It's brutal. It's sadistic. It's violent. It's the kind of mayhem that can only be achieved with Asphalt, Chains, Wrenches and Forklifts. With GCW's ACWF Compilation DVD, you can get every bloody, bone-crushing ACWF Match in GCW history on three exciting DVDs. Complete with special features including commentary from match innovator The Jhub, this DVD is a must-have for any serious GCW fan.

  • The Jhub vs. Khan
  • The Jhub vs. Rich Rollins
  • The Jhub vs. Octavian vs. Badger Benandanti
  • Steven Caldera & Seymour Almasy vs. Rich Rollins & Angelo DeVille
  • Jay Terror vs. Jordan White

In the summer of 2003, Global Championship Wrestling was reopened and rebranded as X:Wrestling. Though X:Wrestling would be short-lived, it did give rise to GCW's own television network, X:TV.

In celebration of the launch of its new station, X:Wrestling aired an exclusive Best of GCW program, complete with the 15 matches GCW fans voted to be the best in the company's history.

Now, for the first time on DVD, you can relive this exciting broadcast, complete with new commentary and behind-the-scenes footage! See the greatest matches from GCW's original tenure of 2001-2002, including the best of The Jhub, Rich Rollins, Badger Benandanti, Khan, Octavian and more. And, for the first time ever, see unaired matches from Warpath 2002, including Michael Stevens vs. Toad and The Jhub vs. Badger Benandanti!