar horns of a familiar song, as James Bryan audibly groans.

Bryan: Oh, no…

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The horns give way to "We Major" by Kanye West and Nas, as a few techs roll out a red carpet all the way to the ring. A number of scantily clad exotic wenches emerge in lacy Roman-era servant outfits, tossing flower petals onto the carpet, and they’re followed by a iron-like throne, carried by four big-ass body-builder types clad in Gladiator outfits.

Upon the throne is the new GCW World Champion Triumph Frost, sporting designer jeans, Air Force One sneakers, a black Jay Terror T-shirt, and a big ol’ ass shit-eating grin.

Bryan: Well, isn’t this just great.

Yale: I know, right?

Bryan’s sarcasm aside, the throne is brought to ringside, where it is sat down. Triumph throws the title into the ring haphazardly and slides under the ring. He scoops it up, climbs the turnbuckle, and holds it up defiantly to the crowd.

Keep in mind that you can barely hear the music over the crowd’s disdain towards their new champion.

Bryan: Triumph Frost nearly choked Vivica J. Valentine’s life from her body, and because of that, he is now our World Heavyweight Champion.

Yale: That was a hard-fought and well-earned battle, JB.

Bryan: Well-earned? He bent the rules to his favor! How is that fair?

Yale: He had the power. Why not use it?

Triumph yells at Joey Andrews to toss him a mic, and the ring announcer obliges. Triumph waits for a moment for the crowd to die down so he can address them, but that moment doesn’t come. The chants and boos mount and build to a breaking point. And Triumph, with glee, breaks.

Triumph Frost: Shut the fuck up, all’a’ya!

They do the opposite, and lay it on even thicker, and he just grins the entire time.

Bryan: This crowd does not like him one bit. Frankly, I don’t think he cares either way, but the hatred is undeniable.

Yale: Haters gon’ hate.

Bryan: I told you to knock that hip material off!

Yale: Gonna do it anyway.

Finally, a break, as Triumph launches into his speech.

Triumph Frost: Mayhem. Tempest. Terror. GBJ. Murray.

He winces at the last name, before recomposing himself.

Triumph Frost: And now Valentine. All of your best, all of them…done for.

Bryan: I don’t know what he’s talking about.

Yale: The truth, you fool!

Triumph Frost: And I didn’t even need a Rampage tournament notch or a DG win under my belt. I didn’t have the owner of the company or some jackass commissioner firmly supporting me. I didn’t need friends or help or any of that stupid bullshit. I did it on my own. And now?

He looks down at the title. Glares at it. He looks back up to the crowd, and slowly holds up the title.

Triumph Frost: Now, I’m your World champion.

The crowd growls with displeasure, as he lowers the title from up high.

Triumph Frost: And I will not be the champion you come to love and respect. I won’t be signing your stupid bullshit merchandise or kissing your ugly-ass babies. I don’t give a shit about your sick kids or whatever. I’m not gonna suck Caldera’s cock like some others before me.

Bryan: What a vile kid he is.

Triumph Frost: I won’t come out here week in and week out, offering rambling, go-nowhere speeches about nothing important because, quite frankly, the lot of you simply aren’t worth my time.

A small chant breaks out of "Fuck You, Triumph" with rhythmic clapping as an addendum, but he ignores it wholeheartedly and soldiers on.

Triumph Frost: But what I am gonna do is keep this title. I’m gonna keep it as long as I want to. Because none of the rest of you rabble are even worth taking a sniff of this poorly constructed tin-and-leather worthless token. Because not a single one of you deserves the moniker champion. And when I’m done tearing through the lot of you like a teenager with an internet connection does a box of Kleenex, I’m gonna retire with this thing.

He pauses, as if to reflect. But he is not reflecting. Hah, he has fooled you.

Triumph Frost: And then I’m gonna throw it in the fuckin’ ocean!

The crowd boos more, as Yale gets up from his seat to clap, only to be pulled down by Bryan.

Bryan: Sit down, will you?

Yale: He’s our champion! We need to pay our respects.

Bryan: He’s going to stomp on everything the title has ever meant!

Yale: Or, take it to new heights. Bet you never thought of that one, huh?

Bryan facepalms, Yale starts clapping again, and the crowd boos more. When all subsides…

Triumph Frost: Now, before I leave this miserable fuckin’ shithole of a city…

The crowd spews more hatred, and Triumph’s smile grows wider.

Triumph Frost: …there’s a few loose ends I need to clean up. As some of you may know, I am no longer a stockholder of Global Championship Wrestling. And for good reason. This place fuckin’ sucks and it was a big, fat waste of money. But as the sale will not be finalized until later this week, I have a few parting gifts I’d like to offer.

Bryan: Uh oh…

His eyes burn with mischief, much like a young child planning something mischievously. Sorry, I ran out of segues.

Triumph Frost: For my last acts of business as chairman of GCW, I hereby declare the following. All bathrooms are to be locked after the first half hour of the show.

The crowd is not pleased.

Triumph Frost: All beer sales will be discontinued after the first hour of the show.

The crowd is ready to riot.

Triumph Frost: All male employees are hereby forbidden to make eye contact with Sally Ford.

Triumph shrugs, going serious for a moment.

Triumph Frost: It’s a lawsuit settlement thing. Sorry.

The serious fašade fades.

Triumph Frost: And finally, tonight, Valentine, you dirty bitch, you. If you so much as sniff that tag team match tonight, you can expect to be amongst those lazy jobless Occupy assholes in the unemployment line.

Bryan: Triumph just barred Valentine from ringside at DNA’s tag match!

Yale: Good! She’s always sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.

And after Triumph takes a deep breath, amidst another long pause…

Triumph Frost: That is all.

Triumph drops the mic and bails out of the ring, jumping back onto his throne as "We Major" kicks on again. The throne is lifted, the girls toss their flower petals, and they head back through the entrance.

Bryan: Well, there you have it. Our new World Champion, still making everyone’s lives miserable after the fact.

Yale: Says you.

Bryan: One thing I do know. All this pomp and circumstances might be blinding him from his biggest test to date: a showdown with Johnny Borealis at Dangerous Games in a handful of weeks.

Yale: You mean months.

Bryan: I mean weeks.

Yale: Riiiiight.

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Ringside with JB and Dave.

Bryan: Fans, we're going to take you back to the LAST time GCW was on XTV. WorldWide 154 featured the semifinals of the 2011 Rampage tournament, and one of the four matches featured Alexander Redding and Alexandra Pierce, and things didn't go so well for the Spider in the Web, Dave.

Yale: That's right, JB. There's been a lot said over this past year about Pierce's camp's claims that she's the best wrestler in the world, but I think this footage goes to show that accidents can happen to the finest performers.

Bryan: Before we send you to part one Kevin Jacobs' special report, why don't we remind the fans at home of exactly what happened that night. If you could take us through this, Dave?

We're narrating the footage you're seeing on your television, so forgive the lack of description.

Yale: Sure thing, JB. As you can see here, Desade had Redding down, and she went for a move known in some circles as the Kneecolepsy, a standing moonsault kneedrop. The key difference between this and the standard moonsault splash is the other 90░ of movement.

Bryan: This focuses all of the impact on the point where the knee lands, right?

Yale: Exactly, JB. In a regular moonsault, once you've gotten your hips clear, gravity basically takes care of the rest. But with the kneedrop, you have to have either more height or more velocity in order to land the move right -- preferably both -- and Pierce didn't have either here, so when Redding rolled out of the way, you can see the point of her kneecap slam right into the mat.

Bryan: Those of you who read may already know this, but following her loss to Johnny Borealis in the Rampage final, Alex was diagnosed with a grade-two sprain of her posterior cruciate ligament or PCL, an injury expected to sideline the GTT7 Champion for at least the next couple of weeks.

Yale: She's actually lucky that was the only injury she suffered, JB -- an impact like that could've torn her ACL or MCL, even ruptured a tendon or dislocated her patella. Any of those injuries would require months of intensive physical therapy for recovery.

Bryan: As Triumph Frost alluded to, Pierce didn't even make the trip up to Seattle, and she'll be replaced in the main event against the Red & Ted Revival, though we don't yet know by who.

Yale: We do know it won't be Vivica Valentine! Which is a good thing if you ask me.

Bryan: Our own Kevin Jacobs had the chance this week to sit down with Pierce and her partner both in the ring and out, Amy Campbell. In this, part one of his two-part interview, they talked about the injury that night and what it means for Alexandra's career, here in GCW and beyond. Let's take you to that prerecorded footage now.

Cut to: a simple but well-appointed living room, dominated by a black leather couch. On this couch sit two redheads. Alexandra Pierce is on the left -- she's taller, and the black bandage around her left knee is a giveaway. Alex is dressed in designer blue jeans and a black, V-necked Queen of Lies tee. At her side, Amy Campbell, smaller to start with and smaller still because she's weirdly shy; Amy's wearing a striped, long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans.

Off-screen is Kevin Jacobs.

Jacobs: Alex, Amy... thanks for agreeing to do this.

Aimz: Yeah, sure, no problem.

Pierce: It's really our pleasure.

Jacobs: First off, I guess I have to ask. How's the knee?

Pierce: Good as can be expected. I feel like it's getting better everyday, and while some days, I wish it would heal quicker, I know I'ce got to take the time to let it heal at its own pace.

Jacobs: Let's go back to that night. When you missed it, did you know it was bad?

Pierce: I remember coming over and I didn't get the height I wanted, so I tried to tuck a little tighter and I didn't quite make it.

Jacobs: Did you know you'd hurt it?

Pierce: Oh, I knew right away. It felt like someone had jabbed a needle behind my kneecap -- like I'd been shot. I thought I was done. I felt it give, and I had visions of yearlong recovery times, of maybe never even wrestling again.

Jacobs: And as far as you go, Amy - do you watch Alex's matches? If so, what were you thinking when you saw it happen?

Aimz: Probably the same thing everyone else was - 'Shit, she just blew out her knee'. Only with me, it was shortly followed by 'I'm gonna break that asshole's leg for this'.

Pierce: All he did was move out of the way.

Aimz: Doesn't matter.

She glances back to Jacobs with a brief shrug.

Aimz: It made me want to be out there with her. Not... you know. Her.

Jacobs: You mean Kathryn Shaw, now officially a GCW employee and Alexandra's manager.

Alex reaches across, touching Amy's hand.

Pierce: It's an... ongoing discussion between us, yes.

Aimz: And by that she means I don't think Shaw's double-crossing ass should be anywhere near her.

Pierce: It's better than I am. I can't watch when she's out there. Not at all. You'd think I'd get used to it, but... I don't. I end up holding my breath. I thought I was going to have a heart attack when she wrestled Kingsley in the cage. I have to get updates from Quinn, usually.

That brings a brief grin to Campbell's lip.

Aimz: It's adorable how nervous you get.

Jacobs: So... Alex misses the kneedrop, hurts her knee, but not only completed the match--

Pierce: If you can call it that. Kathi and Quinn walked me through that.

Jacobs: But you competed at Rampage, twice. Was there any thought to forfeiting against Aaron Fujita?

The Spider shakes her head.

Pierce: Not even a glimmer. I mean, at the time, I thought Terrence would have the stones to show up, but... I wasn't going to miss it for the life of me.

Jacobs: Come on. You're telling me there wasn't even a discussion about it?

On the other side of the couch, Amy snickers.

Aimz: Oh, sorry. You just said 'discussion' and… well, that's funny. Alex and discussion don't really mix.

Jacobs: So she was going to wrestle.

Aimz: Oh, no question she was gonna wrestle. What was worse was between matches.

Pierce: Aaron Fujita is probably the reason it's a grade-two sprain and not just a grade-one sprain. I don't blame him. I would have done all that and more if Terrence had come to our match hurt. I'm still not sure how I made it through the match with Borealis. Every step I took was blinding agony.

Jacobs: How has the time off been?

Pierce: It's been fine. I've worked myself so hard for so long I... hardly remember what it's like to have to sit around the house.

Campbell leans forward, lowering her voice to a stage whisper.

Aimz: We've had to hide all the sharp implements.

There's a low, embarrassed chuckle from Alex.

Pierce: It hasn't been that bad, has it?

Aimz: I've been a little afraid you'd chew through your bandages several different times. And you almost clotheslined the mailman yesterday. So...

Pierce: I so did not almost clothesline him! It was just a nudge.

She glances back to the interviewer, eyebrows climbing.

Pierce: It was just a nudge.

Aimz: With your whole arm!

Pierce: It's just... I'm eager to get back.

Jacobs: So you'll definitely be back?

Pierce: Oh, yes.

Aimz: God, I hope so. I'm not saying it doesn't get lonely out there on the road, because it does, but I think Quinn is going to move out if you don't get out there and do something.

Pierce: I have been doing something!

Aimz: Training doesn't count. I mean, you actually did her trig homework last night.

Jacobs: So when can we expect you? GCW returns to Las Vegas, your old stomping ground just next week.

Alex lifts a shoulder in a half-hearted shrug.

Pierce: It's too early to specify dates, but I'll be back before you know it.

Her eyes lift to the camera.

Pierce: I'll be back and I'll be better than ever, but until then... I'm watching. Everything you do, everything you say. Misstep and I'll know. Mistreat anyone I care about, and I'll find you.

Aimz: Touch yourself in public and she will shake her head in disgust.

Pierce: Will you--I'm trying to be dramatic and give them something to cut to commercial to.

Post-giggling fit, Campbell raises her hands innocently.

Aimz: And I was saving you from one of those embarrassing, all-too-serious moments that everyone on YouTube is gonna chop with clips of kittens prancing arou--y'know what, where's my Macbook?

