Real Name: Jason Francis O'Neil
Nicknames: The Scarecrow Sociopath, JO, Jay-O, The Dark Messiah (retired), The Quiet Riot.
Birthdate: Feb 11, 1973
Height: 6'2'
Weight: 252
Hometown: Cleveland, OH (current) Belmont, England (born)


Titles: 3x GCW Tag Title holder (Twizzy, The Grim Reaper, Bryan Mayhem)
Other Feds: RPW, FSW, OSW, PWC



AIM:Sardonic Gusto
Other Characers:Peter Maxwell

Jason O'Neil



Manager / Valet:n/a
Wrestling Style:See below.
Finisher:'The Absolution'
Finisher Description:See below.
Setup:Read Moveset.
Special Moves:
Entrance Music:Sanitarium -- Metallica

Move Set

The O'Neil Primer

Jason O'Neil is ethical.
O'Neil will not allow you to cheat on his behalf, friend or foe. He will, however, cheat like a motherfucker when he thinks no one's looking. And likely when someone is looking. But, you'd better not cheat on his behalf.

Jason O'Neil is two different wrestlers wrapped in one strange package
Think of him this way: Inside the ring, he's very Curt Hennig, Kurt Angle, Bret Hart. He doesn't go above the second rope, he barely comes off the ropes, and works on a single body part to weaken them for a finisher. He's methodical and plodding, and works a somewhat slow pace. He's not much of a striker with his fists, preferring elbows, forearms, shoulders, knees and stomps. If this were 1992 and we were on WWF Superstars/Challenge, you could literally find/replace the opponents names in matches and call it a day.

Outside of the ring, Jason O'Neil turns into Jeff Hardy and the entire TNA X-Division. He suddenly becomes a high flyer and takes tremendous risks that usually pay off huge for him. He's got a reputation for going to very, very high places and dropping opponents off of them, only to follow seconds later with a nasty, high impact move. Sometimes, he goes with them. The record drop thus far is about 115 feet off the side of an arena onto cardboard T-Shirt Boxes to effectively end the career of NBK. He went 50 feet with Payne, 75 with John Reed, 35 with Bryan Mayhem, and 45 with Peter Maxwell. He's got no fear outside the ring.

Jason O'Neil is relentless.
Let's get this out of the way: There's no such thing as professional courtesy. Jason O'Neil will not stop until you're pinned or until you tap. If you run away, he will chase you for a double count out. If you get DQed, he will come after you when he comes to. If you use a chair, he'll use a table. If you use a table, he'll use the ring bell. If you use the ring bell, he'll come back and blow up your car, your house. He's a figurative steel cage -- there's no getting away. EVER.

Finisher Details
The finisher is one of those "comes from anywhere" kinds of moves. O'Neil can lock it on anywhere and at anytime, and likes to just pull it out of his ass. There are three stages of the move:

1. The Lock-in Attempt: O'Neil attempts to lock it in. Panic should overcome the opponent who will most certainly will either wiggle out or wiggle into it. As the match wears on, and O'Neil tears his opponent's shoulder apart, it will be harder and harder to wiggle free.

2. The Delay: Once his fingers are locked (Check the video), O'Neil will pull backwards, to get the opponent off the balls of his feet. From here, there's still not a ton of stress on the shoulder -- it's more of a threat than a delivery. However, if you don't tap...

3. The Drop: O'Neil will drop to his back and grapevine the body of his opponent. If you're a classic wrestling fan, and remember when Backlund did this to Bret Hart, it's the same thing. And at this moment, O'Neil will pop your shoulder out. It's up to you on if he chokes you out, or you tap and save yourself the humiliation. Because if you don't tap, O'Neil's a bit like a shark at this point. He doesn't know you're passed out -- he only knows that you're still there, and still (maybe) alive.

And he ain't letting go. Your call.


Tenacious. Voracious. Calculating. Physical. Tireless. A mental machine.


Easily distracted, easily wiled.