WorldWide SE

University of Phoenix Stadium | Phoenix, Arizona | January 19 2009

The picture fades in from black to the signature Worldwide logo. Scripted across the lower right of the logo on an increasing slope swings in the words "SPECIAL EDITION" as the song made popular across the last one hundred and four shows plays in the background. The camera's start rolling and cut to an image of James Bryan and David Yale, both of whom are dressed in collared shirts.

James Bryan: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I'm James Bryan and this is my colleague David Yale.

David Yale: Thanks JB! We'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to a very special pre-NC17 edition of Worldwide.

Bryan: Any long-time GCW fan knows that NC-17 has been the staple in Global Championship Wrestling pay-per-view products. NC-17 is to wrestling fans what the Superbowl is to football fans. It's the biggest stage of the year and certainly plays hosts to some of the grandest matches of them all.

Yale: And damn, it has been one hell of a year this year.

Bryan: I think that's the driving factor in why this year's NC-17 will far exceed all of those in which came before it. This past year in GCW has been immaculate. We've seen a tremendous growth within the organization both in respect to fanbase and programming as well as the blossoming of new superstars.

Yale: You know, JB, its hard to believe that it was exactly one year ago that we first saw guys like Andy Murray, Chris Bagwell, and Thom LeStrange show up in the GCW.

Bryan: What started with these three men as an impromptu battle royal along with the likes of Depraved and Mark Matthews ultimately evolved into two thirds of our triple main event this year.

Yale: Despite getting off to a good start, LeStrange fell by the wayside around the time of Warpath. Meanwhile, Murray and Bagwell blew up at record speeds to clinch a spot in the main event picture.

Bryan: It was only this past week on Worldwide 104 that Chris Bagwell got a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship belt. Despite coming up short in the end, Bagwell did give Jordan White a good run for his money and could have very well left as the World Champion.

Yale: And who can ignore Murray's truimphant path to probably the biggest fan favorite in the company, next to Vivica J. Valentine. This guy captured the title of Rampage Tournament winner and now gets his chance to prove himself against the former World Champion, in Jay Terror.

Bryan: It really is incredible to see how two guys can just evolve so much over a year.

Yale: Talk about evolution, what about the trio if Jordan White, Jay Terror, and Vivica J. Valentine. I mean we mentioned them in passing when talking about the growth of Bagwell and Andy Murray; but think back to where they were a year ago.

Bryan: You have a point, Dave. Again, one year ago at this very event Vivica J. Valentine was able to capture her first GCW World Championship Title and go on to be perhaps one of the greatest champions we've ever seen. Vivica had over a six month reign as champion, whereas so many people never saw her capturing the belt at all in the first place!

Yale: I think the Fearless Phenom has set the standard for smaller sized wrestlers. It wasn't ever brute strength that won Vivica any matches, but instead her heart and agility. The woman would just never quit, despite how much the odds would get stacked against her.

Bryan: And then to pass the belt along to a guy formerly known as "The Outlaw". Who would have ever thought that Jay could take himself from a spectacular Television Championship Title run and propel himself to the Heavyweight scene so quickly.

Yale: It's all about cutting the right deals, JB. I never in a million years saw the alliance between Terror and President Caldera coming, but it proved to be a deciding factor in Jay's future. The guy has made such an impact in the company and his presence is tough to match.

Bryan: I would have loved to see the friendship between Jay and Jordan stay in tact but, unfortunately, it didn't. However, if it did we may not have seen Jordan get the opportunity to capture the belt himself at Dangerous Games.

Yale: Oh yeah, that's without a doubt. When talking about the rise to superstardom over the last year, you really have to appreciate what Jordan White has been able to accomplish. White has always possessed exceptional in-ring skills, but he's just always been held under the radar and overlooked.

Bryan: I think a lot of that had to do with his on-card presence. Jordan has never really cared to bother with anyone else. He just kind of came, did his thing, and left. But after Jay Terror turned his back on White, I feel as though Jordan saw it as a time where he'd finally open his mouth.

Yale: And boy, did he make a statement!

Bryan: With all this talk about the competitors in the triple main events we're going to have featured, who can ignore perhaps the greatest icon in GCW history -- LeStatt Knight.

Yale: And you want to talk about having a good year? Knight had everybody fooled. Everybody thought the guy's career was done and he was merely hanging in the balance. Hell, I thought for sure that Knight would retire midway through the year and leave his legacy alone.

Bryan: I'm with you on that one. The early part of 2008 didn't see a whole heck of a lot of LeStatt, but boy did that change. Knight fired through an intense battle with Chris Storm only to segway that into an unbelievable match with Andy Murray.

Yale: And then the next thing you know, LeStatt Knight wins Dangerous Games and is going on to NC-17 to fight for the belt.

Bryan: This year, LeStatt went from what could have been retirement to setting a GCW title holding record and what could be another World Title reign. A career really doesn't get accented any better than that.

Yale: That's FOR SURE!

Bryan: Well, as we mentioned at the top of the show, this is a Special Edition of Worldwide, and so we're going to be seeing a number of different feature presentations from some of the superstars. We'll be back again later with a bit more commentary on what you can expect at NC-17!

Yale: Stay with us after the commercial break!!

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The University of Phoenix Stadium looms over the concrete landscape, only the headlights of a car provide any light for the setting. Pulling into the wrestler’s garage, the car is all alone. Back at the Ohio studio, Bryan James and David Yale look at their monitor in curiosity.

Yale: Personnel isn’t supposed to be at the arena for a few more days. I wonder who that could be.

Bryan: It appears someone wanted to get an early jumpstart.