The man chuckles quietly, threatening to become a full guffaw when Alex shoves the smaller woman in the shoulder.

Jacobs: You two are... I don't want to say "surprising," but... not what I expected. Do you mind if we stay for another segment? I have questions that aren't strictly related to Alex's injury...

Pierce: Ahh... sure? If it's okay with Amy, of course.

Aimz: I was gonna go chase the cat with a toy helicopter, but I can clear my schedule.

Kevin turns briefly towards the camera, eyebrows lifting.

Jacobs: Okay, then stay tuned for the questions you really want to know, fans. How do they feel about the attention from the GLBT community? What does the future hold? Are there wedding bells in their future?

This would be about when the squirming starts.

Jacobs: Fans, you won't want to miss this.

Cut back to ringside.

Bryan: We'll air part two of Kevin Jacobs' special interview with the controversial duo next week on WorldWide, fans. You don't want to miss that.

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We head to the back where we find Xander Searle seated on one of the many equipment cases that are used to transport GCW Worldwide from arena to arena. He is clad in his wrestling gear as well as a black zip-up hoodie. He lifts up to his face a microphone.

Searle: So, this is how it begins. The third phase of my career starts mere moments away. Soon, my music will fill the arena, and you, the fans, are going to choose whether or not to cheer me or boo me. Hopefully you do one or the other, because I simply can’t stand the thought of coming out there, and the only thing that I will be able to hear in the arena other than bodies slamming down on the canvas are crickets.

Xander starts to unzip the hoodie, preparing to make his way to the ring for the match.

Searle: Now, tonight, I not only go out there to become a GCW Star, but I also get to wrestle in a Flashlight on a Pole match. Any of you that think that this match is a rather horrible idea, I agree with you. I don’t want to involve a flashlight into the proceedings, I want to prove that I’m the best wrestler that I can be. I don’t need a weapon to do that.

Now, I’m sure all of you are waiting with baited breath to hear how I’m going to kick the crap out of my opponent tonight. OK, you probably aren’t, but part of my job is to every so often talk to you. Some rocket surgeon decided that the best time for me to do that was before I go out there to wrestle. Thank the people that create the booking sheets for that. One thing that GCW didn’t learn from my time in SCCW is that me with a live microphone is like giving a baby a bottle of cognac. You just don’t do it, you never know what’s going to come out of my mouth.

But I’m not going to make them regret this decision, at least not for tonight that is. After all, I haven’t been here long enough to piss in anyone’s Cheerios.

Xander thinks about the last statement that he made for a moment.

Searle: Except for maybe my opponent tonight, the also debuting TyDenzo. At Rampage, Ty, do you mind if I call you Ty? Fuck it, I don’t care if you do or not. I’m calling you it anyway. As I was saying, at Rampage, Ty was supposed to make an impact on GCW. Well, if you believe what you read in dirt sheets or what you hear from sycophantic announcers.

What impact did you make, Ty? Huh? On the GCW Website, it said that you made an unforgettable entrance into GCW. It was only unforgettable if you are among those that hail from the Ozarks section of Toronto. Because, you made your appearance with your second cousin slash soon-to-be wife looking like you were out of place.

There have been many, MANY wrestlers to make their first appearance in a company just the way you did. Show up at the arena, be as annoying as you can be, and somehow make it out of the arena without having your ass handed to you.

No, I’m not bitter that you shown up on live GCW TV before I did. Hell, I’m not even jealous or worried. I taped my little vignette that aired a couple weeks ago, and that was it. End of story. I didn’t come in looking like some impotent little cretin thinking that they are the next big thing when they haven’t proven anything to anyone. Wow, you held a couple of titles in whatever tiny little training school doubling as an independent promo you came from.

Big deal. Means about as much in GCW as the fact that I am a former SCCW Livewire Champion, winning the title in a match where DNA were both participants. I’m sure that if I go up to, oh, Alexander Redding, he couldn’t give two shits about any of that.

Then you strong arm Barry Goldstein to wait for Steven Caldera or Garbage Bag Johnny to show up to give them your…

Xander uses Finger Quotes with his free hand to accentuate his next word.

Searle: …"contract". Mind you, Steven Caldera wasn’t even in the building, and Garbage Bag Johnny hasn’t been on TV in a while. I’m pretty sure that after you left, Goldylocks left your "contract" where it was.

I know I’m young and inexperienced and all, but if that really was your contract, you’re getting screwed big time. First off, you signed it TyDenzo. Ty, I know that there is a suspension of disbelief that you expect wrestling fans to have, but no one believes that’s your real name. And three pages? Seriously, I know that my contract, with all the legalese and payment schedules, took up quite a few pages.

Let’s get beyond that though. You see, I don’t mind taking you apart verbally. But it’s what I do in the ring to you that really matters. You see, at one time, I foolishly called myself "Simply Better". Who knows, maybe in this case it’s apropos. One thing I can guarantee is this, you aren’t a Mark of Perfection. You’re barely a skid mark.

So, tonight, I want you to come out to that ring and leave it all out there. Because if you want to get to the top, you’re going to have to get through me first. I’m bigger, I’m stronger, and I can guarantee that I can be meaner than you ever will be.

"Metallic Rage" starts to play from in the arena. Xander hops off the equipment crate.

Searle: Just remember that, because tonight, I’m going to teach you an important lesson. I’m going to teach you to count all of the lights that you’re going to be staring at after you eat a Knockout Kick.

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Bryan: Alright ladies and ghouls, we’ve got ourselves a double debut match for the first in the action tonight.

Yale: Not only that. It should be extremely...illuminating.


Bryan: Flashlight pun?

Yale: Don’t judge me, let’s get on with the match.

The lights in the arena dim ever so slightly as "Metallic Rage" starts to filter in from the speakers high above the arena. Out from behind the curtain steps Xander Searle who walks to one side of the stage and attempts to get the fans on that side of the arena to get on their feet. He then crosses over to the other side and attempts to encourage those fans to get off their feet as well.

Bryan: Xander Searle is up to the challenge of getting the crowd revved up for the first bout of the night. But let’s see if he’s up to the task of toppling the pole, getting the flashlight, and beating his opponent.

Yale: GCW brings on the best of the best, JB. He might be debuting, but he’s a professional, and he’s gonna bring it right to Ty Denzo.

After a little bit of posturing in the center of the stage, Xander makes his way towards the ring as he’s introduced. He enters the ring by sliding under the bottom rope and pushes himself up and back into a standing position before heading to the opposite side of the ring to incite the fans to get to their feet as well.

Bryan: That’s one word, you know.

Yale: What?

Bryan: TyDenzo.

Yale: ...yeah. Ty Denzo.

Bryan: No, see it-...just never mind.

The lights fade to black as "Leave The Memories Alone" by Fuel fills the speakers of the arena... The camera pans the entire arena as the crowd stands to their feet with chants of "boos" and "ah." Suddenly, the side spotlights and blue flare stage lights appears as TyDezno is standing in the dusk of smoke with this dark look on his face. He slowly walks down the entrance ramp with his usually sinister smile.

Andrews: On his way to the ring from Toronto, Canada.. weighting in at 240 pounds, "Paragon of Perfection"... TyDezno!


Bryan: You’ve officially marred his debut.

Yale: The kid’s got a definite disadvantage of size, but I can tell by the look of him that he’s more willing to get his hands dirty. This should be a good one!

As TyDezno gets to the end of the entrance ramp we see he thinking about his actions and match tonight. Making his way to the steel steps, he climbs up to the ropes and enters the ring.

Yale: You think Ty is short for Tyrone or Tyler?

Bryan: It’s TyDenzo. All one word.

Yale: So Ty is short for TyDenzo. Got it.

TyDezno goes the the far right corner of the ring and climbs the turnbuckle. Smugly, he smiles as he slowly raise his right arm. Fans continue the assaults of boos, as he takes in all the hatred from the fans. TyDezno drops down from the turnbuckle and leans in the corner waiting.

Cameron Wrigley is a jerk and he calls for the bell to start this match!


Xander Searle tests the ropes behind him for their bounce while TyDenzo drops into a bit of a shoot wrestling stance. Xander’s eyes don’t leave his opponent, while TyDenzo’s eyes immediately look to the MagLite sitting up on a pole that is standing in the middle of the entranceway

Bryan: How is that pole suspended to stand up anyway?

Yale: Magnets.

Bryan: But how-

Yale: Mag. Nets.

TyDenzo makes a dash for the pole, but Xander springs off the ropes and charges the smaller man. Xander crashes into the man dubbed "The Pearl" with a running shoulder block. TyDenzo pops up quickly just as Xander throws a big right hand that catches him, sending The Paragon of Perfection reeling backward toward the turnbuckle. Xander runs at him again, looking to land a lariat, but TyDenzo executes a picture perfect drop toe hold and holds on to his opponent’s ankle.

Yale: Ty’s got the heart of the Denzo early on!

Bryan: He’s taking the fight right to someone much larger than him. Not unseen in GCW, but he’s got to be cautious about it.

NOPE. Screw that. TyDenzo wrenches Searle’s ankle sideways and Xander arches his back to try to get some leverage. TyDenzo shuffles and puts his weight on Xander’s leg, giving him a better angle to torque the foot, and Searle resigns to reaching for the ropes for a break. Cameron Wrigley is an asshole who waits a good two or three seconds to call for TyDenzo to let go.

Bryan: Man. Wrigley’s in a bad mood tonight.

TyDenzo, having let go and stood up, approaches Xander Searle as the latter is leaning on the bottom rope looking to catch his breath. As TyDenzo reaches for him, Searle throws an elbow that catches his aggressor in the ribcage, then stands up with a European uppercut that sends him stumbling back. Xander follows through with two quick forearms to the head as he pushes TyDenzo into the turnbuckle, but TyDenzo is quick to duck under Xander’s third strike and deliver a back kick to the kidneys. Searle’s chest hits the turnbuckle and TyDenzo runs back with an elbow strike to the back of his head.

Bryan: Every time Xander Searle looks to get some momentum, TyDenzo is able to counter his way out of it.

Yale: Big lug’s gotta lock that little snit down. C’mon! Bear hug the crap out of Ty Denzel Washington!

TyDenzo turns and throws a knee into Xander’s side, then a forearm across the back, and goes to rake Xander’s eyes. Searle, however, uses his size to his advantage, popping his hips which lifts TyDenzo off the ground, then reaching back and grabbing his opponent’s legs before falling backward in an improvisational slam. Cameron Wrigley’s a jerk who doesn’t start a double count, but that’s okay because Xander is taking a second while TyDenzo is spread out on the ground.

Bryan: Xander Searle’s got himself a break!

Yale: Go for the flashlight, dummy!

Bryan: ...what are you Red Fox now?

Xander indeed glances out to the MagLite on a pole at the entry way, but shakes his head and turns back to TyDenzo who is stirring. Searle picks him up and delivers a big scoop slam, and proceeds to the ropes where he bounces off with momentum and comes back in to drop an elbow on the sternum! Xander stands his opponent up and hooks him for a belly-to-belly suplex!

Bryan: This is gonna leave a mark! We may already have seen the end of TyDenzo!

NOPE. See TyDenzo, he’s a bit crafty. As Searle pops him off the ground, Mister Denzo takes it upon himself to jump and twist himself so that he lands on his feet while Xander falls to his knees, having thrown no one. TyDenzo bolts to the ropes and comes back with a full head of steam-


-jumping with a cross body block...that Xander Searle catches without much effort. Searle holds TyDenzo with a sneer while the crowd cheers around them and he begins to squeeze.

Yale: Tyler Durden Denzo...says here a nickname is The Mark of Perfection. Pfft.

Bryan: For the last time, his name is all one word. TyDenzo!

Yale: I know! Where the hell did he pull Mark from?

That sound you hear is James Bryan slamming his forehead on the desk. Meanwhile, in the ring, Xander Searle has TyDenzo locked in with a big bear hug, and TyDenzo isn’t about to put up with it. Fingers to the eyes seems to be his answer to everything, and sure enough Xander falters but he doesn’t let go. What he does do, however, is swing one way then the other and toss TyDenzo into the ropes. Afterward he clutches at his newly-raked eyes as TyDenzo awkwardly tumbles through the ropes, to the floor, and picks himself up on the outside...right net to the pole with the flashlight on it.

Yale: Ah Haaaaaa!

TyDenzo wastes no time as he goes to scale the pole. It’s something like 3 meters tall...or 2. Darth Vader was 2 meters, so that’s like 6 feet, so I guess it’s like 2 and a half. Anyway, it takes effort and in the mean time Xander Searle makes no effort to stop him.

Bryan: Well it looks like TyDenzo has acquired the MagLite, and Xander has made no move to stop him.

Yale: Does he realize that now the flashlight is actually illegal for anyone but Ty to use?

Bryan: I don’t think he cares.

TyDenzo rolls under the bottom rope with the MagLite in hand, and Xander gives him a bit of room in the ring. TyDenzo pops up and charges, the flashlight behind him like a cudgel, but before he can swing Xander plants a foot in the abdomen that bends his opponent over. Xander goes to hit a double axe handle, and TyDenzo swings the flashlight with a backhand that Searle just barely dodges. Searle immediately clubs TyDenzo away and re-evaluates his approach.

Bryan: Xander may be erring on the side of arrogance here, but that reach of his might keep this even.

Yale: As long as Denz has that flashlight, he’s at a severe advantage!

TyDenzo steps in and swings the weapon again, but Xander manages to redirect the swing and twist, causing TyDenzo to drop the MagLite on the mat.

