Real Name: Ryuji Kamigawa
Nicknames: Shirofuku no Otoko (literally "The Man in White Clothing")
Birthdate: February 28. Year unknown.
Height: 6'5
Weight: 300 lbs.
Hometown: Osaka, Japan


Titles: None yet
Awards: Qualifier for the 2011 Rampage Tournament
Other Feds: Several little known outfits in Osaka's seedier red-light districts.


Other Characers:Phillip Kennedy

Other Characers:Seymour Almasy
Kenjiro Ito
Phillip Kennedy
Michael Vain

Ryuji Kamigawa



Manager / Valet:n/a
Wrestling Style:Japanese heavyweight with a showman's flair. Also has a notable propensity for moves executed out of a full nelson.
Finisher:Kamigawa no Kachi! ("Victory for Kamigawa!"); Ten Kara ("From Heaven")
Finisher Description:Running crucifix powerbomb into the turnbuckles; The prettiest big man moonsault. EVER.
Setup:Kamurocho Lullaby (Standing head-and-arm choke. He swings smaller opponents around with it. Used to get them groggy for either finisher.)
Special Moves:See regular moveset for his signatures and other moves.
Entrance Music:"Kamurocho Lullaby" by Hidenori Shoji

Move Set

Signature, Named Moves:

1. Kamigawa's Jitte: Full nelson slam over the knee. Essentially a full nelson backbreaker.
2. Dekedan Death Drop: Full nelson lift into a wheelbarrow facebuster.
3. Revolution Kamigawa: Slingshot Spinning Full Nelson Bomb. Kamigawa lifts the opponent in a full nelson, bounces their legs off the top rope for momentum, then spins around to drop them on their spine, Bubba Ray Dudley style

Regular Moveset

1. Vertical Suplex into a falling chest/ribbreaker.
2. Running Boot to the face
3. Argentine Backbreaker (used to wear down an opponent, mid match. Never shall he win with it, for he shall always release it early)
4. Delayed Gutwrench Suplex (he lifts, then will often walk around the ring if the opponent is light enough before finishing the move)
5. Running, Stinger splash style avalanche in the corner
6. Gorilla Press Slam into a Samoan Drop
7. Double Chokelift into an Inverted Atomic Drop
8. Double Underhook Clutch, with repeated knees to the abdomen.
9. Released full-nelson/Dragon suplex
10. Repeated headbutts to the ribcage of an opponent draped over the ropes in the corner.


Well-rounded, ESPECIALLY for his size. Very tough and capable of taking punishment. Aura gives him a psychological advantage against many opponents.


Fanatical attachment to keeping his sunglasses on. Tendency to get blown up due to his size and insistence on working a faster paced style. Need to win in style means he won’t be winning with rollups or cradles or covers where others wrestlers might.


Ryuji Kamigawa wrestles balls to the wall. He's a big guy and in decent shape, but generally, he's got about fifteen minutes before he starts gassing bad, so he wants to put you away in that time frame.

He likes to work the back and neck to set up for his Kamigawa no Kachi finisher (for Ten Kara, he's a three hundred pound guy moonsaulting you, no setup needed). A lot of his power offense is pretty showy, as per his desire to show off. He won't really cover much outside of his finishers, the occassional attempt after a big move here and there aside.

He'll run through his moves, try to hook the Kamurocho Lullaby to weaken the opponent that much more, then release it and look to end the contest. Simple strategy, really.