The person steps out of the vehicle, an old white van with "Limozeen~!" spray painted across the side. The van can only be owned by one, the Maharajah Of Rock himself, Rikki Roxx. Be warned, if there had been a group of teen girls there to meet him on his arrival, his pure awesomeness would have resulted in at least three and a half of them getting pregnant just by looking upon him in all his glory, which consisted of a ripped white muscle shirt (Nitro circa ’87), torn acid-washed denim jeans, and hair that most likely had not been washed in at least a week.

Bryan: Well it seems Rikki Roxx is early.

Yale: A bit too early. I wonder if he even knows when NC-17 is, considering he’s not even booked for the show.

Rikki Roxx isn’t aware of anything, which is why he’s Rikki Roxx. Instead the God of Rock walks toward the backstage entrance doors and processed to walk face first into them when he tries to enter the building.

Roxx: NOT COOL~!

Rubbing his face, Rikki Roxx grabbed the handle and tried his best to force the door open only to realize it was locked.


Turning his head slowly, Rikki Roxx looked to the side to see a large duck standing just a mere three feet from him.

Roxx: Did you do this?

The duck didn’t respond, instead it just waddled closer to him.

Roxx: Have you locked me out?

Closer and closer.



Then, without warning, when the duck was just inches away from him, it bit him!

Roxx: Ooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Bryan: That duck just bit him.

Yale: Why is there a duck at the arena?

Bryan: And why is it viciously attacking Rikki?

The duck stares up at him with its beady eyes and Rikki knows he only has one option left to him now.

Roxx: RUN AWAY~!

And he does.

Bryan: Well, there seems to be a duck chasing Rikki Roxx.

Yale: For his sake, he better hope the duck doesn’t catch him. That thing is mean.

Bryan: Indeed, hopefully we’ll have an update on his condition at NC-17.

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David Yale is standing backstage in front of a GCW backdrop. He's joined by Tyson DeBough and Brian Fisher.

Yale: "I'm here with Establishment members Tyson DeBough and Brian Fisher, who'll be competing at NC-17 against The Aristocrats."

Yale turns to DeBough.

Yale: "Tyson, individually, you haven't had much success recently, but you seem awfully confident heading into that match against The Aristocrats."

DeBough: "Ya know, sometimes you need some familiarity in an unfamiliar setting to get back on track. I've been in GCW a while now, but to this point I kind of feel like I was driving a new car without the owner's manual."

Yale: "So you'd consider your partner here the owner's manual?"

DeBough: "I think so, yeah. He knows what he's doing inside that ring, he's experienced and he's got a proven track record in this business. Before I was going full speed and just letting off the accelerator
when I had to slow down. Now I know how to use the brakes properly. That said, I don't think we'll be using the brakes much -- we'll be too busy running over people."

Yale turns to Fisher.

Yale: "Brian, you're new to GCW but you don't act like it. You were kind of stand-offish with Establishment leader Jay Terror the last time we saw you."

Fisher: "The first thing you and Jay Terror and everyone else in this place needs to realize is I'm a horse of a different color. Tyson can attest to that. I don't take orders from anyone. I don't kiss anyone's ass. I don't sugarcoat things. I do what's best for business and what's best for myself. I know that's fairly common these days -- being the bad-guy hard-ass, but you have no idea what I'm capable of. Now, if
you're on the same side as me when that bell rings or when we have to go to war elsewhere, goody gumdrops -- let's eliminate some folk."

Yale: "Not much is really known about your past as it relates to this business. Care to shed some light on that?"

Fisher: "I don't see how anything I've done in the past is relevant, David. I've had success, sure, but it wasn't here and it wasn't in any place that matters now. All that does matter now is Tyson made
the best and worst move possible when he recruited me here, and Steven Caldera made the best and worst move possible when he let me sign a contract to work here."

Back to DeBough.

Yale: "Tyson, last question. This is your first real chance as a unit to make a statement in the tag team ranks, both on pay-per-view and really just in general. Is there any particular message you'd like to
send at NC-17?"

DeBough: "I think our message will be the same then as it is now: we're coming for those tag team titles, and we'll do whatever it takes to bring some gold back to The Establishment.





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Bryan: At the start of the show, we made a quick mention about how the company has grown in the last year and one of the most important features that has become a staple in GCW programming has been the return of GCW Radio.

Yale: I'll have to say that GCW Radio has undoubtably been one of my favorite additions to the company. Besides that fact that I don't have to actually work during it, it really does provide a ton of insight into whats going on backstage.

Bryan: The show was originally hosted by our very own President Steven Caldera, but with his recent hiatus from the company has been handed over towards a new face. Eddie Fowler was signed into a GCW contract only a few weeks ago and has already released his inaugural GCW broadcast.

Yale: For a time of such an economic crisis, we're sure as hell doing fine here in GCW!

Bryan: Ha! That we are, Dave. So without further adu, we're going to turn this over to Eddie Fowler and let him talk to you a little bit about the new format of the show and what we can expect to see from here on out.

The camera cuts to the GCW headquarters, where new radio host Eddie Fowler is seated in front of a GCW RADIO backdrop.

Eddie Fowler: Thanks guys! First off, I want to start by giving a big THANK YOU to everyone involved in setting this radio show back up. I've always been a big fan of these types of broadcasts as they really do allow the fans the opportunity to interact with their favorite superstars and sometimes even put those very same superstars in the hotseat.

Bryan: Eddie, despite being a newcomer to GCW you actually do have a ton of wrestling background experience. Can you fill us in on some of that?

