Real Name: David Bartholemew Yale
Birthdate: 3-12-72
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 184
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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David Yale

GCW Color Commentator


David Yale got his start as a radio host in the Pittsburgh area. He graduated with a degree in Communications from Penn State and later began writing for several television shows. Yale caught on as a member of the television production crew in the CWU during Steven Caldera's time there. When GCW was opened, Yale was brought on board and given the job as lead color man.

When GCW re-launched, Yale did not immediately return to the company, being replaced by such names as Pete, The Jhub and Steven Caldera. During that time, Yale had returned to his radio job and was enjoying great ratings for his syndicated evening show. However, Yale decided he wanted to return to television, and reclaimed his job with GCW.

Yale is a snappy on-air personality with a sharp wit. Yale is not as impartial as his broadcast colleague, tending to favor those wrestlers who are willing to go to any lengths to win. Still, despite this tendency, Yale is a fan favorite who has always been extremely popular with the crowd.