Real Name: Clyde Evan Fox
Nicknames: The Prince of Emo
Birthdate: August 1, 1987
Height: 6' 2
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Titles: GCW Television Champion (2)
Awards: 2009 Rampage Tournament Winner, 2009 GCW Segments of The Year Award
Other Feds: Just Wrestling



Clyde Fox



Manager / Valet:n/a
Wrestling Style:Acrobatic / Speedster / High Flyer
Finisher:Emo Crusher
Finisher Description:Straight Jacket Face Slam
Setup:Ghost Town Ectoplasm (Wet Willy)
Special Moves:Into The Foxhole (Pumphandle DDT), Bonus Points Multiplier (Turnbuckle Punches), Double Famine Suicide (Belly Squeeze), Fox 40 (Banshee Scream), Bunnysault (Lionsault), Fox 5 (F-5), Big Time (Frog Splash), Fox Factor (X Factor), Foxoorama (Russian Leg Sweep Front Slam)
Entrance Music:'Ghost Town' by Shiny Toy Guns (2008)

Move Set

*Not limited to this list. These are only suggestions.

Standard Attack: Punch, Kick, Elbow, Headbutt, Bite, Eye Poke, Claw

Moves: Side Slam, Suplex, Snapmare, DDT, Hip Toss, German Suplex, Full Nelson Slam, Neckbreaker, Clothesline, Piledriver, Powerbomb, Running Bulldog, Spinning Heel Kick, STO, Spear, Belly to Belly Slam, Moonsault, Shooting Star Press, Body Splash, Baseball Slide, Bronco Buster, 450 Splash

Submissions: Boston Crab, Abdominal Stretch, Mexican Surfboard, Standard Sleepers, Camel Clutch, Dragon Sleeper, Body Squeeze with Legs

Silly Attack: Growl, Bark, Hugs, Kisses, Lick, Airplane Spin, Hand Stomping, Nose Twisting, Spankings, Naughty Area Grab

Misc: Various Martial Arts, Aerial Moves, High Risk / High Reward Moves, Close Quarters Combat


Lack of Intelligence, ability to focus, speed, body odor, fearlessness, and threshold of pain.


Lack of Intelligence, size, muscle strength, ego, overconfidence, comprehension, and just saying 'no'.


Fox's game plan is all about deception. Like a Transformer, he is more than meets the eye(s). Surprisingly, he has a lot of stamina which can sometimes lead to his success by tiring out his opponent. Sometimes, things can seem like a video game to him, where he must inflict the ultimate amount of damage in order to win.