Real Name: Seán William O'Neill
Nicknames: Tribal War Machine
Birthdate: January 31st, 1975 (age 35)
Height: 6'3
Weight: 240 lbs
Hometown: Belfast, Northern Ireland


Other Feds: ACCW, DWO, EPW, HOW, WWA & rW


AIM:teh Boomzy




Manager / Valet:n/a
Wrestling Style:Innovative Mat Technician
Finisher:The Jackhammer
Finisher Description:SurReal applies a front facelock on the opponent throwing their arm across his shoulder. He grabs the opponent's tights, hoisting them straight up in a suplex-like position, stalling as long as he can before driving them to the canvas for the cover.
Setup:Anything coming off serious momentum.
Special Moves:(see Move Set section)
Entrance Music:'Ex Amino' by Chromium

Move Set


The Jackhammer
SurReal applies a front facelock on the opponent throwing their arm across his shoulder. He grabs the opponent's tights, hoisting them straight up in a suplex-like position, stalling as long as he can before driving them into the canvas for the cover.


The Manipulation
SurReal lifts the opponent so they are laying across his shoulders. He then shifts the opponent onto his right shoulder so they hang over it. Wrapping his arm around the opponent's neck he drops them head-first to the mat. Now rarely used, this personalised Emerald Fusion is usually saved for supercards or used out of frustration if nothing else seems to be putting the opponent away.

The Celtic Cross
SurReal applies a standing head scissors before spreading his arms out in a crucifix taunt before grabbing the opponent around the waist, lifting them up so they are over his shoulder. From there, he places both his arms under their arms and extends them out to the side as far as they can, before sending the opponent crashing down back first to the mat. Used even more sparingly than "The Manipulation" it's very, very rare to see SurReal performing this move now. In his earlier career this was his main finisher.


The Irish Clover
With the opponent on their back, SurReal grabs both legs and locks them into a figure four his arms, placing the opponent's straight leg into his arm pit. SurReal then steps over the opponent rolling them on their stomach as if for a Boston Crab and sits back arching back repeatedly to apply pressure in the hope of forcing his opponent into submission.

The Easter Rising
With his opponent grounded SurReal hooks their knees under his arms, stepping over his opponent he locks in the hold arching back repeatedly to apply pressure. In recent times he has taken a liking to placing his knee in the small of the opponent’s back or occasionally pushing his knee down on the back of their neck.

Irish Mist
Used very rarely to turn the tide when he's coming under severe pressure SurReal spits a green mist into his opponents eyes. (Only used when he is a heel)

Beast Choker
SurReal stands behind the opponent, placing them in an inverted facelock he hooks their near arm with his free arm. He pulls them backwards and up, wrenching the opponent's neck as he drops to his back wrapping his legs around their midsection in a body scissors adding more pressure.

Buffalo Sleeper
Lifting his opponent to sit upright, SurReal takes one of their arms and pulls it up so the arm is above the shoulder and the wrist is trapped by his elbow. With his other hand, he locks his hand around the opponent's chin. Reaching under their arm which is trapped by his elbow he grabs their other hand and pulls back, applying pressure to the opponent's neck and arm.


- Pendulum Back Breaker
- Swinging Neck Breaker
- Cradle Piledriver
- Side Russian Leg Sweep
- Top Rope Swandive Headbutt
- Suplex (variations): SurReal will frequently use various different types of suplex. The most commonly used being; Gutwrench Suplex, German Suplex, Cradle Suplex, Snap Suplex, Fisherman Suplex; Northern Lights Suplex, Butterfly Suplex & Tiger Suplex. Should he execute a suplex coming off some serious momentum he will normally bridge or float-over into the pin.


- Fluid, crisp scientific wrestling skills.
- Capable of wrestling in any world style.
- Overwhelming will to win.


- Spinal Injury, whilst he has recovered the fear of hurting it again restricts his high flying arsenal.
- Overwhelming will to win; Not always a good thing! On occasions his frustration can boil over which leads to rash uncharacteristic decision


A wily veteran, SurReal is well versed in all the tricks of the trade. An outstanding mat technician with a ruthless mean streak, he can be more than a handful for even the most talented opposition. Although he is somewhat of a wrestling purest, he is not adverse to bringing a foreign object into the ring as an equaliser if needs be. When the bell rings SurReal's focus and concentration is second to none, feeding off his insatiable thirst for victory.

His right knee was for a long time considered to be his 'Achilles heel' having suffered several injuries there whilst breaking into the business in his early twenties, his knees have benefited greatly from his long hiatus and rarely pose much of a problem to him now. Without a doubt his main concern these days is avoiding any reoccurrence of the back injury that looked for a long time like having ended his career.

SurReal attacks his opponents on two fronts; both physically and mentally. He is always seeking a way to gain an advantage over his opponent and will often play mind games to that end. One thing SurReal is known for is his preference to avoid cheating, he spent many years learning and perfecting his craft. There is not one bone in his body that honestly believes that he needs to cheat to win, such is his confidence in his skills.