Fowler: Indeed! I began my career in the business in 1996 as a backstage interviewer in a company known as Ultimate Championship Wrestling. As the company evolved, I was able to take over a commentators position much like yourself and Mr. Yale. I sat along side an absolute wrestling genius, who went by the persona of Dukey Booty.

Yale: Whoa! What a name.

Fowler: Ha, ha! That it was. Dukey really helped me learn the ins and outs of the business over the years until the company I was with folded in 2003. Since then, I've done some promotional work and marketing work for various organizations, just trying to keep a vested interest in what's going on in the different circuits.

Bryan: And so now you're here in GCW!

Fowler: You bet I am and I hope to bring a bit of new life into the radio broadcast.

Yale: What kind of stuff is going to change from when President Caldera was running the show?

Fowler: Well as far as the format goes, there really won't be all that much changing. Actually, I think you can consider it more 'structured' if you will. Instead of going on for an arbitrary amount of time, the radio show is going to be featured for just two hours. Its my hopes that the two hour format will keep listeners tuned in for the entire show and will allow people to better adjust their schedules to accomodate the show.

Yale: But are you really going to be able to squeeze all the content from the three to four hour shows into a two hour spree? It seems like we'll be depriving the audience more than giving them something more.

Fowler: On the contrary. With the limited time slot available, it will allow for us to really structure the way that media is produced. In other words, we'd be cutting back on the random callers but yet opening up to pre-arranged interviews or special guests. My goal is that we'll be able to scratch out a lot of the down time on the show and jam pack it with excitement from start to finish. At the end of each show, I want listeners to say, "WOW! That was two hours already?"

Bryan: It certainly sounds like a captivating idea, but I feel as though a lot of material can build up over the course of a month to warrant a longer broadcast.

Fowler: Exactly! And thats exactly why we'd aim to go for more than one broadcast a month. I'm not entirely sure I have a scheduled worked out just yet but I'm gearing for one show every two and half to three weeks. Since we'll be condensing the show's total run time, we'll have plenty of material to carry over into the next show. Not to mention, I've already contacted a number of superstars to get spots on the show so we'll always have a new, fresh opinion.

Bryan: That's always a plus! A big bummer with the old format of the show was that listeners could only call into the show if they had a Voice Over IP protocol. Have you found a fix for this?

Fowler: Absolutely have. Since our broadcast is simulcasted over the internet, it wouldn't be fair to the 'net users to get left in the dust. We'll still be accepting callers from internet-based VoIP software but we've now expanding our telephone capabilities. We'll be able to take any number of callers in at one time and keep them on mute or splice them into a conference call.

Yale: Wow, that sure sounds like it could serve up one hell of a round table discussion.

Fowler: That's the goal! I'd like to get some of the superstars and fans that we don't always hear from to voice their opinions once in a while.

Bryan: Well you've certainly thought this one through. I'll admit, it must be a hard task hosting the show by yourself.

Fowler: The first show I did was brutal. I got a few good reviews, but overall I felt a little shakey and wasn't comfortable with the solo-act for the majority of the show. I like the feel of interacting with people. So with that being said, there's a likely chance I'll be looking into hiring a co-host.

Yale: Any ideas yet?

Fowler: Not quite. I figure I'll try out the special guest hosts for the time being until I find some suitable for the position. I think it can add a great element to the show!

Bryan: Will we see any other features as part of the show? Whether they be some of the novelties or something innovative?

Fowler: I definitely plan on getting in touch with Rikki Roxx and seeing if he can bring back Rikki's Retro Ring Entrance competition. I always thought they were fun. It might not be something we'll do EVERY show, but it will definitely be something we'll get in there at LEAST every other show.

Yale: I can't wait for that!

Fowler: I also plan on reinstating the Unique Critique column that was extremely popular for a while. It seemed to go by the wayside but I'm sure with the right hype it can come back. Again, that won't be something you'll see on every show but it will be something we'll try to bring out on the air.

Bryan: I was always a big fan of that column and I think broadcasting the results would be great.

Fowler: Certainly. And I've got a few other ideas up my sleeves but I'll wait until the show gets rolling to introduce everyone to those. Our possibilities are really limitless now, as we've upgraded our software and hardware capabilities and so we're cutting out SIGNIFICANT lag and buffer times for our internet listeners.

Yale: That was always a big bummer.

Fowler: There's still going to be about a 7 second delay between when I say something and when it comes over the broadcast, but that's the norm for all radio stations for censoring purposes.

Bryan: You're not censoring this, are you?

Fowler: Oh no! Uncut and uncensored! This is going to give a very RAW look into GCW.

Bryan: Well I certainly thank you for coming around and getting this broadcast back together. I'm certain it will be a great success. Is there anything else you want to leave the fans?

Fowler: I just want to throw out there the fact that all broadcasts will be recorded and will become available for downloading or podcasting IMMEDIATELY after the show goes off the air. There is no wait time what-so-ever. So for those who can't make the show live, you can set your podcasts up to download the show instantly and still check it out!

Yale: That sounds really great!

Fowler: I hope everyone tunes in!

Bryan: Thanks Eddie.

Yale: Take care.

Fowler: So long, fella's.

The picture of Fowler cuts out and switches back to David and JB at their desk.

Bryan: Well I'll tell you one thing -- this guy seems really amped up to do this radio show.

Yale: I caught the first one he did and I really think he did a spectacular job. Hopefully the show can continue to live up to its hype and really get rolling again.

Bryan: Keep your eyes glued to for the next radio broadcast announcement!

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"Might as well speak up, I know you’re there."

Kevin Jacobs freezes on the spot and develops something of a perplexed expression. However, before he can pose the obvious question of ‘how?’ an explanation is provided:

"I can hear you breathing."

