Real Name: Vivica Juliet Valentine
Nicknames: The Fearless Phenom, The Bulletproof Blonde, The Headstrong Heroine, The Woman Without Fear
Birthdate: October 31, 1982
Height: 5'4'
Weight: 129
Hometown: Highland Park, Illinois


Titles: GCW World Tag Team Champion (6/21/09 - 6/26/09), GCW World Heavyweight Champion (12/16/07 - 08/16/08), GCW United States Champion (02/21/06 - 10/30/06, 3/27/10 - 12/6/10)
Awards: 2008 GCW Wrestler Of The Year, 2007 Dangerous Games Winner, 2nd Longest Reigning World Champion In GCW History, Longest Reigning US Champion in GCW History
Other Feds: PrimeTime Central

Vivica J. Valentine



Manager / Valet:n/a
Wrestling Style:High Flyer/Striker
Finisher:The Second City Air Raid
Finisher Description:Double rotation shooting star senton
Setup:The Siren Song
Special Moves:See Moves List
Entrance Music:Image Of The Invisible by Thrice

Move Set

Vivica J. Valentine is your high risk, gambling, high flyer who has slowly evolved into a flyer/striker hybrid but still excels mostly in high-octane offense revolving around her inhuman balance learned from years as a world-class gymnist. While later on in her career she has began to include some submission skills into her offense, technical ability still tends to be on the weak side and will use them only when needed in rare situations.


The Second City Air Raid: (Double rotation shooting star senton.)

The End Of Heartache: (Running Front Flip Piledriver aka The Canadian Destroyer. Only used on smaller opponets.)


Repentance: (Step-Up Enziguiri To The Face)

The Siren Song: (Leg Swing Flip-Over Somersault Cutter.)

Shock & Awe: (With opponet seated on the top rope she run across the ring and leaps into the air, performing a hurricanrana on the opponet without touching the ropes)

The Greyout: (Tilt-A-Whirl Guillotine Choke)


These are moves that Vivica J. Valentine does in homage to those that have shaped her along the way. They are done rarely and get a huge ovation when done due to shock value.

[Christian Zenith] The Red Line: (Double Underhook Sitout-Facebuster aka The Angel's Wings. Only used on smaller opponets. A trademark of Christian Zenith, former fiance and original trainer to Vivica J. Valentine.)

[Lia Ambrosi] The Fool's Gallows: (Elevated Texas Cloverleaf. The finisher of former GCW World Champion Lia Ambrosi, who was a "big sister", trainer & mentor to Vivica J. Valentine)

[Karina Wolfenden] The C4: (Flip Over Kudo Driver)


She'll use mostly stiff kicks and chops, switching to closed fists when angered or frustrated. She's been known to use high impact kicks as a game-changer such as a Super Kick or Shining Wizard. She's also known to sneak in a quick pin or two to catch her opponent off-guard, as well as using her entire body as a weapon against much larger opponents.


Due to her size, Valentine will stick mostly to a high-speed no-lift offense against opponents regardless of size. It has become her comfort zone to the point where hitting a move such as a Body Slam or a Suplex against anyone comes off as a desperation rarity. She'll mainly stick to quicker high impact moves like a Hurricanrana, DDTs & Variations (Tornados, Flips, Etc.), Hip Tosses, Arm Drags, Drop Toe Holds, and Neckbreakers.


Besides the moves listed above, the only submissions Valentine would attempt would be directed towards cutting off the flow of oxygen to the brain to take down a much larger opponent, or towards taking out the legs of an opponent to keep them from being able to keep up with her high-octane offense. Ankle Locks and Heel Hooks would be her go-to submissions against all opponents.


This genre is where Vivica excells more than all the others. Her lack of size, gymastics background, and lightning speed give her the ability to pull off nearly any aeiral strike the imagination can muster. Springboards and verticle leaps are the very backbone of her offense, using the entire ring as well as her entire body to inflict as much damage as possible as fast as possible. With a showmanship flair, Valentine prefers to add a little extra to her aerial assaults in the form of flips and corkscrews. Instead of a Leg Drop, she'll do a Front Flip Leg Drop. Instead of a Suicide Dive, she'll do a Corkscrew Suicide Dive. The crowd loves her acrobatics, and their reaction fuels her desire to go on.


Freak athlete with superior speed, agility, balance, and finesse. Ruthless striker. Shares an uncanny connection to the fans.


Undersized and over-emotional. Under developed mat wrestling and technical skills. Somtimes has very sloppy submissions. Lacks a power game.