Yale: Aaaaaand there it goes.

Xander sweeps the leg and the two drop to the mat, and Searle reaches up for a cross-face hold! Cameron Wrigley is an asshole who takes his time to come down to TyDenzo’s level and ask if he’s going to submit. TyDenzo shakes his head "no" and Xander Searle proceeds to lean further back with the hold.

Bryan: TyDezno is a mile and a half from the nearest ropes, and that cross-face is locked in tight! We could be looking at Xander Searle’s first GCW win right here!

TyDenzo can’t see, but he’s reaching for the ropes or- his hand wraps around the metal handle. Without hesitation, he throws his hand back and bats a thousand, clocking Xander Searle right in the kisser with the lens end of a MagLite that had been turned on!

Bryan: What a break! He blinded him with science, and nailed him right in the face with that flashlight!

Yale: TyDenzo dug down deep! That’s enough for me to get his name right!

Xander’s hand goes to his face, and TyDenzo shows no mercy. He immediately rolls over and blasts Xander in the face with the flashlight again, which sends Xander down to the mat! TyDenzo immediately goes to lift Xander up, doubles him over, and places the flashlight across his throat! He reaches up for a modified RKO!

Bryan: The Designed Perfection! Kind of! With that flashlight across the larynx, that could do it!

Cameron Wrigley drops as TyDenzo goes for the cover!





Andrews: Here is your winner...TYDENZO!!!

The crowd is booing their hearts out, but TyDenzo doesn’t allow it to ruin his first win here at GCW!

Bryan: What an opener, and TyDenzo proved that tenacity and taking that extra flashlight can make the difference!

Yale: Xander scoffed at it, but in the end that metal club is exactly what did him in. That’s what it takes to win around here!

Bryan: We’ll be back in just a bit, ladies and gentlemen, for more GCW action!

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A bag of popcorn in his left hand whilst a bottle of water in the other, Cameron Garret is standing near the Triton watching the matches backstage while enjoying the snack. Coming off a loss to Theo Palmer, Cameron is unbooked on tonight's card. However he knows that he needs to work on something and watching other professionals is one way of doing so. Needless to say he is enjoying the night off trying to learn and get better.

The smell of cigarette smoke wafts towards him, and before he has time to really register that, or wave it away, a shirtless, tattooed monster of a man moves into view. The aforementioned cigarette is clamped between his lips, and a scowl is on his face as he catches the other man looking at him.

Cameron takes one last kernel of popcorn and throws it in his mouth prior to him wiping the excess butter on his pant leg. The smell of cigarettes had caught his attention, making him aware of the superstar coming up to the stage next. Not wanting to miss an opportunity Cameron makes his way closer and extends his hand, looking to shake the hand of the one and only Brad Jackson-- only to be snubbed as Jackson looks at the extended hand and rolls his eyes, muttering to himself.

Jackson: Great, another loser fanboy.

He flicks away his cigarette and glowers at Cameron.

Jackson: What’s the matter, kid... you lose the rest of the tour group?

Taken aback, Cameron looks at Brad with a hint of resentment.

Garret: Fanboy....

He pauses for a second to let his thoughts process.

Garret: Tour Group? I think you have a bit of mix-up there, Mr. Jackson.

Cocking his head, the man known to the wrestling world as The Mechanical Animal studies the guy standing across from him. Finally he snaps his fingers, recognition dawning on his face.

Jackson: Wait. I know you. You’re that kid who can’t buy a win to save his life. Saw you on those tapes when I was looking up this Palmer asshole I’m facing tonight.

Garret: Can’t buy a win might be a stretch don’t you think?

Cameron taps his chin for a second but doesn’t give Jackson a chance to reply.

Garret: Before you answer that with some wisecrack, you’re right I have fallen into a rut as of late. But that was as of late. It seems to me that tonight might be the night you either take care of the thorn in my side Palmer and I become a thorn in your side or you fall into a rut and I am still stuck with my win-less streak and Palmer to deal with.

Cameron not known for his cockiness for some reason having the arrogant Brad Jackson around him has made him speak his mind more than normal.

Jackson: A rut? Me? Guess you’re not up on the history, kid. Maybe I was on a losing streak when I was here before back in good ol’ 2009, but that doesn’t mean I’m about to repeat that now.

Garret: I guess that is neither here nor there for me right now. There is only one reason I am here tonight and it is to make sure I not only get better but I also take the next steps in my career.

Cameron was not used to a confrontations like this but knew he didn’t do much to stop it. His purpose was to become a better wrestler no matter what it took, even if he stepped on some toes on the way up.

Jackson: Congratulations and good luck with that.

He snorted with laughter before realizing that the kid wasn’t kidding.

Jackson: Shit, you’re serious, aren’t you? You think you can learn how to kick ass and take names from watching these dingleberries? Really?

Shaking his head, he smirks.

Jackson: You wanna learn how to do this right... watch me in action, kid.

Cameron has two different looks on his face, the puzzled look and then an angry look. Switching between the two only takes a moment however it is noticeable to Jackson.

Garret: We will see after your match with Palmer if watching you in action will really help me in my career... we shall see.

Jackson: Playin’ with fire, man. You don’t want to insult me... well unless you’re trying to piss me off so I maim your pal Palmer.

Garret: Palmer isn’t my pal, nor am I looking to antagonize you, I just want to become better.

Nodding, a somewhat scheming look appears in Jackson’s eyes before it shifts into a smile.

Jackson: I dig, hoss. Looking to improve’s always admirable. That’s why, in a few minutes, I’m gonna let you see something really special. You can feast your eyes on dominance and perfection. Then you’ll understand why they call me a Machine.

Before Cameron can say anything else, Jackson shoulders past him, making his way towards the gorilla position. Cameron not wanting to be outdone, speaks up to grab the last word before the match starts.

Garret: We will see... we will see. However even if you do succeed tonight, it will be short-lived, as I will become better, surpassing even someone as egotistical as you.

Cameron goes back to eating his popcorn and takes a swig of his water with disgust as he knows that interaction didn’t goes as well as he wanted. However the prospect that he may actually be able to learn something tonight has him hopeful that his plan will succeed.

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It's a rare occasion that the GCW cameras catch a glimpse behind Amy Campbell's brash exterior. The little redhead is a cocky thing (and with good reason for it) , and when we see her wandering around back here, it's her razor-sharp tongue that's most often the star of the show.

Not tonight. As we've seen already, the injured Spider in the Web didn't even make the trip, and whatever that means for her personally, the bottom line is that means Aimz has no tag team partner for the main event. Her first choice for a replacement was a nonstarter, vetoed by Triumph Frost at the start of the program, and that left the Red Raver facing the prospect of a two-on-one match with the number one contender to the TV title and the new United States champion without the slightest whiff of backup.

So it is that we find Campbell in the locker room area, dropping heavily onto the sofa in the locker room, her elbows on her knees and her hands in her hair. She unleashes a hefty sigh, wiping the back of her hand across her mouth.

Aimz: All right, then. Let's do this. Let's fucking--

There's a knock on the door, but Amy's visitor doesn't even wait for the little redhead to lift her head before entering. It wasn't like Amy really needed to look to know who it was, anyway. There just aren't many women in GCW who wear their high heels quite so high.

Aimz: [with a sigh] Not now, Kathryn...

The Siren enters anyway, and her grin doesn't even flicker. Kathryn Shaw's dress is iridescent green, the color of a mermaid's tail, with a neckline that makes her cleavage seem to defy gravity even more than usual.

Shaw: Oh, wow. They said you were in a bad mood when I asked where you were, but you just look like someone kicked your puppy.

Aimz: Well, I was gonna have fun tonight. Now I've gotta beat two guys at once - do not make the obvious joke there - and only have Quinn to celebrate with if I manage to do it.

Kathryn shakes her head. She's rolling a bag behind her, pink and cute and so very, very yuppie.

Shaw: Hon, it's 2011. You have a laptop. Skype a bitch.

Aimz: It's not the same. And why do you have a bag? As a matter of fact, why are you here at all? Don't you work for Alex?

The Siren lifts a shoulder, wheeling her suitcase up to the bench.

Shaw: I'm here... because I was asked to be here.

Campbell's eyebrows raise.

Aimz: By who, exactly?

"Uh... by me?"

It's not Kathryn who answers; it's the dark-haired teenager coming in behind her. Quinn Gregory is wearing jeans tighter than they should be and a sky-blue t-shirt with a picture of a Dalek made out of snow (and, purely in the interest of science, we must point out: no bra), and she adjusts her eyeglasses as she steps between the two women. It would be an understatement to say that Shaw and Campbell are "longtime rivals", and she's quick to keep that from escalating (though if there was a punchcard for violence exchanges, the two would probably get their next one free).

Quinn: I kinda figured they might do the whole thing where you couldn't have Vivica as your partner.

Aimz: You kind of figured? How could you--

Quinn: Because I've watched the shows? This place grows dickheads in charge like some kind of evil Chia pet. So I thought that you might need a backup partner.

Aimz: ... And you never thought to call, I dunno, ANYBODY but her?

The girl crooks an eyebrow.

Quinn: Just how many wrestlers do you think have given me their numbers?

Aimz: I'd hope none, because your mom's not here to keep me from going on a killing spree. You could've called me and I might have found somebody.

Quinn: ...good point. But this will work out fine, trust me.

Aimz: I do trust you. I'm still not teaming with her.

Quinn: Then you can team with me!

That earns the Devil's Daughter a sour look from her kinda-mom, sorta-sis.

Aimz: Yeah, that's not happening, either.

Quinn: Why not?

Aimz: Prrrretty sure we've been over this. You're seventeen, and your mom would literally never talk to me again if I let those two douchecanoes hurt you.

Gregory waves that thought off with a dismissive hand.

Quinn: Yeah, whatever. She'd never do that to you, not as long as you still give up the puss. So that means we're back to Aunt Kathi as your partner.

Aimz: If you ever talk like that again, I will personally wash your mouth out with soap. And no - no, we're not.

Quinn: Why not? You guys would be awesome together. You're both smart. You're both super-fun. You're both... I forget the third thing. Two of the hottest chicks in GCW teaming up! C'mon! I bet you can't give me one good reason why this wouldn't work.

Aimz: Because I'm not even sure she can wrestle.

Kathryn lifts her index finger like she were flagging down a particularly recalcitrant waitress.

Shaw: Uh, one? I'm standing right here.

Aimz: I know exactly where you're standing. Helps me know where not to point my back.

Shaw: And two -- I'd be better at it than the nobody you have.

Aimz: Kicking guys in the junk doesn't count as "wrestling".

Again, the teen interjects to prevent this from going nuclear.

Quinn: Okay, two. Give me two good reasons.

Aimz: She can't wrestle. I can't trust her. Having no partner means less potential to get screwed over by a partner. Also there's a very serious concern that she'll give the ring mat a fungal infection.

Shaw: Oh, come on

Quinn: You don't have to be such a dick about it, you know. You could just--

Campbell levels a finger at Quinn, then Kathryn.

Aimz: What, be nice and get stabbed in the back? What're you gonna do out there, Slutbucket? Huh? And don't say 'Distract them with my tits'.

Shaw: Distract them with my… breasts?

That earns a chuckle from Quinn, who quickly falls back under Amy's glare.

Aimz: What part of any of this is a good idea? As much as I'd love to see her get a broken nose, there's no way I'd tag… I mean, who the hell would tag her in?! And I don't need to resort to dirty tricks or stupid distractions to beat those clowns. Two years ago, maybe - not today.

Quinn: She's not going to stab you in the back.

That's the only thing the girl focuses on.

Aimz: And if I had a dollar for every time someone said that about her, I wouldn't have to blink at a mortgage payment.

Quinn: This time is different.

Aimz: Why? What on earth can make you think that--

Shaw: Because I promised her I wouldn't.

If there was such a thing as an epic eyeroll, Amy gives it.

Aimz: Oh, well, that makes me feel so much better. Look, if I'm going to--

Quinn: It should make you feel better. Look, I know you guys have had your... your whatever, but the fact of the matter is that I know she always judges risk against reward. Sure, she might find it funny if those two assfaces beat you up...

Shaw: And it would be hilarious, believe me.

Quinn: But that would mean she would have betrayed me. And if you ask yourself whether that's worth short-term suffering for you -- like I did -- you'll get that this is maybe the one time that you can trust Aunt Kathi to have your back.

She glances briefly to her godmother.

Quinn: No offense.

Shaw: None taken.

Amy looks between the both of them, considering it for a long moment. Finally, she sits down on one of the benches against the wall, tilting her head back with a sigh - one that Quinn knows well. It's the one that says 'Fuck it, I give up' without her having to.

Aimz: You tell her about the Justice League?

Quinn: I did. Shame, because I made some pretty badass Shaimz t-shirts.

Aimz: "Shaim--" --

She lifts her hands.

Aimz: You know what, I don't want to know. Viv's not here yet, but if we're actually -- fuck, I can't believe I'm saying this -- if we're actually going to do this, she has to fit in. We went through a lot of trouble--

Shaw: [cutting in] It's no problem. I actually already had a suit packed.

Campbell sighs again.

Aimz: Even in what's essentially a handicap match, I'm trying to have fun out there. Don't slut it up, got it?

Shaw: I wouldn't. Cross my heart.

She actually goes to make a cross across her breastbone, but Amy's sigh cuts her off.

Aimz: Can we not... I know it's hard, but don't draw any more attention to those than is absolutely necessary?

Shaw: I'll do my best.