Jacobs nods and chuckles to himself, whilst the observant figure turns to face the interviewer, cigarette in hand and whiskey on the breath.

Jacobs: You’re a hard man to find.

McKail nods and exhales cigarette smoke out towards the cold night air. Standing at the door of the arena loading bay, he stares out towards the city landscape in the distance.

McKail: I ain’t all that hard to find. Most just don’t want to find me - most don’t want to acknowledge my existence.

Jacobs nods.

Jacobs: That’s true, but can you blame them?

McKail takes another drag of his cigarette and exhales the smoke.

McKail: Who the hell else am I gonna blame?

Jacobs shakes his head in disbelief, struggling to understand McKail’s notions.

Jacobs: Ever thought about blaming yourself?

McKail: For a time, but when I realised I hadn’t done anything wrong I dismissed the notion pretty quickly.

Jacobs: Hadn’t done anything wrong? You threw matches for illegal profit! That’s about as wrong as it gets!

McKail rolls his eyes.

McKail: And you know I did this for sure, do you? You actually witnessed me throwing a match, did you?

Jacobs stares back at him blankly, querying his memories for proof of his accusations.

Jacobs: Well, I…uh…

McKail grins and casts his eyes back over the city, taking in the fresh air and admiring its scent.

McKail: You’re just like the others; sheep influenced so completely by the media regardless of truth or conscience.

Jacobs shakes his head.

Jacobs: Whatever you say, man. But did you ever wonder whether this alleged ‘lie’ would’ve been so believable if anyone else was accused of it? Digital Mortality? Garbage Bag Johnny? Andy Murray?

McKail laughs and points at Jacobs, his cigarette still balanced between fingers.

McKail: And so you see my problem.

Jacobs: Everyone thinks you’re a bastard anyway, so aren’t really shocked when something like this crops up and are more than eager to believe it. If this is the case, then why not fight it? Why aren’t you out there calling press conferences to declare your innocence? Not doing so can only confirm your guilt!

McKail: They aren’t entirely wrong.

Jacobs: What do you mean?

McKail: I am a complete bastard and I don’t have to explain myself to anyone, otherwise they’ve won.

Jacobs: ‘They’ve’ won? Who are ‘they’? What are you talking about?

McKail shakes his head.

McKail: It doesn’t matter.

Jacobs: But what about Digital Mortality?

McKail stares blankly back at him.

McKail: What about him?

Jacobs: This heat between the two of you started because of the match-fixing allegations you have hanging over your head.

McKail nods.

McKail: That about covers it.

Jacobs: But why? Surely if you sit down and explain everything to him, he’ll--

McKail shakes his head.

McKail: It makes no difference. Tried it, didn’t work. He didn’t want to listen, he was too angry.

Jacobs: Can’t say I blame him, but still--

McKail: I told him how it is once and never again. Like I said, I don’t have to explain myself to anyone and I certainly won’t explain myself to anyone twice. If Digital Mortality or anyone else on the damned roster are too ignorant to believe what I tell them, then they deserve everything they get.

Jacobs: Or you deserve everything you get…

McKail nods.

McKail: Perhaps.

Jacobs: Okay, since there’s nothing quite left to say on that matter, can you comment on your possible involvement in the US Title match?

McKail: My involvement?

Jacobs: Don’t play coy, Jacob. Rumours are rampant everywhere that you’re going to throw in your American Dream entitlement you won a few weeks back and get your title shot. Will you do it or will you wait and bide your time?

McKail cracks a sly grin.

McKail: Now, that would be telling…wouldn’t it?

With that McKail places the cigarette to his lips and walks through the loading bay doors, embracing the night air and everything it can throw at him.

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James Bryan has found a very nice suit. He sits opposite the number one contender to GCW's World Champion, LeStatt Knight. They are well lit.

Bryan: Much has been made about the history of NC-17, in regard to both your win-loss records at the show and the World Title's propensity towards changing hands. When you think about this match, Mr. Knight, do you focus on that? Do you focus on the recent hostilities between yourself and our Champion, Jordan White? Or something else, entirely?

LK: Going into something like this, you don’t think about what has happened in the past. You can’t really, what’s the point? Besides, the LeStatt Knight walking through the ropes this year is not the same one you saw against Michael Stevens or Lia Ambrosi and Dawn McFarlane.

Bryan: Then what do you focus on?

LK: Winning. That’s the starting point and that’s the ending point. The recent ‘hostilities’ as you call them with Jordan, as well as the way I feel about him personally can be explained very easily. He stands in my way of winning, simple as that. I will concentrate on beating Jordan down, stripping him of the title. Doesn’t matter how either … just as long as it happens.

Some separate time in the same place, David Yale is wearing a nice suit of his own. Jordan White is across from him and the World Title is folded along a low table between the two men.

Yale: Jordan, you are about to face the greatest challenge in your career. You are about to defend your World Title against LeStatt Knight at GCW's grandest show ever. Are you nervous?

White: Maybe. Always gonna be nervous when there's a million people about to watch me, especially when I've got my belt on the line. Hell. You never know what's gonna happen in the ring, man; win, lose, or injury. Am I like, exceptionally nervous? Nah. I don't think so. Little anxious, yeah, but I'm not like, losin' sleep over it. LeStatt Knight is, LeStatt Knight is huge--he's a challenge, he's an obstacle, and he's one of the most intense competitors I think this game's ever had in it. Nervous was thinkin' about him as somethin' more than that. I mean, yeah; the man is a presence and the man is a force and alla that, but those aren't things that win matches. They sell shirts, they make interviews more important, but if you can leave 'em outside of the ropes, it's an entirely different thing. I've wrestled Knight before and I've won, but he's gotten back to his stride since then and, I mean, it's offputtin', to say anythin', but it's just another thing in life, y'know?

