Real Name: Andrew Hugh Murray
Nicknames: The Scottish King of Cool (plus varations, eg: The King, The Scottish King, The King of Cool, etc.), The Last Great Showman, The Admiral of Awesome, Murrr (informal) and anything with bitchin' alliteration.
Birthdate: 17th October 1977
Height: 6'7
Weight: 275lbs
Hometown: Aberdeen, Scotland.


Titles: 2x World Heavyweight Champion
Awards: 2x Wrestler of the Year and a bunch of other stuff. He's basically the man.
Other Feds: Just Wrestling, AWC, XWA, OCW, FUSE, wEw, PCW, NLW (appearances)


Other Characers:Johnny Paycheck
The Wolfeinator

Andy Murray



Manager / Valet:n/a
Wrestling Style:All-rounder leaning towards powerhouse with a MASSIVE emphasis on showmanship.
Finisher:Highland Hangover '08, Hex Breaker. He uses both in equal measure.
Finisher Description:Highland Hangover '08: A hanging vertical suplex into a wrist-clutch fisherman driver. Kinda like this but with a little more delay before the drop.

Hex Breaker: With the opponent dazed Andy runs against the ropes before dashing just a fraction beyond his opponent, quickly grabbing their head and using his momentum to drop them with a reverse stunner thing. Kinda like Buff Bagwell's move but without the flip.
Special Moves:Shutthefuckuppercut: Flapjack dropped into a European uppercut, a la Claudio Castagnoli's Swiss Death/Very European Uppercut.

The Incredibly Painful Super-Duper Death Slam From Outer Space: A scoop slam. Yes, a scoop slam.
Entrance Music:'The Mob Goes Wild' by Clutch.

Move Set

Andy Murray is the good guy. He's the classic, old-school babyface with the charisma of The Rock or Hulk Hogan and the incorruptable moral values of all your favourite superheroes. He firmly believes in the entertainment aspect of the business and will go out of his way to put on a show with over-the-top Kodak moments wherever possible. He fights with the crowd in the palm of his hand; he plays-up to them, shows-off, and taunts his opponent like only the most charismatic man in the game can.

In terms of wrestling style, Andy is an ALL-ROUNDER with a heavy emphasis on high-impact POWER moves. Despite his size, though, he is relatively quick on his feet (think Hernandez from LAX here) and is far removed from the archetypical slow, sluggish powerhouse. You won't see him taking to the top rope too often, but if the situation calls for it he has no problem with dropping a flying elbow across someone's ribcage. He's been known to dive through the ropes like a crazy loon, too.

Technically he has all the basics nailed. He has honed his style of wrestling to perfection, to the point where he's now considered one of the most impressive all-round athletes in the world (think Claudio Castagnoli). You'll never see him making basic errors, and while he is far from the most technically gifted wrestler in the world, he has a semi-decent knowledge of submission holds and is a half-decent chain wrestler.

When it comes to straight-up brawling, Andy's competant enough. His tenacity and physical build give him an instant advantage over most opponents, but he's hardly the Necro Butcher in this department. He'll use brawling and strikes as a way of softening up his opponents to lead up to bigger, more impactful moves. Brawling is not the meat and potatoes of his offence.

The golden boy. He doesn't cheat, doesn't use weapons, doesn't use any sly or underhand tactics, and doesn't complain to the referee. If handed a steel chair he'd sooner toss it aside than use it to hit his opponent, and he'd rather take a clean loss than win with his feet on the ropes. Andy is very respectful of the laws of the ring and will never, EVER result to Ric Flair-esque tactics. His values cannot be broken; they are what make him.

He tries to show some respect to everyone he steps in the ring with (well, except Chris Bagwell). If he's fighting a friend, babyface, or acquaintance then he'll always offer a handshake before the match, and help them to their feet afterwards. Still, he understands that this is a competition and he certainly won't hold back against anyone, regardless of his personal opinion of them.

- EXPERIENCE! Andy?s been wrestling all his life, so he knows his way around the ring. After over a decade in the sport he has reached a level where he can telegraph almost anything that?s thrown at him; you won?t see him making basic errors, and you won?t see him letting his guard down. Put it this way; if you?re a rookie, you?re fucked.
- At 6?7" and 275lbs Andy Murray is a big motherfucker. His size brings about obvious advantages that I really don?t have to write out.
- Physically he is very, very strong, so much so that he can go through a match against the largest guys on the roster without having to alter his style too much. He could slam Andre the Giant much better than that bitch Hogan >=)
- You will struggle to find a wrestler with more heart and resilience than Andy Murray. He has made a career out of overcoming overwhelming odds and will keep on fighting for as long as his body will allow him to.
- He isn?t called The Scottish King of Cool for nothing. He is very thick-skinned and it is very difficult to get inside Andy?s head. Most of the people who have succeeded in royally pissing Andy off have trouble walking on their own accord these days.

- Andy has an injury sheet that?s almost as long as "War & Peace". One particularly problematic area is his back; injuries in that part of the body have cost him many years of his career. He is very susceptible to attacks based on this part of the body. NOTE: this is a kayfabe injury only.
- He sometimes lets his heart lead his head and will often jump into a fight he has no chance of winning.
- His lack of innovation and affinity for sticking to tried and tested methods of wearing his opponents down can often be quite predictable.

Hex Breaker
With the opponent dazed Andy runs against the ropes before dashing just a fraction beyond his opponent, before quickly grabbing their head and using his momentum to drop them with a reverse Stunner thing. Kinda like Buff Bagwell's move but without the flip.

It should be noted that Andy?s setup for this move often deviates from his specified setup move (Jawbreaker). It?s a move that he will often hit out of nowhere, and he has been known to completely abandon the ?running against the ropes? section for the sake of getting a quicker victory.

The Highland Hangover ?08
Updated for 2008! A hanging vertical suplex into a wrist-clutch fisherman driver. Kinda like this but with a little more delay before the drop

This move has been a staple of Andy?s move list ever since he started out in the business that has been updated as his career enters its second decade. It is his "Last Ride," so to speak; he often spends quite a bit of time setting it up. A lot of the time he will play up to the crowd before hitting the move and sometimes he?ll leave them hanging in the Vertical Suplex for a couple of seconds longer than average. While The Highland Hangover is no longer his sole primary finishing move it is still a very important part of his arsenal.

Both finishing moves are used in equal measure.

- Northern Star (Picked up by Andy on GCW's recent Japanese tour. He sets up the opponent as if to perform a Fisherman's Suplex. He pulls them up so that they are at an angle of about 90 degrees with the mat, before quickly switching the move into a sitout piledriver. Can also be used as an alternative finisher if need be.)
- Celtic Crossface (A Standing Crossface. It is very, very rare for Andy to gain a submission victory through the use of this move; he uses it more to wear his opponent down in the mid/late stages of the match.)
- Bang! (A quick, sharp, Flowing DDT, usually pulled out of nowhere when the opponent has the upper-hand.)
- Half Nelson DDT


- Top Rope Elbow Drop
- Pumphandle Slam
- Full Nelson Slam
- Half Boston Crab
- Sidewalk Slam
- Any sort of DDT that his size will allow
- Flapjack
- High-Angle Back Drop
- A couple of left and right alternating jabs followed by a clothesline
- Jumping Lariat
- Football Tackle takedown
- Arm Wrench
- Sambo Suplex
- Double Underhook Suplex
- Northern Lights Suplex


Better than you, cunty.



Beat you up, win the match.