Real Name: Chris Bagwell
Nicknames: The Rajah of Ratings; The Human Hype Machine
Birthdate: January 21, 1979
Height: 6'4
Weight: 247 lbs.
Hometown: Newark, New Jersey


Awards: 08 Rampage Tournament Runner up, 08 Heel of the Year, 08 Feud of the Year (w/ Andy Murray), Record for Longest Time in a Dangerous Games match
Other Feds: PtW, wHw, OBW, FSW, PCW, OSW, FSE, RUSH, WWA


Other Characers:Eddie Fowler

Chris Bagwell



Manager / Valet:n/a
Wrestling Style:Brawler, Mat Technician, Suplex Perfectionist
Finisher:The Torn Identity
Finisher Description:Twisting One-arm Slam (Rock Bottom)
Setup:Usually a whip to the ropes, a clothesline, or something of that nature.
Special Moves:The Full Neilson (submission); The Randomizer
Entrance Music:Breathe by Mike Hardy

Move Set

Moves Description:

The Full Neilson - A full nelson submission in which Bagwell also wraps his legs around the opponent's stomach (name playing of the Neilson Ratings)

The Randomizer - Backflip exploder suplex (16 Seconds Into This Video: )

Standard Moveset Sampler:
- Belly-to-back suplex
- Overheard belly-to-belly suplex
- Fisherman suplex
- Hanging vertical suplex
- Snap suplex
- Bridging German suplex
- Rolling German suplex
- Double under-hook powerbomb
- Double under-hook facebuster
- Overhead hanging back-breaker
- Side arm slam
- Snap DDT
- Reverse DDT
- Hip toss
- Arm bar take-down
- Short-arm clothesline

Submission Moveset Sampler:
- Single legged Boston crab
- Dragon sleeper hold
- Ankle lock
- Standing full nelson
- Locked arm bar

Aerial Moveset Sampler:
- Flying elbow drop
- Cross body block
- Body splash

Running Moveset Sampler:
- Spinning back elbow
- Standard clothesline
- Power clothesline (on smaller opponents)
- Cross body block (rare)
- Forearm smash


Physical strength and physical toughness; his ability to anticipate his opponent's moves because of his tendency to watch film before matches


Weak right knee; easily distracted by other opponents on the outside of the ring; easily irritated


Bagwell is a suplex-based mat technician. His moveset will typically focus on keeping his opponent close and grounded. He puts added emphasis on his strikes, preferring a power hit as opposed to multiple, speedier strikes.

Bagwell will go take aerial risks only in high-stakes matches. He tends to avoid finishing maneuvers altogether and uses them sparingly, for brief moments during the match (typically just to weaken a specific part of an opponents body).

Bagwell will use the Torn Identity finisher as his primary finisher. In big matches or pay-per-view matches, he will occasionally use his Randomizer finisher - however he will not use it more than once in a single match.