He shakes his head.

White: I'll get through it or I won't, an' I trust that I'm at least good enough to survive, if nothin' else. Some preshow jitters, guess you'd call 'em, but. I'm the Champion, man. How could I be nervous? This is what we do.

Yale: What you've done, so far, is put your belt up against Digital Mortality and Chris Bagwell. Do you really put that on the same plane as a match against LeStatt at NC-17?

White: You've got to, man. When you start losin' yourself, start losin' your opponent, you're already losing the match. At the end of the day, man, NC-17 is going to come down to two wrestlers, and one of them's gonna leave with the belt. One of 'em's gonna be disappointed. If you can break something down that far, if you can look at it from that sort of distance, you can keep your head about things, you can approach it in a way you can win. I mean. I walk into every match I've got, now, and I give it everything I have, or everything it takes, to win. I'll give Knight as much as I've got to give anyone else, so, yeah. I've got the fancy belt, Dave, and I haven't been pushed to the limit for it yet--but to keep this belt, to be worth keepin' this belt, I've always gotta be ready to go further, go harder than my opponent can, than my opponent expects I can. Just because I'm not pushed to that limit in every match doesn't mean I'm not ready for it.

He gives something of a smirk, something of a shrug; we return to Knight and Bryan.

Bryan: Your opponent at NC-17 is a tremendous athlete, and you have, in the past, made your respect for the man clear. You have also, at his request, promised to bring this match to a level of violence he has yet to face in his career. Because of the events leading up to this match, would you say your opinion of Jordan White has changed any, and if so, do you feel it will have any bearing on the outcome of NC-17?

LK: I will not under or overestimate Mr. White. I don’t necessarily see this as a battle against Jordan White.

Bryan: Then who is it against?

LK: This is a fight against destiny JB. Jordan White is merely a means to an end. I’ll take him to a limit he doesn’t know he has, no doubt about that, but no matter who would’ve been the one at the other side of the ring … they’d get the same kind of attention.

Bryan: Then nothing about this is personal?

LK: Personal?

Knight smirks.

LK: We’ll be getting real personal alright. Jordan will know everything there is to know about LeStatt Knight once the dust settles at NC-17.


Yale: Knowing the history of your opponent, the biggest star of this company, what makes you think you'll leave such a high profile event with the title?

White: All those people callin' me talented finally got to my head?

He laughs, shifts in his seat.

White: I dunno, really. I never go into matches thinkin' I'm gonna leave with the belt. It's not one of those things I like to think about, y'know? It's a distraction, actin' like I'm destined to retain or, or some shit like that. Just clutter, man, just somethin' in the way of actually winnin'. I don't really. I don't really try to think about wrestling too much, I don't try to lose perspective on what's going on. That's walking in at a disadvantage, when you do somethin' like that. I just, keep myself in the moment. I'm focused, y'know? I'd hate for something like my brain to get in the way of a match I know I can win if I just stay focused. I'm a threat, Dave, I'm--no joke--I do this wrestlin' thing as well as damned near anybody I've ever seen.

Yale: I can't argue with your talent, but don't you think an ego like that could get in your way?

White: How? I mean. Bein' confident is what wins me matches. Bein' indecisive--like, like shitty leg drops against people that aren't quite out--that's what loses. I mean, I don't walk out there thinkin' that anybody's just gonna give me the win, especially now that I've got somethin' this nice to keep my pants up with. Shit. It doesn't even keep my pants up. Anyways--I know I'm gonna have to fight for this fucker. Believin' I've got what it takes to fight for it isn't a bad thing, and it's the kinda shit that keeps a man from lyin' down, that keeps a man fightin'. Sometimes, man. Sometimes it's the only thing that'll keep you standin'. Not wantin' to lose an inch that you've gained. Not wantin' to fuck up what you've worked for.

Yale: You really should watch your language.

White: Whatever. Nobody under 18 has any business watching somethin' this fucked up.

Yale: That's something you have been quite vocal about. You're not supposed to bite the hand that feeds.

White: I don't like bitin' to begin with, Yale. Just because I got rich tryin' to hurt people doesn't mean I have to be proud of it.

Yale: Do you enjoy it?

White: I don't like that I enjoy it.


Bryan: Final question LeStatt. If you win at NC-17, what will such a monumental win mean to you?

LK: Everything.

He leans back slightly, a grin forming on his lips

LK: Look I get that I’m suppose to be the biggest prick in GCW or at least the most arrogant one but I’ve been around here for a long damn time now. I’ve bled GCW since Steven decided to reopen the place. Most everyone in GCW these days have no idea what I REALLY have meant to this company’s success. To put it bluntly? I love GCW. It’s my livelihood. To be able to win a third World Title reign, tying Octavian’s hallowed record? It’ll mean everything to me. I want to represent GCW again … I will represent GCW. Jordan White will just be along for the ride.


Yale: This is the last question, Jordan. If you retain the GCW World Title at NC-17, what exactly would that even mean to a person like you?

White: That I beat GCW's franchise wrestler at GCW's franchise show. That I'm still the champion. I mean. It won't change my life, man--I won't be a different person. I'll still defend it as much as I possibly can. Look, Yale, I've always, I've always liked beatin' people that cared more than I did, that tried harder than I did. That used to work, you know, that used to get me my couple of wins, my little bit of fame, my little checks. That's not an option I have anymore--I've got to give it my heart to win at the level I'm at, against the cat I'm up with, so, if you wanted to take somethin' like that from it, there you go. If I win, it means I've maybe gone too far. If I win, it means I'm a little less human, a little more wrestler. But goddamnit, man. If I'm gonna be a whore, if I win? Then I'm the best whore I can be. There you go. It means I hold my head a little higher, but I've got a few more burdens to carry on it. That good for you?