Aimz: You'd better. And if you do screw me--

Quinn: If she screws you, she deals with me, okay? Now, Viv should be here soon, I guess, because... she gets to show up late or whatever. Not like she can even claim to be hung over. We're gonna go change.

Aimz: Fine. Just...

She slams the back of her head against the wall for a moment; it's clear she already thinks this is all a bad idea. Her self-pity only lasts for a moment, though, before she's sitting up in full-on mother mode.

Aimz: You need to put a sweater on. Or an industrial strength br--y'know, just go change, okay?

The girl sighs plaintively, grunting her agreement as she and her godmother slip out, leaving Amy alone in the locker room.

Aimz: I've gone insane. That's the only thing I can think of.

Cut back to ringside.

Bryan: Well, there you have it! It'll be Kathryn Shaw and Amy Campbell against the Red and Ted Revival tonight!

Yale: But she doesn't seem too excited about it.

Bryan: Can Kathi Shaw even wrestle? Can she be trusted? We'll find out in the main event... later tonight!

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The lights dim, heavy mist filling the ramp as strobe lights begin to pulse slowly. A steady bass throb begins, growing in volume, sounding much like a heartbeat. A single gunshot shatters the silence, followed by mocking laughter and Jackson's voice hurling insults before the the music skips, and then the sounds of "Lies" by Evanescence filters through the speakers. Dark red strobes pulsate on the entranceway, and a dark figure moves among them, stepping forward as indigo fountains of pyrotechnic spark either side of him.

The crowd begins to boo as the metal music pounds over the speakers. The image on the screen changes to a turbulent, stormy sky above a windswept desert wasteland; lightning crackling, thunder booming in perfect counterpoint to the music. A dark point far off in the distance, growing nearer... a black stallion. The dark horse charges across the desert, his nostrils flaring, foam dripping from his lips, a look of fierce determination in brown eyes that gleam reddish as the lightning courses across the sky. Suddenly the horse stops and rears, the footage burning away as though acid was dropped on the reel. Darkness replaces it, and then blood drips down from the top of the screen, forming these words: "I AM THE DARKNESS? FEAR ME."

He strides forwards, ignoring the crowd reaction. He circles the ring once, his eyes steady, a look of angry concentration on his face, before ascending the ring steps and climbing between the ropes.

Jackson stands in the middle of the ring, his head thrown back in a triumphant roar as the music comes to a grinding halt, cut off with a squeal of feedback.

Bryan: It’s been two years since we’ve seen Brad Jackson compete in a GCW ring.

"Sexy and I Know It" starts to fill the arena.

Bryan: Here comes the other returnee in tonight’s match.

Andrews: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. In the ring at this time, from New York City. He is the Mechanical Animal. BRAD…JACKSON! And his opponent, making his way to the ring from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. THEO…PAAAAALMER!

Palmer makes his way to the ring as the fans are booing both men.

Bryan: Theo made his return at Rampage, and tonight is not only taking on Brad Jackson, but will be back out here later on to take on DNA with Alexander Redding as his partner.

Yale: You have to think that match has got to be on his mind as he comes out for this match tonight.

David Fellows goes over some instructions with the both Jackson and Palmer and makes sure that they didn’t hide any foreign objects in their boots and pads. As he steps back, the bell rings and the two come to the center of the ring. This isn’t so much a wrestling match as they both exchange punches in the center of the ring. The bigger Jackson gets an advantage due to his reach and takes Palmer to the ropes.

Bryan: Brad Jackson with the reach advantage, Theo Palmer probably won’t want to get into a fist fight with him.

Jackson with an irish whip to shoot Palmer to the opposite side ropes. Brad drops his head for a back body drop, but Palmer uses this as an opportunity to try and wear Jackson down by attempting to latch on a guillotine choke. Before he can get the body scissor locked in, Jackson lifts up and easily tosses Theo to the mat.

Bryan: The power of Brad Jackson is already on display as he threw Theo Palmer like a rag doll.

Yale: Almost made him look like a paper airplane with that throw.

Jackson quickly back in to bring Palmer back to his feet. Theo launches a couple of hard punches into the taller Jackson’s midsection. Theo with another hard shot as he gets to his feet to the side of Jackson’s skull. Palmer with an irish whip and catches the Mechanical Animal under the jaw with a jumping heel kick. Palmer quickly jumps into a pin.


Bryan: Palmer going for the quick pinfall and doesn’t even get a 2.

Yale: Smart thinking, get it over quickly and stay fresh for the main event.

Palmer doesn’t give Jackson a chance to get to his feet before he drops an elbow. Palmer goes for another cover, but still only manages a one count. Another elbow from Palmer. Palmer then starts to climb to the top turnbuckle. Palmer from the top and jams his elbow right into Brad Jackson’s heart. Another cover.


Bryan: Big elbow from the top by Theo Palmer, and it wasn’t enough to put Brad Jackson away.

Yale: If I’m Theo, I’d be worried about how long this match might go, and the risk for injury leading into his main event match tonight.

Palmer brings Jackson back to his feet and latches on for a T-Bone suplex. Palmer is back to his feet rather quickly and starts to lay a couple of stomps into Jackson’s sternum. Palmer then heads back to the top turnbuckle. He launches off the top turnbuckle once again for a flying elbow, only this time, Jackson rolls out of the way, allowing Palmer to crash and burn.

Bryan: Brad Jackson avoids the diving elbow this time.

Yale: That doesn’t bode well for Theo.

Jackson is quick on the attack and brings Palmer back to his feet. Whip from Jackson sends Palmer barreling into the ropes. As Theo rebounds, he’s caught on the jaw from a Brad Jackson big boot. Jackson quickly brings Palmer back to his feet and lifts him up for an Electric Chair. Jackson drops back and bridges.


Bryan: Jackson went for the Chaos Engine, but it wasn’t enough to keep Palmer’s shoulders on the mat.

Yale: You have to imagine that Palmer has to start worrying about what shape he’s going to be in for the main event.

Jackson doesn’t allow Palmer to get to his feet. Instead, Jackson latches on a waist lock, and lifts Theo up and over with a Karelin Lift. Theo is again brought to his feet, and is again slammed down with a suplex from Brad. Jackson goes for the cover.


Bryan: Big vertical suplex from Jackson, and it isn’t enough to keep Theo down.

Yale: I think Palmer should allow himself to be pinned, that way he doesn’t have to worry about taking more damage than he can take with him to the main event.

Jackson is the first to his feet and looks to hit Something Wicked. He grasps Palmer with the double underhooks and starts to position Palmer for the drop. Palmer slips free and pushes Jackson into the ropes. As Jackson comes off the ropes, he’s caught under the jaw by a dropkick from Theo. Theo goes for a quick cover, hooking the leg.


Bryan: Beautiful dropkick from Palmer, but it isn’t enough to end this match.

Yale: He’s going to want to end it quickly though. The longer it goes, the worse off he will be when it’s time for tonight’s Main Event.

Palmer brings Jackson back to his feet and whips him hard into the turnbuckle. Theo then charges in, colliding shoulder first into Brad Jackson’s midsection. Palmer starts to lay boots to the midsection, eventually dropping Brad Jackson down in the corner. Palmer then heads towards the opposite corner and charges in. Palmer launches and lands crotch first in Jackson’s face and starts to go to town with the Pants Party.

Bryan: The Pants Party from Theo Palmer!

Yale: I bet in the main event, he’s going to have a party in his pants.

Palmer pulls Jackson out of the corner and lifts Jackson up for the Dirty Dangle. As he spins and go to swing Jackson off his shoulder, Brad slips though and lands on his feet. Jackson quickly grasps both of Palmer’s arms, and before you can say it’s over, has Palmer in the position for Something Wicked. Jackson kicks out his feet and drives Theo face first into the canvas. Brad rolls his opponent over, goes for the cover and hooks the leg.

1…2…3! DING DING

Bryan: It’s over.

Yale: But will Theo be able to continue for the main event.

Andrews: The winner of this match…Brad Jackson.

Bryan: Hard fought battle from both of them. It’s good to see both of them back in GCW.

Yale: But with the quickness of Something Wicked, will Theo be ready for the main event later on?

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Bryan: Now it looks like we're backstage with Amy Campbell and she's with Desade's daughter Quinn Gregory.

Yale: Johnny Borealis' love interest, Quinn Gregory to you.

Bryan: She's not even 18 years old.

Yale: He's Johnny Borealis! He's a frickin rockstar from Mars, do you think he lets a little thing like age get in the way of his eventual conquests?

Bryan: Well, it is illegal.

Yale: Only if you get caught.

Bryan: You are a disgusting individual.

Yale: Hey! The legal age of consent here in Washington is...

Before David Yale even got a chance to finish his thought, the door opened catching both of the ladies by surprise. Walking in with a gear bag over her shoulder, the Fearless Phenom, Vivica J. Valentine marched into her locker room. A roar rose from the far stretches of the arena as she simply dropped her bag on the ground and went to leave. She froze though, when she realized the entire world was staring at her.

Valentine: Do I have something on my face?

Paranoid she begins to pat her face.

Valentine: No? You two look like you've seen a ghost.

Quinn: Uh, no?

Aimz: We were just talking about the--you know what, nevermind. Just not sure where you're going.

The end of that sentence rises doubtfully, almost a question, and she shares a look with her kinda-daughter and sorta-pal.

Quinn: Yeah, I mean... we've got a pitcher of sweet tea and totally have enough glasses.

Aimz: That sounds creepy - 'We've got a pitcher of sweet tea'. That's some Jim Jones sh--I'm rambling. Just sit and chill, Viv. Maybe relax for a second and tell me how it went with the doctor?

Reluctantly, the Fearless Phenom steps back from the door and back towards the room.

Valentine: The test? I failed. As expected. The outcome isn't important, I'm sure the thing was totally fixed and rigged from Triumph so I couldn't pass anyway. You know?

There was no answer, only a facial expression of concern as they glanced at each other surrounded by awkward silence. Taking a step back towards the door Vivica notices Amy raise her hand, as if trying to get her to stop. Stopping in her tracks, she turns back towards the two questionably.

Valentine: This isn't one of those interventions, is it? You guys do know I'm straight-ed--

Quinn: Straight edge, yadda yadda, so tough you won't take a pill to make your head stop hurting. Or apparently to make you smarter.

Aimz: What the hell, Quinn?

She half-playfully smacks the teen on the back, turning to Valentine.

Aimz: I'm pretty sure she means you should take the night off.

Valentine: No.

Aimz: Right, I forgot you're a stubborn bitch like me. Here's the thing, though - and I know this better than anyone - you're gonna hang here and stew, then you're gonna get all riled up and go do something stupid. You'll, what? Probably go after Frost and yeah, you'll fuck him up, but let's say he cracks your head off the wall once or twice - gets a lucky shot, takes a cheap opening and shelves you twice as long. That's not gonna solve--y'know, I'm probably the last person who should be talking somebody down from violence, but in this ca--

Quinn: What she's saying is: sit the fuck down and have some goddamn tea.

Vivica raises an eyebrow to Quinn and stands tall in her defiance.

Valentine: I'm not going to just let him win. I'm not going to continue to just let him push around a roster of people who bust their ass for those people and this business because he has a little bit of cash to throw around. I refuse to let that asshole continue to believe the world revolves around hi...

Aimz: That's all well and good, and I get it, but what you need to do tonight is refuse to let him put you in a fucking hospital, understand?

Valentine: I can't afford to...

Aimz: No, I can't afford to lose one of the only people I can stand being around just because she's got a wild hair and wants to go off acting like… well, acting like my dumb ass… over some fuckwit on a power trip.

Valentine: But I...

Quinn: Sit. Tea.

With a sigh squeezing its way out between her glossed lips, Vivica marched back towards the center of the room and sat down in a chair position across from other pair of women in the room. As a glass of tea is poured, Vivica fidgets in her chair, watching impatiently while biting her bottom lip before the energy simply explodes forward with a single sentence.

Valentine: I'm sitting and now we...?

Aimz: Well, by the time I was Quinn's age, we'd just sit around talking about how high…

She glances briefly to the teen, cutting herself off mid-sentence. Quinn just rolls her eyes.

Aimz: … How high our aspirations were!

And there's the nervous laugh.

Aimz: What, you thought I meant we were doing drugs? C'mon. This is me you're t--y'know, let's just move on, shall we? It's Halloween, and I happen to have the greatest idea for coordinated costumes ever.

Valentine: I hope it isn't cowgirls. I did that last year.

Quinn: The only time you hear "cowgirl" around here is when Aunt Kath--

Aimz: Please don't finish that sentence or tell me how you'd know to make that joke, kay?

Campbell picks up a small box from a nearby countertop, handing it over to Vivica with a nervous little smirk.

Aimz: I hope you like it. I had to eyeball your size, so it might be a little--

Her hand flicks through her hair, brushing her bangs out of her eyes.

Aimz: I think it'll be cool, even if nobody else around here feels like they're in the spirit.

Quinn: [muttering] Because it was three weeks ago.

Aimz: Anyway, yeah. No pressure.

Hesitant, Vivica pulls open the cardboard flaps to reveal the costume that lays inside. Pulling out a bright red costume wrapped in plastic, she gave it a good once over before turning it around and revealing the logo of "The Flash" to Amy, Quinn, and the camera. If one were looking closely, they could almost swear they saw a smirk cross Vivica's lips in what seemed to be the first time in a lifetime.

Aimz: So that's a... yes? You like? Because I couldn't decide between it and Green Lantern, but, well, let's be honest - even Ryan Reynolds didn't wanna be Green Lantern, and he was paid millions. Al was supposed to do the Superman thing, but she's not here, and I get a little creeped out when she dresses like a dude, so--

Valentine: I...

