Real Name: Alexandra Eloise Pierce
Nicknames: The Spider in the Web, The Medusa, The Queen of Lies
Birthdate: 07/14/1977
Height: 5'9
Weight: 145
Hometown: Tampa, Florida - resides in Oakland, California


Titles: GTT7 Champion, SCCW Gateway Champion (shortest reigning), SCCW LiveWire Champion, SCCW Strength in Numbers Champion (longest reigning)
Awards: 2011 Rampage Semi-Finalist; 2008 Most Reviled Wrestler
Other Feds: SCCW, NWC (LSW, NWC Pacific), Diamond Wrestling Syndicate


Other Characers:Quinn Gregory




Manager / Valet:n/a
Wrestling Style:High-speed, high-octane, Japanese and lucha-influenced offense.
Finisher:1.) The Spider's Kiss 2.) The Master Mind (rare)
Finisher Description:1.) Jumping double-knee facebreaker 2.) Spinning impaler
Setup:1.) The Spider's Kiss is designed to come out of nowhere, sort of a BANG and you're done move. 2.) The Master Mind needs something - usually a kick - to set up.
Special Moves:Asian mist, head punt (Aimz calls it the Bitchkiller), moonsault double-stomp (rare, big matches only), tightrope run missile dropkick
Entrance Music:"I Am Hell (Sonata in C#)" - Machine Head

Move Set

Armdrag (Japanese and otherwise)
Cattle mutilation
Dragon whip kick
Inverted stomp facebreaker (the Sole Food/Gail Kim's Eat Defeat)
Iron broom double legsweep
Rolling snapmare
Running palm strike (usually done in desperation)
Shining wizard
Sitout facebuster
Sliding forearm
Spinning backfist
Standing shooting star press
Swinging neckbreaker
619 style kick around the post, not into the ropes.


Smarter than you, faster than you. Sneakier than you.


Smaller than you, weaker than you. Big blaring red buttons labeled Aimz and Quinn.


Alex is all about high-speed, high-risk offense. She wants to wrestle her pace of match, keep you on the defensive. Sometimes, that means she's going to flame out, sometimes it means she's going to hit something that's going to pop your eyes out of your head. Speed, brains, and a devious streak, like I said.