Yale: It was an answer.

White: Hah. Yeah.

His eyes go the title and he smiles. We fade away.

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The scene opens in Nacho Grande's super awesome bachelor pad hangout area... Okay, it's just the catering area where they dragged the sofa, but minor details... Quesa Dilla and Beef Supreme are again engaged in heavy, meaningful conversation about world cultures and important current events... or... something like that anyway.

Quesa Dilla: I'm telling you, it's completely implausible.

Beef Supreme: It is not, that's preposterous!

Quesa Dilla: Don't be so shallow and pedantic!

Beef Supreme: I don't like your dichotomy, and... other big words I could use!

Quesa Dilla: See, I just think you're a little, you know, gunshy, about standing on your hypothesis!

Beef Supreme stares back for a few seconds.

Beef Supreme: Excellent, dude!

Both Beef Supreme and Quesa Dilla do a quick air guitar. Nacho Grande walks up shaking his head.

Nacho Grande: What are you guys arguing about now?

Beef Supreme: Nantucket.

Nacho Grande: What about it?

Beef Supreme: Quesa Dilla claims it doesn't really exist.

Quesa Dilla: Think about it, man. It doesn't make sense. Come on, there once was a man from Nantucket?!

Nacho Grande: So you're telling me, that now you think the moon landing, Woodstock, Pizza Hut, and Hawaii are all conspiracies, in addition to Nantucket not existing?

Beef Supreme: Hey, Hawaii might be plausible...

Quesa Dilla: I didn't say it did, we just think it might be plausible. But what is not plausible in any way is Nantucket.

Nacho Grande: Please explain this before my brain explodes.

Quesa Dilla: If it was a place that really existed, would you need a limerick to support it?

Beef Supreme meanwhile has opened his laptop and is shaking his head. Quesa Dilla is continuing his rant.

Quesa Dilla: What about communism, man?

Nacho Grande: What about it?

Quesa Dilla: Think about it... I blame Nantucket, which doesn't even exist.

Beef Supreme: I feel the need to remind you that there's a goverment-sponsored...

Quesa Dilla: There's no government, you fool! Open your mind!

Beef Supreme: See, right here... What the hell?

Quesa Dilla: Oh, I guess it does exist. My bad.

Nacho Grande: So... The point of this was?

Beef Supreme: Is there ever a point to anything we do?

Quesa Dilla: We don't have matches anytime soon, we had to think of something to do.

Nacho Grande: Guess we just still gotta HANG TOUGH!

Beef flips on the boombox to "Hangin' Tough", and the Thrillion Man March does their trademark handhook dance down throughout the corridors. Most people barely notice.

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Bryan: As the night draws closer to the end, we can't help but amp ourselves up for NC-17.

Yale: I'm sure as hell excited to get there.

Bryan: And, while we hate to lose focus on the big show, we still have to look ahead to whats in store for the company after NC-17.

Yale: People are already making plans for after?

Bryan: At this time, we're going to be joined by long time GCW interviewer Barry Goldstein for a breaking announcement about something set to follow NC-17. Barry, can you hear us alright?

The picture cuts into a split screen, bringing Barry Goldstein into view in a nifty yellow collared button down t-shirt.

Barry Goldstein: I've got you loud and clear, JB!

Bryan: So what's all this fuss about a major announcement, Barry?

Goldstein: Well JB, I'm glad you asked. I just received word on my desk earlier tonight that apparently a GCW executive director has decided that he wants to reinstitute a Rizing Starz Tournament, that has gained a tremendous amount of prestige in the past.

Yale: Whoa! Do we have that many new hires in GCW to really piece together a worthwhile tournament?

Goldstein: Great question, David, and that's the interesting part. From what I'm being told, the format of the tournament is going to be modified slightly from how its traditionally been held and the candidates don't necessarilly have to be new hires.

Bryan: So then who exactly would become eligible to participate in this tournament?

Goldstein: It seems as though anybody that has been signed to the company for under a year at the date of the first round is eligible. That means if the tournament starts and you're on your 364th day with the company, you're in!

Bryan: Well I can think of a handful of names who might be coming damn near close!

Goldstein: The only stipulation is that your entry becomes void if he's held either the World Championship or United States Championship within that time. I think the idea behind it is to really catapult somebody's career forward.

Yale: Hmm.. this seems to be interesting. But I'm not really following what's so different about this.

Goldstein: Well firstly, the tournament is set to basically replace the Rampage tournament that took place last year. I guess a better word would be that the two tournaments are being 'combined' as one. The finals of the match are set to be at this year's Rampage Pay-Per-View.

Yale: Still seems pretty standard, just re-dubbed.

Goldstein: The finals are going to be no different. Its actually the preliminary rounds that are going to be the important ones. The tournament is built for 8 participants. In the first round, seeds 1 and 2 will square off, seeds 3 and 4 will square off, seeds 5 and 6, and then seeds 7 and 8. After round one, the tournament will be broken down into two brackets of four.

Bryan: The four winners and the four losers.

Goldstein: Exactly! The four winners will be split into two matches against each other and the four losers will be split into two evenly matched teams. The four losers will compete in a tag team match, where the winning team will earn the right to advance and the losing team will be officially ejected from the tournament.

Yale: I'd hate to let my chances hang on the shoulders of another failure!

Goldstein: That'll be the motivation to do better in round one!

Bryan: So what happens in round three then?