Crinking up her nose, her eyes dart back and forth to watch the expression of pure and unabashed joy begin to leave the face of Amy Campbell. Looking back at the costume, her mouth opened like she wanted to say something, but the words just didn't come. Back to Amy. To Quinn. To the costume. From there a smirk crosses her face. That same blossoms into a smile.

Valentine: I love it. Let's do it.

Campbell perks up in victory, chuckling.

Aimz: Sweet, because it was this or be an Ewok tribe, but certain parties are giant assholes who think the forest moon of Endor was inhabited by a great big gimmick.

Quinn: It's not our fault you buy into--

Aimz: We discussed this, Quinn. Don't be a hater just because all your generation has is Clone Wars. Hurt George Lucas, not me.

The teen folds her arms, defiant to the last.

Quinn: Hey, Clone Wars isn't exactly bad. Snips is a good role model and Asajj Ventress--you know, nevermind. At least I look good in mine, right?

Aimz: Damn right. I wish there was a costume contest - I'm more worried about our group getup tonight than I am about the stupid match.

Valentine: Hey!

Both girls stop mid-sentence and watch as Vivica stands back up. With everyone's attention fully on her she waves her hand in front of Aimz.

Valentine: The ewoks were not the costumes you were looking for.

The two stare in silence as the Fearless Phenom picks the box back up, tucks it under her arm, and then exits stage right. Almost as if on cue Amy looks over at Quinn, who just watches her leave the room dumbfounded.

Aimz: So... no Ewoks.

Bryan: That was pretty impressive.

Yale: Ugh, Star Nerds.

Bryan: You have to admit, there's something about girls who like video games and Star Wars.

Yale: Yeah, but only the weak and feeble minded fall for the Jedi Mind Trick.

Bryan: What does that make you?

Yale: A mother effin Sith Lord. Fear me.

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Andrews: The following match is an OPEN CHALLENGE MATCH and is scheduled for ONE FALL...

Bryan: Is someone crazy enough to actually answer this thing?

Yale: Lord knows. We're just about to find out.

Bryan: I don't think this is going to be a match half as much as a car wreck.

Yale: We can only hope so, JB.

"The Serpentine Offering" by Dimmu Borgir blasts over the PA system, and Shaman steps through the curtains as white mist rolls around him. He raises his hands and brings them down as two bolts of lightning hit behind him.

Andrews: Making his way to the ring, from Mojave, New Mexico, weighing in at 335 pounds. . . SHAMAAAAAAN!

Bryan: Shaman is on his way out to the ring and he looks PISSED.

Yale: This is going to be... posssibly, the greatest moment of my life. We are GUARENTEED some action here. This is going to be brutal. This isn't going to be easy to watch, but man is this going to be talked about for a while.

Bryan: If anyone answers it at all.

Shaman slowly walks to the ring. he stops at ringside reaching up he grabs the second rope and pulls himself up onto the ring apron. Pushing down the top rope he simply steps over it and into the ring.

Bryan: Inside that ring is a very dangerous man.

Yale: He is a colossus, and he truly is GCW's hardcore legend. Tonight, there will be blood.

Turning Shaman stalks back and forth like a caged animal ready and waiting to strike. The crowd looks on in anticipation as Shaman's nostrils flare, his eyes staring down the ramp waiting for Global Championship Wrestling to bring another lamb down to slaughter. An impatient crowd once watched in silence begins to chant "WE WANT WRESTLING!" across the arena as Shaman leans over the top rope glaring down at whoever wants to come and get some.

Bryan: I think we have to acknowledge that there is a very real possibility that no one on the GCW roster is dumb enough to answer this. With Dangerous Games coming up on the horizon, I don't think anyone is willing to put their career in jeopardy with such a huge opportunity in reach.

Yale: C'mon JB, with all the egos back in that locker room... someone HAS to answer.

I want it all.

I want it all.

I want it all... and I want it now.

"I Want It All / We Will Rock You" by Queen feat. Armageddon plays over the arena and a mixed reaction erupts over the arena. Wearing his trademark high-dollar black suit and tie, Christian Zenith walks out onto the stage area. His cold blue eyes glared back at the hardcore legend as he raised a microphone up to his lips. The music cuts just as his voice begins to play over the arena.

Zenith: Shaman, I understand your desire take out your frustrations with recent events out on some unlucky member of my roster... but given adequate response time, no one on the Global Championship Wrestling roster has stepped forward to answer your call. I regret to inform you at this time that it looks like you're going to be waiting until next week for in-ring competition.

Jeers rain down from the far corners of the arena, furthering the snarl that has crossed Shaman's face inside of the ring.

Zenith: I have no choice but to declare you the winner, and I ask that you leave the ring at this time.

The crowd continues to boo due to a lack of in-ring action as Shaman just shakes his head "No" and then backs up away from the entrance. In a clear show of defiance he waves his hand at Zenith as if telling him to bring somebody out. Putting the microphone down on the floor, Christian seems to be taking a more personal approach by walking down towards the ring. As he gets within earshot, the camera can pick up the audio of Zenith yelling "No one will come, what do you expect me to do?"

His shoulders rising up and down, Shaman stomps his right boot hard onto the canvas before a thought hits him, stopping his every movement. Turning around he looks into the eyes of GCW's new commissioner and points squarely at him. He then shoots his finger straight to the ground, daring Christian Zenith to step into the ring.

Bryan: He just challenged the commissioner to a match!

Yale: I think we know Zenith well enough that he isn't going to dirty his hands here.

Bryan: He'll fight anyone, JB! Fans! Commissioners! Wrestlers! It doesn't matter. Shaman is out here for a fight and I don't think he's going to leave this ring without one.

The Prodigy shakes his head in disappointment from the outside of the ring before sliding his right arm out of his black suit jacket to reveal his white dress shirt under a black suit vest. Roars from the crowd begin to erupt as Zenith then drops his jacket to the floor and takes a step towards the ring before suddenly...

Bryan: RASA!


Shaman is so fixated on Christian Zenith he doesn't even see the giant potato-sacked monster step over the barricade behind him. Unknowingly, he actually walks closer to Zenith, giving Rasa more room to pull himself up on the apron of the ring without alerting the former Hardcore Champion. Standing on the ramp, the crowds mouth drops as Rasa is a good six inches taller than the giant already in the ring.

Bryan: Holy...

Yale: My God.

Zenith walks up the stairs and onto the apron as Rasa steps over the top rope behind Shaman, who is still completely oblivious to the situation. Getting a running start, Rasa runs up behind Shaman and boots him right in the back of the skull. Shaman crumples to the mat as Christian Zenith now enters the ring. That shot would knock most men unconscious, but Shaman is no normal man crawling towards the ropes in an effort to re-establish his bearings. Rasa quickly gets aggressive and as Shaman grabs the ropes, it stomps his boot down on the back of Shaman's neck, pressing it against the ropes.

Shaman flails for oxygen before using impressive strength to push himself up and out of the position. Rasa loses balance and Shaman pulls himself up to his feet and turns around to look at his assailant for the first time, obviously in pain holding the back of his skull and slightly delirious from the vicious shot. Shaman swings at the monster and misses, leaving him open to take another unprotected boot to the cranium, dropping him down to his knees.

Bryan: Shaman has been hit so many times in the head he probably can't even see straight but he STILL won't go down. He obviously doesn't even know what's good for him at this point in time.

Yale: He's a tough son of a...

Zenith circles around the back of Shaman, keeping a keen eye on Rasa's violence as it lifts Shaman back up to his feet and impressively up into a high crucifix position above its head. The crowd gasps in shock as Rasa holds Shaman in a cruifix above its head circling around for the entire world to see before dropping the hardcore one head first onto the mat in a powerbomb/piledriver hybrid that leaves the crowd in a shocked silence.

Bryan: I don't think there are any words for what we're witnessing.

Yale: It wasn't even a fair fight. Rasa hit Shaman in the back of the head with that boot so hard before Shaman even knew he was there that he'd been disoriented since the beginning. He might've had a concussion before this even started.

"Make a statement." the audio can pick up Christian Zenith's voice as Rasa stands over its prey. Grabbing both of Shaman's arms, Rasa lifts Shaman's head and shoulders up off the mat for the camera to see before placing its boot on the back of Shaman's head and slamming it back down to the mat with all of its strength in a nasty curb stomp. "That's enough" the audio can hear as Christian waves towards the back to call for medics, "leave them wanting more."

Rasa simply follows Christian Zenith outside of the ring as he picks his suit jacket back up off the floor and paramedics rush down to check on the condition of Shaman. Meanwhile the pair make their way to the back, Zenith adjusting his suit to perfection, as if nothing had happened at all.

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"Okay, seriously? You can't even do a wristlock?"

"I've got it, I've got it. So I twist under and--what do I do with this the other hand?"

"You hold the fucking--"

Backstage, Amy Campbell is trying to give Kathryn Shaw wrestling lessons in less than an hour. This would be difficult under normal circumstances, but wrestling's Red Raver is no technical wizard and the Siren might know hundreds of positions, but her idea of a go-behind is not the same as most.

Shaw: It's just... the other hand seems absolutely useless.

A grin snaps across her lips.

Shaw: Which is something I've said a time or two.

Aimz: Right. Can't imagine there's much to do once there're more than three dudes involved.

She sighs.

Aimz: You'd better at least have the stamina to hang for a while, or I'm gonna--

Redding: Aww... isn’t this cute?

Entering stage left is Your Willing Villain, smiling ear to ear to find his opponents for later tonight in such a... provocative position. Kathryn hooks a grin, making a surprisingly smooth pass underneath this time, twisting Amy's arm back into a loose hammerlock. She speaks as if she didn't hear the man.

Shaw: Then you bend down and take hold of the leg, right? See, I do--oh, we are interrupted!

It's overwrought enough to go past bad acting.

Redding: Good thing for you people don’t care much for plotlines in their pornos. Or acting.

He stops to chuckle a subtle one, chest heaving slightly.

Redding: Tell me you aren’t actually planning on using... for a tag partner tonight. What’s the game plan? Pounce on Palmer’s profound affection for hookers?

Shaw: Did he just call me a hooker?

Aimz: Well, to be fair, you're kinda hookery. Hookerish?

She glances to Redding, shrugging a shoulder.

Aimz: Either way, only I get to say that shit to her. And, in the spirit of honesty, let's just admit I wouldn't need much more than a hamster at my side to tear you two up out there.

Shaw: I did some research, and I'm prrrretty sure that Teddy's blood-alcohol content is somewhere approaching... well, if you cut him, he doth bleed... whiskey.

Redding: Belching fire, ma’am. And I’m not exactly sure what it is you’ve heard, or maybe Kingsley’s slapped all sort of sense out of ya Aimz: We ain’t exactly the guys to fuck wit’.

Alex strikes a confident pose, too confident for a simple pun, resting his thumbs on the other side of the title belt that he’s put on backwards – it’s clasps facing front and the plate covering the small of his back.

Aimz: Ooooh, the obligatory Terrence Kingsley reference. I doubt you've got much in the way of memory, but Lane Stevens was my Kingsley before Kingsley broke my face, so you could try that name-drop next if you're making a play at getting in my head using guys who've fucked me up. Just for future consideration, though? Don't. You're not Terrence Kingsley. You're not in that league.

Shaw: He's playing chess, and you're lucky to be playing tiddlywinks.

Aimz: Right - he's playing a totally different game. I was actually worried when I stepped into a ring with a guy like that. You? Noooot so much.

There’s that smirk back across Red’s lips. The exactly one Ms. Campbell is threatening to kick right off.

Redding: Now here’s where I don’t think you get it. I mean, I expect her not to get it - all tits and no brains, ya know?

He takes no great stride to identify exactly who the line was directed at, while Aimz already had a thumb out pointing to Kathi.

Redding: We’re in GCW. And last I’ve check, you ain’t exactly amounted to shit here. We aren’t in your rundown failure of a fed. Failures? I can’t count. How many promotions were you in since GCW’s been on air this last decade?

Aimz: Right. GCW, the place where I beat the United States champion in my very first one-on-one match and have only lost to Kingsley since?

Shaw: I believe it's the same place, yep.

Redding: Well, if I was to carjack Mr. Peabody, I’m pretty sure the wayback machine’d show your great win was a DQ.

Shaw: So that means that if you win by DQ, it doesn't count and we won't have to see you prance around like you achieved something important? You'll just crawl into the ring and have them restart the match?

Aimz: Hey, the last time I was inside the ring, it took someone not involved in the match to save the United States title. I never got a rematch for it, and -- oh, hey, look, it's been wrapped around your waist since you got lucky because Karina phoned it in! What a strange coincidence.

Shaw: [deadpan] It is a strange and cyclical world.

Redding: Strange. Yeah, it’s almost like you think we’d still have you here if it wasn’t the only way we could lure Pierce in, right? Sorry about tweaking her knee, by the bye. Only, I’m not exactly sorry. What’s the word I’m looking for…

Aimz: Lucky. Lucky's the word.

Shaw: You rolled out of the way. You rolled out of the way, she bashed herself in the knee and you still went down with one punch -- one punch.

Redding: From a loaded. Fist.

Kathryn shrugs, as if that doesn't matter.

Shaw: Yeah, and your point? I've promised to be good and behave myself tonight, cross my heart.

She does, and the crowd hoots.

Shaw: So maybe you'll have a better shot this time, eh?

Amy's busy raising fingers to count.

