Real Name: Ayake Sonoda
Nicknames: Aki-San
Birthdate: December 12, 1982
Height: 5' 7
Weight: 127 lbs
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan


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Ayake Sonoda



Known to many GCW fans as the pink-haired reporter or simply "Aki-San", Ayake Sonoda first started appearing on as the journalist for the news story RIZING STARZ, a series of interviews with several of GCW's hottest wrestlers learning more about them outside of the ring. Forming a good reputation from this, Ayake joined the GCW WorldWide staff as a backstage interviewer and has been a fan favorite ever since.

With bright pink hair and piercings, don't like Aki-San's appearance fool you into thinking she's anything less than a professional. She's an honors graduate from Stanford University in Marketing with a double major in communications. Well educated and optimistic, Aki-San approaches every interview with a big smile and friendly demeanor. Don't let her radiant happiness fool you though, she isn't afraid to ask the tough questions when needed. Backstage she is the epitome of a professional, growing up in the business being the daughter of Japanese wrestling legend Jin Sonoda... or more widely known as Black Dragon II.

Although she grew up in the industry, Aki-San has little to no in-ring aspirations and prefers to be outside of the ring. She looks at herself as an accomplished business woman and a professional, hoping possibly one day to achieve her dream of running a wrestling promotion of her own.