Goldstein: By round three, you'll have two guys who are 2-0 and 4 guys who are now 1-1 (keeping in mind the two guys who are 0-2 are now out of the tournament). So in this round, the two 2-0 guys will square off in one match and the four 1-1 guys will face each other in a four corners elimination match.

Yale: I like the sound of that! Make them earn it!!

Goldstein: By round four, you'll now have one man who is 3-0, his Round 3 opponent who is 2-1, and the winner of the four corners elimination who will now be 2-1. The guy in first place will receive a BYE right into the finals whereas the other two remaining superstars will battle for their spot in the finals.

Bryan: This all seems very complex, but at the same time somewhat intriguing. I kind of like the double elimination aspect of it.

Yale: Yeah, me too. So what's in it for the winner? This seems like an awefully lot of work for bragging rights.

Goldstein: You read my mind! The winner of the match at Rampage will automatically receive a shot at the United States Championship Title the following month at High Stakes!

Bryan: Well ain't that something!!

Yale: Talk about the opportunity to launch your career in the right direction.

Bryan: It certainly sounds like quite the lineup to me. Who are the competitors and when will this thing get started?

Goldstein: The names of the superstars haven't yet been released, but I'd imagine we'll find out some of them as early as NC17! I've also heard rumors of a number of new hires within the company, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple new faces surface for this thing.

Bryan: Well we can't thank you enough for your investigative reports, Barry!

Yale: Now I'm even MORE excited for NC-17 to get here!

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A shadowed figure is sitting in darkness, the leafless trees swaying among him. His eyes are shut, and he seems oblivious to the world around him.

Voiceover: He first appeared in America in 1999.

The camera angle switches to the side, slowly panning behind the figure's flowing hair.

Voiceover: He's won three world championships and gained renown throughout the wrestling industry.

The camera switches sides, this time panning closer to the figure's face, centering on the ears poking through the hair.

Voiceover: Everywhere he goes, the jokes and cracks of his heritage begin, but actions quickly lay them to rest.

The camera pans down to the pendants around his neck. His breathing, very subtle, hardly moves them at all.

Voiceover: And now, with the fiery Devon Drake by his side, his sights are yet again set on the top of the mountain.

The camera zooms in close to the figure's closed eyes. Suddenly, they open with full alertness.

Voiceover: "The Elven Warrior" is coming to GCW!

A sword slices across the screen and again fades to blackness.

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We had a white Christmas. We had a white new years. Were we about to have a white wedding? If all goes according to Clyde’s plan, then yes. Fox sits up as he fiddles with his bowtie in the mirror. The lighting reflects from the ceiling and glares back at a spiffy looking Clyde. Suddenly a very odd looking man rushes up behind Clyde.

Man: Sir. Are you ready my sweet?

Fox turns and flamboyantly flutters his digits.

Fox: Ugh Dominique. I can’t seem to stwaten my tie.

Dominique: Oh my gosh! Come here hun, let me fix that for you.

And with the flamiest touch, Dominique corrects the previous lopsided bowtie.

Dominique: Now come on hun, your wedding awaits.

Dominique leads Fox by the hand as they exit the bathroom and walk into the ballroom. Everything was perfect. Nothing huge… or small… just cozy.

Fox: It’s perfect! Thanks for planning my wedding Dominique!

Dominique: Well shucks your welcome! I couldn’t stand how depressed you were when you came to me. Now go on; head up to the alter my friend. The show is about to start.

Fox lifts his dress pants as if it were a skirt and scurries on down the aisle to the gumdrop laced alter platform.

Fox: I feel like a schoolgirl going to her first prom.

Dominique: And now I present the guests…

David Yale, James Bryan and a few others filter in with the most concerned looks on their faces. A priest waltzes in shortly after and takes centre stage.

Priest: All rise for the bride.

Coincidentally the guests were already standing due to lack of chairs. An organ echoes throughout the cavern as a grossly obese man wearing a thirteen size too small wedding dress comes prancing down the aisle. Fox rubs his eyes as he believes he is seeing things.

Fox: Whoa, whoa, whoa! You’re not Tessa! This is supposed to be the marriage of Tessa Windsor-Fox and meeeeee!

Slob Bride: What do you mean? I am her. My name is Tentsa Winsoar. You don’t want to marry me?

The man stands there as Dominique starts getting hot under the collar… and not in his usual way.

Dominique: Yes… see it really is Tessa.

Fox examines the man posed as Tessa.

Fox: Nope. I don’t think so. Tessa has bigger love handles than that!

Dominique: Okay! Okay! I’ll admit it. That’s not Tessa.

The crowd reacts in shock except for David Yale who chuckles a bit.

Dominique: Clyde… she turned down your marriage proposal… I’m sorry.

Fox: Sorry!? So you set me up with Tarty McWindbag and thought you could pass it by me!?

Dominique: Yeah… that and I owe my boyfriend money so I couldn’t reject the job. Sorry.

Just then the doors swing open. There stands the woman of Fox’s dreams. Tessa Windsor.

Fox: Tessie! You meanie! I give you one last chance to marry me and you do this to me!? I can’t beweave you. I mean, I threw out the blades, got some sleep, ate my vitamins, kissed my Mommy and even trimmed my toenails for the first time in seven years and this is how you repay me!?

Windsor: Stop flattering yourself Clyde. I’m only here because I heard you were having a wedding… what good would it be if the bride to be didn’t show up?

Fox pauses and places a finger on his lip in confusion.

Fox: Wait. So… you want to have my babies now?

Tessa struts up to Clyde and gives him her patented sultry stare.

Windsor: Only if you beat me in an arm wrestling match, big boy.