Aimz: So he mentioned Kingsley, mentioned Al, played the 'You're second fiddle' card… yup, that's all of 'em - feel free to check off the boxes on your Dummies Guide. You passed 'Talking Trash with Amy Campbell' much faster than most of the cookie-cutter limpdicks who've tried lately, but can I go back to your original point for a second? Don't worry, I'll let you go off about how talking to me can be a little like yelling at a wall - or maybe you can bring up the drug problem as a final punch! - in a minute. I just need a second to remember…

She turns to Shaw.

Aimz; What did he say first, some half-tarded translation of 'We're not guys to fuck with', right?

Shaw: I think that was it.

Aimz: Right.

The little redhead rolls one shoulder, deliberately looking as bored as humanly possible when she looks to Redding again.

Aimz: So, I might be a little tired after all the shit I've done in this industry in the past few years. I'm a little burnt, especially after dealing with Terrence, and I've had a few too many whacks over the head to remember too clearly… but, buddy?

She grins.

Aimz: I've seen 'Not to fuck with', and it's a whole lot scarier than a guy who thinks it's edgy to wear his undeserved title belt backwards. Now, if you'll excuse me, I really should be getting back to attempting a miracle. It's gonna take a while to teach her, so I'm just gonna settle for convincing her not to wear heels to the ring.

Redding: Fair enough. You: show the courage to step into that ring tonight.

Finger pointed at Shaw.

Redding: And you: just know that I’m not that wheezing snaggletooth, who’d rather walk out on a match. I’m not some fucking ginger reject with a broken neck sitting at home in Buttfuck, Iowa. I’m the guy who has ended 12 different men, kicked them out of this promotion in the last calendar year. I don’t have some sort of sick mix of Voyeurism and S&M fetishes that you’ve so proudly displayed to the worldwide audience since day one.

He turns his back, presenting the US title as he means it, the target on his back. He takes a few steps away from the unconventional tag team before stutter-stepping.

Redding: And why the fuck does a guy get such a problem when he gives a cat call where it is clearly called for? Fuckin’ Newfie.

He grins wide into the camera as over his shoulder it picks up Kathryn with a hand on the little redhead's shoulder. She shakes her head and steps backwards, low words just barely reaching the camera.

Aimz: Whoa. He sucks at being Canadian.

The sound cuts, and the picture fades, too, carrying us somewhere else.

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The cameras cut away from the action and make their way outside. A 2011 white Jaguar pulls up to the front of the arena. TyDezno walks out of the front of the arena and to the Jaguar. The driver, TyDezno fiancee Jasmine gets out of the car and embraces TyDezno. They then exchange a kiss before she heads back to car, this time getting in the passenger seat. TyDezno head over to the driver side and before entering the car, he smiles his sinister grin and attempts to get in the car. He gets half way in before sticking his head back out looking at the camera.

TyDezno: Xander, I told you that this I'SNT YOUR LIFE! And tonight I proved that to you. I hear the sound of rain falling... I guess that song does seem fitting for you – "Searle, Searle go away, come again another day"

Bryant: This TyDezno guy is just so arrogant and think GCW and the world revolves around him.

Yale: Well the world and GCW might not revolve around him... but tonight he has definitely proven that he has what it take to be a top star in this business. Did you see the way he owned Xander Searle?

Bryant: Yeah, I saw it... but there's something so mysterious about TyDezno. Something I can't just put my hands on.

Yale: Well, I like it about the guy. I want to go on record that at RAMPAGE, I stated that I was a fan of him and his fiancee, Jasmine.

TyDezno: But for you, that another day is... gone!

As soon as TyDezno gets back into the car, out of nowhere the skies opens up and rain starts falling. You can hear the rain hitting the car as the couple speeds off.

Yale: Wow, is he a prophet?

Bryant: No... just a lucky guess.

Cameras switch back to the announce table where the commentators are talking...

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The Dark Knight.

Just saying those words, you know what to expect. Black boots, tight black pants, a yellow utility belt, little flares on the gloves, a yellow Batman logo on the chest, the cowl with the pointed ears. It's the goddamned Batman.

Of course, the breasts and the red hair (nevermind the diminutive size) puts the lie to that, so that's not Bruce Wayne standing at the base of the stairs. It's Amy Campbell, and while we don't immediately see who she's talking to, we catch their conversation, already in progress.

Aimz: I'm not gonna lie, I wish it was Al out there. Or... or you, yeah. I still can't believe I let Quinn talk me into letting this whole 'partner' deal happen with--

She cuts herself off with a sigh.

Aimz: Where the fuck is she? We're next.

???: It's not like she's done this her whole life like we have.

The scene pans out to show a girl with a red bandana with little yellow lightning accessories behind her ears. Complete with The Flash logo worn proudnly on the front, her sleeveless red top certainly is an attention grabber next to the dark costume of her super heroine companion. Of course, The Flash is none other than Vivica J. Valentine, who else would it be?

Valentine: Maybe I just need to run and grab her real quick? I'm sure she just lost track of time.

Aimz: I guess that works best, since I'm more likely to deck her if she says shit before the match. Just--

A brief sigh, and the little redhead dredges up a smile.

Aimz: Yeah, never mind. I'll be here.

Viv nods and jogs down the hall. Amy's locker room door is partially ajar, and a bubble of low laughter sneaks through the crack, followed by a teenager's voice.

Quinn: And then I was like, "No," you know? And she just looked at me. And I stared and--

The Fastest Woman Alive nudges open the door to find Quinn Gregory in full Stephanie Brown era Robin regalia and her godmother (and Amy's erstwhile partner) Kathryn Shaw, done up as what can only be called Slutty Wonder Woman. Before you ask, it's pantsless Diana, not the new version.

Quinn: Uh, hi? We were talking here.

Valentine: Yeah, sorry to interrupt your conversation but it's go-time. Amy's waiting. She wanted me to give you two a heads up?

Quinn: We're coming out second, aren't we?

Shaw: They probably want to give me one last stern glare and finger-shake to remind me that I'm supposed to be on my best behavior. Watch, I bet I can get this one to jab her finger at me.

Despite the fact that the Siren makes no attempt to lower her voice, she still turns to Vivica as if she just saw her now.

Shaw: Oh, hey, I didn't realize you were playing messenger girl. I'll be out there eventually, I'm sure. Aimzsy can count on me!

Big, cheesy thumbs-up.

Shaw: But if I'm late, she should totally go out alone. I can always catch up.

Valentine: I'm not sure if we've met. My name is Vivica, I'm pretty good friends with Amy and I'm not used to having to introduce myself around here, but I suppose we should be wearing name badges for the guests?

Kathryn steps forward, her brows coming up.

Shaw: I know who you are, just like you know who I am. I'm Amy's partner!

Another bright, plastic, and entirely fake grin.

Shaw: And you... you're Amy's hanger-on, right? Forget the Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, it's the Girl Who Just Doesn't Get it.

Valentine: I'm the girl who saved Amy's ass from Terrence Kingsley. Remind me, where were you that day?

Shaw: Sweetie, I wasn't even around. And if I was, believe me, I have always made sure to stay way the hell away from that one.

The Devil's Daughter levers herself between the two women, two latex-clad palms upraised.

Quinn: Hey, hey, hey... let's be fair. Let's be fair...

The girl's smirk hooks a little, an edge to it.

Quinn: Vivvy has been hit in the head an awful lot recently.

Valentine puts on a plastic smile as if to accept the fact that some people just don't give the devil their due, and continued on with the mission.

Valentine: Cute, but in all seriousness, I don't think any of us want Amy coming back here and getting you herself... do we? So maybe we should start heading that direction.

Shaw: Relax, sweetie, your good buddy will be fine. I told Quinny that I'd take care of her, and you know Lexi is watching, so if I did anything stupid, I'd be lucky to be walking.

Quinn: Seriously. If Aim wants to come back here, that's fine. At least then I wouldn't have to deal with some stooge.

Valentine: "Stooge"?

Shaw: Now, now... let's be fair. Stooge has unfair connotations, and what have I told you about choosing the words you speak carefully.

The girl looks down, nodding silently, her hands knotting at her waist.

Shaw: After all, this is Vivica J. Valentine! The face of GCW! She's done it all! She's seen it all! She's been here forever! She's no stooge! For shame. We apologize. Sincerely. Right, Quinn?

When the teen lifts her head again, she has her very best, most earnest expression painted on, all wide-eyed and innocent.

Quinn: Sorry, Viv. I guess I got a little bit overexcited.

Shaw: See? Overexcited. She's still new at this, and that adrenaline rush when you're about to go out on stage can do some terrible things to your brain.

Zenith: So we have to run concussion tests on the whole lot of you now, is that what you're saying?

Viv spins around, not realizing the new GCW Comissioner had snuck in right behind her.
Valentine: Give me a little time and I'd be more than happy to give it another try, sunshine.
Zenith: A little time? Fresh out. Let's get going, girls.

Kathryn's eyes light up, and it's like she can read the power coming off him.

Shaw: And who is this handsome devil?

Zenith: The man who's telling you to go to the ring.

Shaw: Ooh, I love a man who knows how to tell a lady what she wants. Come on, Quinn. We don't want to piss off the boss.

She steps -- let's be honest, she sways -- past Zenith, briefly touching the boss' power tie.

Shaw: I love the suit. Armani or Hugo Boss?

Zenith: I'll make a deal with you, if you make it out there and survive... I'll tell you after the match.

A smirk shows that Kathryn has heard all she needs as she simply nods and places the tie back perfectly where she got it before heading out. Right behind them, Vivica follows in line before suddenly Christian cuts his way in front of her.

Zenith: After that concussion test, you're staying back here.

Valentine: You're so full of shit.

Zenith: Miss Valentine, it's for your own good.

Valentine: Fuck off.

Zenith: You'll thank me for adding a few years onto your career later.

With those words Christian shut the door behind him leaving the Fearless Phenom alone in her dressing room, fuming as the match is set to begin.

Back to Top

Bryan: Main event time!

Yale: This is going to be great, JB. Kathi Shaw will be out here wearing something skimpy, then Aimz is going to get her face kicked off by my boys, Red and Ted.

Bryan: The new US Champ and the number-one contender to the TV champion -- the Red & Ted Revival, as they're called -- had to think that they were in for it against the formidable team of DNA, Dave.

Yale: But then Redding hurt the lesser Alex's leg and now it's a whole new ballgame.

Bryan: Pierce is not even in the state of Washington tonight, instead watching us from home in California as she recuperates, and all of us at GCW hope for the Rampage runner-up's speedy return to action.

Yale: Speak for yourself, JB. If Pierce is gone, I might have a shot with Aimz.

Bryan: Let's head up to Joey Andrews for the particulars.

Joey Andrews is that guy in the ring with the mic. You might have missed him, because we don't think anybody knows what he looks like.

Andrews: Llllllladies and gentlemen! It's time... for your... fffffffeeeeeeeatured contest here on WorldWide!

Insert crowd roar here.

Andrews: The following COSTUMED TAG TEAM contest is scheduled for ONE FALL with television time remaining! Introducing first!

Drums. Guitars. Screaming. Hail the Villain. "My Reward."

Andrews: From Kitchener, Ontario, Canada! To be accompanied to the ringside area by Grady Patrick! He is the NEWWWWWWW GCW UNITED STATES CHAMPION!! The Willing Villain! ALEXANNNNNNNNNDER! RRRRRREDDIIIIIIING!!!

The US Canadian Champion pushes through the curtain with his manager at his side, the title raised above his head in one hand. And a baseball bat in the other.

Bryan: Oh, come on!

Redding is wearing a baseball uniform, his blue #19 jersey declaring him Baustita, with the Blue Jays ball cap in place.

Yale: He's Jose Bautista! Slugging right fielder for his hometown Blue Jays and the only star on a declining team! It's a metaphor, JB!

Redding takes a practice swing, shielding his eyes as he watches the phantom ball travel.

Bryan: And the fact that he gets to bring a baseball bat to the ring is...

Yale: A lucky coincidence.

Grady and Redding make it about halfway down the ramp before the hard-charging guitars are cut off by the rampant, makes-ya-head-go-wobble-wobble beat of LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It".

Andrews: And his tag team partner!

Yale: [low] Girl, look at that body...

Bryan: Are you singing along?

Yale: I can't help it!

Andrews: From Toronto, Ontario, Canada! The number-one contender to the GCW World Television Championship! THEO! PALLLLLLLLLLLLMER!

Words over the black screen: "Stay Classy, San Diego."

Theo Palmer steps out through the curtain in a red leisure suit and wide, 1970s glasses. A bad curly wig is affixed poorly onto his bald head.

Yale: Theo Burgundy!

Palmer struts to the ring, but he loses his wig just from climbing through the ropes


Yale: Look at them, JB! Look at the future of this sport -- hell, forget the future! They're the present! Palmer has a date with Aaron Fujita sooner rather than later, and then they -- not B&E, not DNA, not Oblivion -- will be the first team to have two singles champions at the same time.

Redding and Palmer climb to opposing turnbuckles, four fists, one title, and one baseball bat held above their heads.

Bryan: We'll just have to see about that.

Andrews: And their opponents! First, from--uh...

It is a blond lass in red and green with a yellow cape that darts down to ringside. .

Bryan: Joey Andrews being interrupted by... Robin?

Yale: There's a chick Robin?

Bryan: I'm told her name is Stephanie Brown.

Yale: Because we're too cool to have read the handful of issues after she was the Spoiler anymore and before she became Batgirl. Err. If that happened. I don't know. Football!

"Robin" passes a handful of index cards to our flummoxed ring announcer, rolling out of the ring with a cheery wave to the crowd as she slips behind the curtain. Joey is a professional, so he starts again, reading from his prepared cards.

