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Global Championship Wrestling is an internet-based professional wrestling promotion touring worldwide. With offices in Columbus, Ohio, New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, London, Tokyo and Beijing, GCW is the largest wrestling company in the world today.

GCW was created in 2001 and has operated for most of the subsequent decade. During that span GCW has employed nearly one thousand individuals, with members from the United States, Great Britain, Latin America, Asia and Australia. GCW members have included students, people with families, enlisted soldiers, hobbyists and published authors.

Within this website you will find the product of nearly ten years of work from countless writers, graphic artists and media composers. With content ranging from the written word to audio to video, GCWOnline.net is a shrine to the many talented people who have competed in this company during its long existence.

Please enjoy what our members have created for your entertainment. If you are unfamiliar with GCW or electronic wrestling, please be sure to familiarize yourself with the legal disclaimers below. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Content Disclaimer

Global Championship Wrestling is not for children. While GCW does not condone, produce or host pornography, racist themes or illegal content, the text, graphics, audio and video on GCWOnline.net are intended for mature audiences only. GCW's product features themes including, but not limited to, graphic violence, sexuality, profanity and drug use. These themes are presented for entertainment purposes only and should be viewed only by responsible adults. Children or viewers who may be offended by this material should navigate away from this website immediately.


All content on this website is generated by its users. While each GCW member is contracted by Caldera Enterprises, Incorporated, members retain their individual copyrights over the work that is produced and published on this website. All text, graphics, music and video is used with the permission of GCW's members and MAY NOT be reproduced in any shape or form without expressed consent. Plagiarism is a serious crime and Global Championship Wrestling strives to protect the copyrights of its members.

Any reproduction, display, or reuse of GCW's copyrighted material is a violation of law and violators WILL be pursued.

While members retain all rights to work produced and displayed at GCWOnline.net, GCW retains the right to continue displaying all work published at GCWOnline.net by all past and present members. By publishing text, images, audio or video to this website you grant GCW the right to continue displaying this content indefinitely.

Global Championship Wrestling is not affiliated with any existing professional wrestling promotion, nor does it use or infringe upon any existing trademarks or likenesses. The use of trademarked or copyrighted material by GCW members is strictly forbidden.

While GCW strives to give its fans an opportunity to participate in the action, guests to the website are required to observe typical rules of good conduct. Be courteous and constructive. Abusive, antagonistic, racist or excessive posts on either the GCW Website or the forums will be removed and you will be subject to a permanent ban.


The staff of Global Championship Wrestling has access to all usernames, passwords and contact information registered on this website. GCW guarantees your privacy and the safety of your confidential information. Users are responsible for maintaining the security of their accounts and are asked never to share log-in information with others they do not know well. GCW maintains a secure website and asks that its registered members help to maintain that security by keeping all log-in information private. No contact information will ever be sold or given to a third party that is not affiliated with GCW.


Global Championship Wrestling is owned by Steven Caldera. While all user-generated content within this website is the sole property of its creators, GCW maintains ownership over the mechanism of its display. All official Global Championship Wrestling content is the property of Caldera Enterprises, Incorporated. This website is owned by Steven Caldera and hosted at PTC. GCW is supported by Backstage 2, © Ross Fynmore 2006, a roster and content management system licensed to GCW. No part of Backstage 2 may be used or reproduced without the expressed permission of its creator.


GCWOnline.net was designed by Steven Caldera. The GCW logo was designed by Caldera, and the current version was created by Ric, who also designed many of the other graphics on the website.

GCW has a talented team of poser artists. If you would like to know who created any individual poser image, you may find the answer on the forums. All poser images are the property of the GCW Poser artists, and is used on this website with their permission. GCW reserves the right to continue displaying poser art indefinitely after it has been licensed for use on the website.

Other contributions:
Poser image for Shaman © Matt Warr @ WWA