She winks at Clyde as his face boils to a bright red. Tessa clears off the podium and places her right arm in position.

Windsor: Scared?

Fox’s bottom lip quivers as he slowly approaches the podium. He gently locks in his arm with Tessa’s.

Fox: Otay. I’m weady.

David Yale scoots up to get a closer look.

Yale: You guys need a referee. Let me take care of that. Now… on my mark. Ready… set… go!

The struggle begins as Clyde furiously pushes Tessa’s arm with all his might. The colossal struggle continues as Fox grimaces a warriors look. Little does he realize but Tessa isn’t actually trying at all.

Fox: You like that!? Pffft. This is too easyŚ


And before Fox could finish his line, Tessa quick and cleanly slammed Fox’s hand down with little effort.

Yale: Your winner is Tessa Windsor!

Windsor: Oops. Did I do that?

She chuckles a flirty girl laugh before skipping down the aisle.

Windsor: Hope you can pack more of punch in the ring, or else this will really be a waste of my time.

Fox clutches his arm in pain as the male bride walks up to Clyde.

Winsoar: Hey bub… where’s my fifty bucks?


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Bryan: Well we've only got a few minutes left so we'd like to take this opportunity to give you all a quick rundown as to what you can expect to see this weekend at NC-17.

Yale: We already covered the triple main events between LeStatt Knight and Jordan White, Chris Bagwell and Vivica J. Valentine, and Jay Terror and Andy Murray. But there's still quite an electrifying night leading up to that point.

Bryan: Lets take the Television Title match, for one. The TV title scene is hotter than its been in months as Dan Black battles his one time good friend Axel Action... on top of having to fight his manager Mr. Danger AND John Adams.

Yale: I have to favor Black's chances in this match, JB. He knows Axel like the back of his hand and he's got the genius in Mr. Danger to back him up. At one point, I would've considered John Adams a threat but he just hasn't proven himself yet since arriving in GCW.

Bryan: You make such a valid point, but I think you're dismissing Axel Action too early. This is Axel's first and only chance to finally break out on his own and prove that he's more than just somebody else's lackey. I think we're going to witness a side of Axel Action that we've never seen before.

Yale: Speaking of a side we've never seen before -- how about the recent showing of Tyson DeBough. He's actually coming to his matches and not running away.

Bryan: There's something about the chemistry between DeBough and his new partner Brian Fisher that just looks to be clicking. The Aristocrats, although talented, just don't seem like they're going to stand a chance against an Establishment-backed team. I suspect we'll get a brief appearence from Brad Jackson and Jay Terror early on in the night.

Yale: I don't know, JB. Brad Jackson has his hands full when he battles the hall of famer Jason Dread. I'd go as far as saying it'll be the biggest match of Brad Jackson's career.

Bryan: I still find it amazing how a guy like Jason Dread, who once used to be a staple in The Establishment, has become such a target from the group. Jackson could certainly use the win to get his name back in the mix of things, but Dread's in ring experience can't be underestimated.

Yale: JB, we talked all night about how monumental this pay-per-view was for so many people last year. But there are those who happened to fall on the other side of that stick. Lia Ambrosi comes back to the event that saw her losing the World Championship only last year. But this year, she's got her hands full with Face!

Bryan: Face is just such an unpredictable character. The guy definitely has more than one screw loose in that head and I'm anxious to see if Lia can finally teach this guy a thing or two.

Yale: We're also scheduled to finally see Tessa Windsor and Clyde Fox square off.

Bryan: What started as a boyhood crush has finally come to this!

Yale: I actually tend to wonder what Clyde's chances are in this match. I find it hard to believe he's going to be completely over Tessa to the point where he'd be able to actually do any damage. And this Tessa Windsor isn't the same Tessa Windsor we saw 6 months ago.

Bryan: You're right there. Tessa is well on her way to challenging for that World Title belt and Fox seems to be the last thing holding her back.

Yale: The match I think I'm MOST looking forward to is for the Tag Team Championship belts!

Bryan: Banned and Exiled are set to take on the current champions, Oblivion, and boy does it feel weird saying that B&E~! are the challengers.

Yale: It's been a long time coming that we'd see B&E~! go back after the belts they lived with for practically forever. But I just don't know how well prepared Markus Stone and Chris Storm can possibly be to take on such monsters in Oblivion.

Bryan: Bryan Mayhem and Shaman are two of the biggest competitors in this sport and they've absolutely clobbered the division thus far. But Banned & Exiled~!... these guys are future Hall of Famers. It's going to be one hell of a match.

Yale: Possibly the show stealer.

Bryan: I don't know that you can talk show stealer without considering Jacob McKail and Digital Mortality in that running. These two guys have been at each other for weeks and will finally settle their differences in what looks like it could be one hell of a bout.

Yale: Keep in mind that Jacob McKail IS the holder of the American Dream. He could very well cash in his title shot and enter his match as the champion!

Bryan: That's always a possibility. But I don't particularly see him risking going into his match with Digital Mortality less than 100%. Especially considering what happened with Zacharia Taylor.

Yale: That's RIGHT! It totally slipped my mind. With Taylor being held for allegedly being involved in a murder case, Garbage Bag Johnny might pick up his first win via forfeit.

Bryan: I'm sure he wouldn't mind. Anything to save energy!!

Yale: Well JB, it looks like we're out of time. I know I sure can't wait for this weekend.

Bryan: I think you're right, Dave. Thank you for joining us tonight and we hope you tune in again this weekend to see us at NC-17! GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!

Yale: SO LONG!

The GCW logo flashes on the screen before fading into a promotional piece for NC-17.

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