Andrews: And their opponents! The most awesome tag team since peanut butter and jelly!

Kill the lights.

Feel it comin' in the air - and the screams from everywhere
I'm addicted to the thrill - it's a dangerous love affair
Can't be scared when it goes down - got a problem, tell me now
Only thing that's on my mind - is who's gonna run this town tonight?

As the beat hits, the ring entrance is illuminated from behind, our costumed vigilantes standing side-by-side.

Andrews: First, from Gotham City, Nova Scotia! She is the hero that flaps in the night! To be accompanied to the ringside area by her protegee, Robquinn... evil beware, it's the goddamned Batmaimz!

When the lights come up, the two women are back to back, each miming kicks towards the camera, and the shot staggers back as if it was hit. We get a dramatic horn blare and a "POW!" scrawled across the screen.

Yale: Oh, for crying out loud...

Bryan: They're just having fun.

Yes, we're obligated to tell you that Amy is dressed as the modern Batman, not the Adam West era one, but still, some things are iconic, okay? Amy's outfit comes complete with cowl and utility belt, and Batmaimz and Robquinn make their way down the aisle, stopping at the base of the ramp.

Andrews: And her tag-team partner!

We get the very start of the 1970s Wonder Woman TV show, complete with the "WONDER WOMAN!" theme.

Andrews: She hails from the Island of Secret Fantasies, a Warrior Princess whose own lasso of truth will win the day--

Yale: Who wrote this?

Bryan: A seventeen-year-old girl.

Andrews: Ladies and gentlemen, Everybody's Favorite Homewrecker! The Siren! Kathryn Shaw!

Again, we're backlit, a voluptuous figure standing in the iconic wrists-crossed pose of the Amazonian superhero.

And then the heroic anthem skips with a sound like a record needle, and the song flickers to "Bitch Suck Dick" from OFWGKTA. For what it's worth, everyone seems surprised, even Quinn (sorry, Robquinn) and Shaw herself. Everyone but Batmaimz herself, though the cowl prevents us from seeing much of that signature smirk.

Still, Shaw rolls with it, getting her proverbial gangsta on as she stomps down the aisle in full Wonder Woman regalia, even leaning back into the crowd to sing the hook along with the fans.

Yale: This might be the strangest entrance I have ever seen.

Bryan: It is to a rather unflattering rap song that our... Justice League of sorts climbs the steps, but Joey is still in the ring.

Yale: Oh, god, what now?

Andrews: [still reading] They have come together like Voltron with breasts to form a more perfect union! SHAIMZ! They're Gonna Live Forever!

The Red and Ted Revival are on the floor during this travesty, so when our heroes pose in the center of the ring, Aimz with her cape in hand, Shaw with her wrists crossed, and Quinn in front of them doing a pose that can only be called the Shawn Michaels, we get a good glimpse of the fans in the front row facing the camera in homemade red "SHAIMZ" t-shirts, with the logo, yes, drawing comparisons to the Fame TV show.

Yale: I think what we've learned here tonight is that Quinn has watched a lot of old television. Can we actually get the match started now?

Bryan: Shaw stepping back onto the apron as Aimz tries to get that mask off.

Yale: I bet it's not Bruce Wayne under there.

Bryan: It looks like it will be the new United States Champion starting off for the Red & Ted Revival once Aimz--OH! Redding charges Campbell! Aimz barely got that damn mask off in time and she just got blindsided by the Willing Villain! Josh Briggs calls for the bell--


Bryan: --and we are underway, albeit not under the circumstances that Team Shaimz was expecting.

Yale: Shaimz is not a word!

Bryan: It is tonight! Redding pounding on the back of Amy Campbell! Just raining down forearms! Redding rips the multiple-time world champion up to her feet and hooks on a front facelock... snap suplex! He rolls over, plants one foot behind the kneecap of the Red Raver! Redding ties up the ankles and pulls back -- oh, a submission hold!

Yale: He's trying for the two-for!

Bryan: It was against Redding that Amy's tag partner hurt her knee, and now the technically proficient United States Champion is trying to go for a matched set!

Yale: Canadian. He's the Canadian Champion, not the United States Champion.

Bryan: Okay, that's ridiculous. Redding reaches back to make the tag to Theo Palmer! Now the powerhouse, the bruiser of the pair is in the ring! They whip Campbell across the ring... double-flapjack! Palmer with a lackadaisical cover!


Bryan: Just a one count and Amy gets the shoulder up! You have to imagine this is something of a handicapped match for the former SCCW Champion -- while we've seen Shaw get physically involved in Alex Pierce's matches these last few weeks, she's by no means a wrestler, so I don't know what she'll be able to add.

Yale: She's dressed as Wonder Woman. She has... attributes that our viewing public will be interested in seeing. I don't think we need anything else.

Bryan: Theo Palmer now pulling Amy up... he puts on the pumphandle!

Yale: He's enjoying that pumphandle a little too much.

Bryan: Palmer lifts Campbell... layout pumphandle slam! Aimz was perpendicular to the mat! Theo with a knee onto Amy's chest for another lazy cover!


Bryan: Still just a one count! Palmer reaches back to tag in Redding! Smart tag team strategy by the Red and Ted Revival here!

Yale: Yeah, you'd think they'd want to isolate Shaw, but if they neutralize Aimz, she's got no partner to bail her out, and if she DOES make the tag, then there'll be nobody to bail Shaw out.

Bryan: Palmer picks up Aimz by the hair--Aimz! Campbell swats his hands off! Left hand! Left hand -- but Redding from behind! Northern lariat to the back of the head!

Yale: That is concussion city, JB!

Bryan: Campbell is down and she's gotta be seeing stars! Josh Briggs laying down the count! Redding pulls up Aimz! Hammerlock--spun into a clothesline!


Bryan: Now Redding with the cover! Unlike his partner, it's textbook, hook of the leg!



Yale: Cheating!

Bryan: Shaw from the outside! Kathryn pulled Redding off of Amy Campbell! Kathryn raises both hands, staying firmly on the floor! Redding turns back to Campbell -- he lifts both legs up and steps through! Could be going for the Stereotype, his version of the Sharpshooter here --

Yale: She's Canadian, too, JB!

Bryan: Amy knows what's coming -- she's fighting -- SMALL PACKAGE!



Bryan: Redding kicks out! Redding kicks out and shoots to his feet! Campbell ducks the clothesline, continues past! She springs off the middle rope and delivers the back elbow! Aimz shoots to her feet! Quebrada! Cover!



Yale: Foot on the rope!

Bryan: The Willing Villain got his foot on the rope, and Amy comes up to her knees! Ordinarily, she'd probably be looking for a tag here, but Desade's not waiting in that corner! Aimz having to rethink her entire strategy here!

Yale: What's she doing?

Bryan: Aimz... with the spinning toehold? Campbell -- figure-four!

Yale: Have you ever seen her use a submission move before?

Bryan: Campbell trying to ground the US champion here! If she can limit Redding's mobility, it can only help her odds in what's quickly becoming a two-on-one bout here!

Yale: But she's in the ring with a technical wizard.

Bryan: Redding up onto his hands... he's trying to roll over! Redding -- reverses the pressure! Campbell into the ropes quickly, and Briggs breaks up the hold! Aimz uses the ropes to pull herself into the corner of Team Shaimz, and Redding makes a quick tag to Palmer! Theo Palmer in the ring -- and he wants Shaw! Palmer is demanding Aimz make the tag!

Yale: Theo Palmer likes the ladies.

Bryan: Shaw couldn't be further away and still be in the corner! Kathryn straddles the ringpost, shaking her head feverishly.

Yale: It's weird that Wonder Woman is a coward.

Bryan: Aimz points to the corner, and I've gotta say, Dave, some of these fans want to see it.

Yale: Of course they do. These people are savages.

Bryan: Shaw begging off, but you know that doesn't matter to Aimz! She reaches out and -- oh! Aimz turns and socks Theo Palmer in the jaw!

Yale: Sucker punch!

Bryan: Aimz caught Theo flat-footed! Straight kick to the leg puts Palmer to one knee! Aimz back off the ropes and -- short hurricanrana! Palmer goes face-first to the mat! Aimz with another cover!



Bryan: Palmer kicks out -- and Amy uses the momentum! She tries to turn him over in a single leg crab! Aimz showing the rarely seen technical side here, targeting the knees of both Alex Redding and now Theo Palmer!

Yale: Teddy's too big.

Bryan: Aimz can't get him over! She can't -- Palmer kicks her off! Aimz stumbles backwards and --

Yale: Was that a tag?

Bryan: I think that Kathryn Shaw has been unintentionally tagged in!

The Siren shakes her head feverishly.

Bryan: Kathi wants no part of this! She's leaning away about as far as she can go, but Josh Briggs is laying down a count!

Yale: She's just a girl, JB! Make Aimz stay in there!

Bryan: Do you even hear yourself? Shaw in only long enough to avoid a countout, and she's pleading with Amy to get up so she can tag back out! Palmer snatches up the Red Raver and pitches her out of the ring! There's no backup for Shaw now!

Yale: I like Red and Ted as much as the next guy, but don't you think Theo looks a little bit too excited by this?

Bryan: Kathryn begging off! Palmer brushes the referee aside! A hiptoss brings her in the hard way! Palmer with a hand knotted in Shaw's hair, and the Limited Edition looks out to the crowd as if he expects them to cheer him for this!

Yale: And why wouldn't -- hey!

Bryan: Quinn up on the apron! The Devil's Daughter is fiercely protective of her godmother!

Yale: "Protective"? Don't give me that--she's just keeping Briggs busy!

Bryan: Josh's attention diverted and -- Shaw! Low--blocked by Theo Palmer!

Yale: He's smarter than he looks, JB!

Bryan: Palmer puts Kathryn across his knee! He's gonna spank her! He's gonna spank the Siren! Aimz in the ring--SHINING WIZARD ON THEO PALMER!

Yale: Oh, and NOW that little menace gets off the apron!

Bryan: Palmer has been wiped out! Shaw struggles to her feet and--I don't even know what to call this.

Kathryn gyrates her hips, one hand combing through her hair and the other slithering along her side.

Yale: I call it "hot"!

Bryan: Shaw drops to her knees astride Palmer--I guess that's a cover?



She shrieks as he pulls both legs up, catching his toes under her arms.

Bryan: Modified sunset flip!



Bryan: Broken up by Aimz!

Yale: Oh, the views Theo had.

Bryan: Josh Briggs ordering Amy Campbell out of the ring! Palmer up, dragging Shaw to the corner by her hair like some kind of caveman! He makes the tag to Redding, but Alex tells him to let Kathryn go! He doesn't seem to want a double-team here!

Yale: He is Canadian, and they're an honorable lot.

Bryan: You just were complaining about Amy's interference a second ago.

Yale: She's from Nova Scotia. Totally different from Ontario.

Bryan: Redding slips in behind--schoolboy!



Bryan: Shaw slips out! She didn't need any help on that kickout!

Yale: With legs like hers, I'd hope not.

Bryan: Redding up! He... shoves Shaw towards the Team Shaimz corner? Theo Palmer might be okay with goofing around with a non-wrestler, but the US champ wants some of the Red Raver.

Yale: Some guys just like tattooed redheads, what can I say?

Bryan: Or maybe he's looking for some competition tonight. Campbell in now, duck of the clothesline... she comes off the far ropes with a flying forearm! Aimz with a kip-up, moving quickly to the Willing Villain! She pulls him up into the inverted facelock! She's calling for Freetekno! That corkscrew neckbreaker has won Amy so many matches over the years, and--

Yale: If there's a better hold for hold wrestler on this roster, I've yet to meet him.

Bryan: Redding twists free into a northern lights suplex! With a bridge!



Bryan: Aimz with a shot to the floating ribs and now she bridges up! Turns it into a backslide!



Bryan: Redding kicks out! Both up, another clothesline attempt? No, Amy underneath again! Crucifix! Too much momentum to even get one, but she rolls over and--

The dull "whack" of sneaker on flesh echoes through the arena.

Bryan: Oh, the kick! Big kick by Aimz sends Alex Redding sprawling into the corner! Amy quickly back on the offensive! She lifts both of Redding's legs and--oh, she flips off Ted! Palmer into the ring, cut off by Josh Briggs--

"Ohhhhhhh!" says our predominately male crowd.

Yale: Come ON!

Bryan: Aimz with a big falling headbutt to the nether regions of the United States Champion! The Skull to the Boyz!

A girl's voice comes in off-mic, shouting, "Tilde, exclamation point."

Yale: Not that crap again.

Bryan: Quinn reminding us its actually called the "Skull to the Boyz~!"

Yale: It's called cheating.

Bryan: Amy has been known to break a rule or two in her day, and she's basically going it alone here.

Yale: She wouldn't have to if she'd bothered to make any friends in GCW.

Bryan: Or if Triumph Frost hadn't made Vivica Valentine inelligible to compete.

Yale: For her own safety.

Bryan: Campbell picks up Redding in that corner --


Bryan: Hard knife edge chop! Aimz follows up with a kneelift and she whips Alex across the ring--sky-high stinger splash flattens the Willing Villain! The Red Raver is feeling it here! She goes over to the Team Shaimz corner and smacks her knee! Panic Attack? BLAM! Redding's head snapped back, and--

Yale: Did Shaw tag herself in?

Bryan: It... seems so! Josh Briggs is removing Aimz from the ring! Kathryn in quickly!

Yale: What are they...

