Real Name: James Francis Bryan
Birthdate: 12-11-61
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 179
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona


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James Bryan

GCW Play by Play Announcer


James Bryan has been in the wrestling industry for many years. He began as a road agent in the ACWF, where he first met President Steven Caldera. Bryan followed Caldera to the CWU as a road agent, and eventually landed in GCW as the Play by Play announcer and a major leader backstage.

Bryan graduated from Miami (OH) with a degree in business. He worked in middle management before catching on in wrestling with his business savvy. Bryan has been instrumental in the growth of GCW since its inception, and is now a minor partner in Caldera Enterprises, Incorporated. Bryan is a highly respected member of the backstage crew, and has a significant voice in all production decisions. He is also one of the lead directors of X:TV, Caldera's television network. However, he remains best known for his role as the lead voice of GCW television, a job he still considers to be his top priority.