Bryan: Shaw and Gregory cajoling the crowd to clap and -- oh! On beat, the Siren steps into a stomp to Alex Redding's chest!

Yale: She's dancing on the United States Champion! That's like stomping on Old Glory itself!

Bryan: Another rhythmic stomp! And a third! The Key Arena is dock--

Shaw shrieks again as Redding grabs her ankle.

Bryan: Alex Redding spooling the dance party! Redding comes to his feet with a hold of Kathryn's ankle! Shaw struggling to stay standing and she grabs Briggs by the shoulder to keep from falling!

Yale: Or to keep him from seeing that little monster at ringside! Come on, Briggs! Turn around!

Bryan: Quinn digging her fingers into Alex Redding's eyes to free Shaw! Kathi with a--

Yale: She hit him with her pimp hand!

Bryan: Redding back down to a seated position! Amy down the apron to shout at Quinn to get back to their corner! Josh Briggs ordering Aimz back to the Shaimz corner! Shaw turns a pirouette and drops into the --


Bryan: Splits! Sliding splits kick!

Yale: Another low blow!

Bryan: Briggs missed it because he was busy with Aimz! She's none-too-pleased about Quinn getting physically involved!

We get a brief shot of Amy's demonstrative point down to the Shaimz corner and the resultant eyeroll from the teen as she complies.

Bryan: Shaw across the ring now! Running start--BRONCO BUSTER! Misses! Redding moves!

Yale: WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? If you have a woman that looks like Kathryn Shaw, and she wants to ram her crotch into your face, you LET HER!

Bryan: Chill out, Dave.


Bryan: Shaw is down! Redding is down! Palmer and Aimz are fresh and waiting for the tag! Redding up first! He cuts off Kathryn and tags his partner in! Redding picks up Shaw in a waistlock and--uhhh...

The Siren locks her knees, bent at the waist. She tosses her head back, beckoning to Theo Palmer with a crooked finger. It only causes the diagnosed sex addict a moment's worth of hesitation, but that's enough.

Bryan: Shaw... uh, Shaw makes Theo slow up.

Yale: too.

Bryan: I think they were going for a superkick into maybe a German suplex, but Kathryn twists -- drop toe hold on Redding!

Yale: She knows an actual wrestling move!

Bryan: Redding stumbles into Palmer and Shaw dives--

Big "HOLY CRAP HOT TAG!" roar from the crowd.

Bryan: Shaw makes the tag! Aimz! Spirngboard! Missile dropkick for Theo Palmer! What extension! Campbell to her feet! Off the ropes, she baseball slides under a jab from Alexander Redding and out to the floor, tripping the US Champion up as she passes! Redding goes face-first to the mat! Amy -- slingshot sexton across his back! She continues past to Palmer... tilt-a-whirl headscissors! Theo is catapulted across the ring!

Yale: She's like a little redheaded wrecking ball!

Bryan: Aimz up in the corner! She turns, and--

Her eyes widen as she sees Theo Palmer on his hands and knees in the corner.

Yale: No, get up!

Bryan: Aimz is calling for it! Theo Palmer is set up for the Bitchkiller! Aimz charges--Grady! Grady Patrick hooks the head of his cane around Campbell's ankle! Damn him!

Yale: Damn HIM? Have you SEEN what Quinn and Shaw have been doing?

Bryan: It's only a momentary distraction but -- OH! Redding! Redding from the side with the shotgun double knees into the corner! Amy stumbles out and -- SPEAR!! SPEAR BY THEO PALMER! Get one of them out of the ring!

Yale: Again. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Bryan: Redding climbs back to the apron, pointing at Josh Briggs to make a count as Theo drapes an arm over Aimz!




Bryan: Aimz kicks out! Campbell pulled up quickly--sleeper hold! Sleeper hold by Theo Palmer! This is exactly what Shaimz couldn't afford to have happen! Despite her meager successes tonight, Kathryn Shaw is no Alexandra Pierce, and she's not going to be able to save the day here! Can Aimz escape from this hold before one of the finest teams in the world break her down?

Yale: Oh, boohoo. She should just give it up and all the misery would end.

Bryan: I don't think "quit" is in her vocabulary, Dave.

Yale: Typical ill-educated Canadian.

Bryan: Palmer tugs Campbell back to the the Red & Ted corner! He pulls Aimz down to her knees and bends backwards! Redding tagged in! He leaps -- OH! DOUBLE-STOMP! Aimz was wide open for that!

Yale: Palmer didn't let go!

Bryan: Theo shifts to an--EXPLODER! Exploder suplex! Aimz is set up for it! Redding up the turnbuckles! EVERYDAY OKTOBERFEST! Corkscrew moonsault! Aimz got flattened! That'll do it!




Yale: Shaw!

Bryan: Kathryn Shaw with a kick to Redding's back to break up the surefire three! Josh Briggs gets Shaw out of the ring and meanwhile! Meanwhile, behind his back, Red and Ted with the gang assault! Turn around! Turn around, Josh!

Yale: She needs to get out of the ring.

Bryan: Palmer slaps his hands together! That's not a tag! Josh, they didn't tag! Shaw out off the ring finally! Aimz sprawled in the corner! Theo is feeling it!

Yale: I think Aimz is gonna be feeling it!

Bryan: Amy Campbell, Theo Palmer would like to invite you... to a Pants Par--


Bryan: Campbell got her foot up! Inadvertent low blow puts the Limited Edition down!

Yale: As opposed to all of the other low blows Team Shaimz have pulled off tonight, which were very advertent.

Bryan: Aimz down! Palmer down! You'd think the first team to make a tag would have the edge here, but Amy's partner is Kathryn Shaw, and who knows what kind of a factor she might be!

We again get a glimpse of the Team Shaimz corner. Note Quinn going to her utility belt.

Yale: She's not even reaching for the tag!

Bryan: Theo Palmer reaching out for the tag! He's reaching... Shaw into the ring! Kathryn into the ring!

Yale: There was no tag!

Bryan: Josh Briggs interrupting bodily! Meanwhile, Ted makes the tag!

Yale: She lost her temper!

Bryan: No... no, she didn't! Josh Briggs turns, and he didn't see it! He didn't see the tag!

Yale: They totally tagged! Everyone saw it!

Bryan: Everyone but Josh Briggs! Briggs forcibly removing Alex Redding from the ring! His partner grabs Campbell's ankle and -- WHACK! ENZUGIRI! ENZUGIRI BY AIMZ! Campbell leaps -- tag to Shaw!

Yale: Not sure that was the best idea.

Bryan: Campbell seems to know that! She's giving Shaw a helping hand! Both women whip Theo chest-first into their corner! Aimz--running dropkick! Palmer gets sandwiched against the turnbuckle! Kathryn follows right behind her! YAKUZA KICK TO THE BACK OF THEO'S HEAD!

Yale: Concussion city!

Bryan: Shaw put those long legs to great use there!

Yale: Keep an eye on that little brat at ringside!

Bryan: Quinn creeping around the apron! Shaw pulls Palmer out of the corner! She twists his head up onto her shoulder! Kathryn--

Yale: Man, those hips really DON'T lie.

Bryan: Hangman's neckbreaker! Shades of the late great Ravishing Rick Rude! She reaches back -- quick tag to Aimz!

Yale: Smart.

Bryan: Campbell slingshots herself in -- Asai moonsault! The Red Raver Revolution! She hooks a leg!





Bryan: At the last second! At the very last second, Alexander Redding makes the save! The US Champion signals for something as he yanks Amy up!

It's one finger in the air, but it's also...

Bryan: GRADY SPECIAL I! THE GRADY SPECIAL I! Redding SNAPS Campbell down into that backbreaker!

Yale: It looks like a car wreck out here!

Bryan: Palmer struggling to his feet after that barrage of moves! He sees Amy down and his eyes go wide!

Yale: Dangle her! Come on, pleeeeease dangle her!

Bryan: Palmer lifts Capbell in the fireman's cary! Quinn around to shout at Grady Patrick!

Yale: Just what do you think she hopes to accomplish with that?

Bryan: I don't know! Aimz elbowing her way free! Rapid-fire shots -- and she lands on her feet! Off the ropes--

She only sees it in her peripheral vision. So can you, if you take a look at the lower left of the screen. Long blond hair waves through the air, and Quinn Gregory collapses like she'd been shot.

Yale: What just--

Bryan: ...did Grady Patrick lay out Quinn?

Yale: I didn't see!

Bryan: Neither did Aimz, but don't think that matters! Campbell under Theo Palmer's lariat and -- SUICIDE DIVE ONTO GRADY PATRICK!

Yale: She done lost her mind, JB!

Bryan: Campbell just swinging wildly at Red & Ted's manager here! Shaw on the apron, pleading with Josh Briggs to check on the girl! Redding off the apron on his side to try to pull Aimz off Grady!

Yale: Yeah, good luck with that.

Bryan: Redding with a waist lock! Briggs kneeling at Quinn's side! Is that blood, Dave? What did Grady do?

Yale: I don't--jeez!

Bryan: Campbell! Stomp to the instep and a reverse mule kick! Aimz grabs Redding by his FACE and throws him into the step! I have NEVER seen her this mad! Grady Patrick crawling away!

Yale: Meanwhile, I don't think Theo Palmer knows what to make of all of this.

Bryan: Palmer in the ring! Shaw come up behind him! He turns and--


Yale: I knew she was still awesome!

Bryan: Kathryn Shaw is making out with Theo Palmer in the middle of the ring! I thought she cared about her goddaughter?

Yale: She cares about the sex!

Bryan: Campbell driving a boot into Grady's gut! She steps back -- she's setting up for the Bitchkiller!


Shaw retracts from the kiss with a simmering smile, her hand brushing along his beard.

Yale: And here I was going to say that Palmer should be rewarded for having to wrestle twice, but--



Bryan: A low blow! The damnedest low blow kick I have ever seen! Theo Palmer collapses like he's dead!

Yale: He may wish he was dead. He may really be a Limited Edition now.


Yale: You do NOT touch that girl with Amy around.

Bryan: We don't even know what happened to her! Shaw outside the ring at her goddaughter's side! Shaw gestures to the ring!

Yale: Again, good luck with that.

"Go!" Shaw shouts. Amy shakes her head, fists knotted. Kathryn shoots to her feet, grabbing Amy's sleeve. "Go, dammit!"

Bryan: Amy yanks her arm free! She--manages to not hit Kathryn!

"They won't bring help until the match is over! Go finish this!"

Bryan: Campbell... begrudgingly up to the apron! Springboard! 450░! The Dead Aim! Theo Palmer just got squished flat!

Yale: She put a little extra bit of stank on that!

Bryan: Josh Briggs in quickly to count!





Andrews: [somewhat subdued] The winners of this match -- Kathryn Shaw and Aimz!

Bryan: Shaimz wins, but that's not the story right now! Kathryn Shaw and one of the referees have gotten Quinn back up to her feet, and Aimz rolls out to check on the teen!

Yale: Behind you!

Bryan: Aimz turns--Redding! Grady Special II on the floor! Redding is livid! He rolls Campbell into the ring and--

Yale: He's going for a matched set!

Bryan: Chop block! Chop block by Alex Redding! Redding accidentally hurt Alex Pierce's leg, and now the United States Champion is TRYING to hurt Aimz! He steps through the legs--STEREOTYPE! Alexander Redding has Aimz in the Stereotype!

Yale: Is it more insulting to put the sharpshooter on a Canadian?

Bryan: Shaw into the ring! She goes for a slap--blocked by Redding! Without letting go! Red shoves Kathryn back--into the fireman's carry from his partner! THE DIRTY DANGLE! Good night, Kathryn Shaw!

Yale: You don't mess with these two, JB! Red and Ted are our future!

Bryan: Grady Patrick rolls into the ring now! Patrick still woozy from the Bitchkiller and busted open by Amy's fists! He's got that bat! That baseball bat was part of Redding's costume!

The blood on his forehead only adds to the fearsomeness of that scowl.

Bryan: Grady hands the bat to Redding! Josh Briggs tries to step in! OH, COME ON! LOW BLOW FROM THEO PALMER!

Yale: That'll cost him some cash.

Bryan: This is uncalled for! Ted and Grady pick up Campbell! Get some--

He doesn't even finish his request.



Yale: She's not supposed to be here!

Bryan: Frost's declaration says she couldn't be here DURING the match! Viv into the ring! She ducks the swing from Redding's bat! Off the ropes -- double dropkick! It's just a glancing blow for each, but that's enough to convince them that discretion really is the better part of valor!

Redding and Palmer back up the ramp with the bloodied Grady Patrick in front them. While it seems the Limited Edition is eager to go for a third time, his partner the Willing Villain is just snickering.

Bryan: Red and Ted might have lost this match tonight, but they certainly made a statement!

Yale: They got screwed JB, and they're not going to stand for this anymore!

Valentine helps Aimz to her feet, the ginger a little ginger on her leg. Amy glances down to the floor to assure herself that Quinn is okay (all right, maybe Kathryn, too). Getting a pair of thumbs-up, she sags briefly against the Fearless Phenom, murmuring something that goes unheard. Vivica laughs, quietly stepping back so she can raise the little redhead's hand. Jay-Z's "Run This Town" plays throughout the arena.

Bryan: What a night here in Seattle, fans! And it's only going to get crazier next time!

Yale: High Stakes time!

Bryan: That's right -- GCW makes its annual trip to Shaman's High Spirits Casino in Las Vegas! Until then, for David Yale and all of us here at GCW: Happy Thanksgiving!

Aimz and Vivica share a grin, brushing past each other as they ascend the turnbuckles.

Fade to the GCW logo.


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